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  • IPMI’s Electric Vehicle (EV) Readiness Guide

    IPMI EV Readiness Resource Guide available for download. Excerpted from the Executive Summary  Electric vehicles (EVs) and charging infrastructure are poised to transform the parking, transportation, and mobility industry. The launch of the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program, along with complementary federal, state, and local funding, policies, and Read More »

  • Navigating the Parking Industry’s “Jump the Shark” Moments

    Navigating the Parking Industry’s “Jump the Shark” Moments   By Katherine Beaty In the vast landscape of the parking industry, certain decisions have earned the dubious distinction of “jumping the shark.” For those who remember the iconic show, Happy Days, the pejorative signifies a moment when a creative endeavor takes Read More »

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    The Parking Podcast: E104: An Interview with Russell Wiant and a Conversation about Data-Driven Organizations

    Russell Wiant, EVP of Product and Technology at TEZ, discusses the value of being a data-driven organization.

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    The Parking Podcast: E103: An Interview with Levi Sudak and a Conversation about Entrepreneurship

    Levi Sudak, co-founder of PAVE Mobility, discusses entrepreneurship.

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    The Parking Podcast: E102: An Interview with Tony Jordan and a Conversation about the Parking Reform Network

    Tony Jordan, President of the Parking Reform Network, discusses parking reform.

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    The Parking Podcast: : E101: An Interview with Tony DiPaolo and a Conversation about LAZ Parking

    Tony DiPaolo, SVP of LAZ Parking, discusses LAZ history, culture and technology.

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    The Parking Podcast: E100: 100th Episode Celebration

    Brian Wolff of the Harder Than It Looks podcast, discusses behind the scenes of The Parking Podcast with host Isaiah Mouw.

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    The Parking Podcast: E99: An Interview with Fred Bredemeyer and a Conversation about Automated Parking Enforcement

    Fred Bredemeyer, CEO of PAVE Mobility, discusses automated parking enforcement.

  • Livingston Energy Group, a Lynkwell Company, Celebrates Second Year on Inc. 5000 List and Executive Team Expansion

    Livingston Energy Group, a Lynkwell Company, Celebrates Second Year on Inc. 5000 List and Executive Team Expansion   Complete turnkey electric vehicle charging solutions provider recognized as an Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Company in America with sights set on rapid expansion. Schenectady, NY – Livingston Energy Group, a Lynkwell Company Read More »

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    The Parking Podcast: E98: An Interview with Becca White and a Conversation about a Career in Parking

    Becca White looks back on her career in parking and the wonderful people she met along the way.

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    The Parking Podcast: E97: An Interview with Ryan Givens and a Conversation about Culture

    Ryan Givens, Regional Account Executive with Parker Technology discusses leadership and culture.

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    The Parking Podcast: E96: An Interview with Jonathan Curth and a Conversation about Parking Minimums

    Jonathan Curth, AICP, Development Review Manager of City Planning Division with the City of Fayetteville, discusses removing parking minimums in the City of Fayetteville.

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    The Parking Podcast: E95: An Interview with Kevin Woznicki and a Conversation about ParkTrans Solutions

    Kevin Woznicki, Principal at ParkTrans Solutions, discusses different parking solutions.

  • Lynkwell Honored in 2023 American Business Awards®

    Lynkwell Honored as Silver and Bronze Stevie ® Award Winners in 2023 American Business Awards®   Energy Industry Innovation of the Year, Medium Organization of the Year  & Marketer of the Year Schenectady, NY – Lynkwell is being honored with three awards in the 21st Annual American Business Awards® (ABA).  Read More »

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    The Parking Podcast: E94: An Interview with Henry Grabar and a Conversation about Paved Paradise

    Henry Grabar, Author of Paved Paradise: How Parking Explains the World, discusses the writing of his book.

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    The Parking Podcast: E93: An Interview with Jack Skelton and a Conversation about RISETK Global

    Jack Skelton, CCO at RISETEK Global, discusses parking technology.

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    The Parking Podcast E92: An Interview with Jordan Justus and a Conversation about Automotus

    Jordan Justus, CEO and Co-Founder of Automotus, discusses curb management.

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    The Parking Podcast E91: An Interview with George Baker and a Conversation about ParkHub

    George Baker, Chairman of ParkHub discusses all things parking technology.

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    The Parking Podcast E90: An Interview with Gwen Bolden and a Conversation about On-Street

    Gwen Bolden, CAPP, Director of On-Street Metered Services at Pittsburgh Parking Authority, discusses on-street parking and the CAPP Certification Board.

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    The Parking Podcast E89: An Interview with Erik Strobert and a Conversation about NoiseVu

    Erik Strobert, Founder and CEO of NoiseVu, discusses parking security.

  • Livingston Energy Group Honored by New York League of Conservation Voters

    Livingston Energy Group Honored by New York League of Conservation Voters   An organization that empowers New Yorkers to make environmental change recognizes EV Infrastructure Leader. . Albany, NY – The New York League of Conservation Voters (NYLCV) has selected Livingston Energy Group as the honoree for their annual Read More »

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    The Parking Podcast E88: An Interview with Dave Onorato and a Conversation about the Public Parking Authority of Pittsburgh

    Dave Onorato, Executive Director of the Public Parking Authority of Pittsburgh, discusses all things Pittsburgh parking and IPMI.

  • Five Languages of Love in Parking

    5 Languages of Love in Parking   By Katherine Beaty The parking industry has changed very rapidly in the last few years.  Vendors/operators/parking programs can no longer be dependent on their products and services to build meaningful and stainable customer relationships.  We must move beyond the widget.  So how do Read More »

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    The Parking Podcast E86: An Interview with Hal King and a Conversation about On-Street Parking

    Hal King, Parking Director for the City of Lansing, discusses on-street parking.

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    The Parking Podcast E85: An Interview with Tammy Baker and a Conversation about Employee Development

    Tammy Baker, COO with Parker Technology, discusses employee development.

  • So Why Carpe Datum (Seize the Data)?

    So Why Carpe Datum (Seize the Data)?   By Katherine Beaty First, data helps you make better decisions.  It adds long-term value to your organization, has positive financial implications, and gives your organization competitive advantages that are achievable in no other way.  All data is filled with potential if you Read More »

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    The Parking Podcast E83: An Interview with Heidi Barber and a Conversation about Personal Branding

    Heidi Barber, Sr. Director of Marketing & Sales Ops with Parker Technology, discusses personal branding.

  • Ribbon Cut on the Largest EV Charging Station Deployment in Upstate NY

    Van Patten, Livingston Energy Group, and National Grid Cut the Ribbon on the Largest EV Charging Station Deployment in Upstate New York   Project is consistent with Van Patten’s focus on the future of their organization and the technology that will get them there. Jonesville, NY –Van Patten Golf Read More »

  • Developing a Curb Management Strategy: Three Factors of Formulation

    Developing a Curb Management Strategy: Three Factors of Formulation   By Andrew Lamothe and Jason Sutton, CAPP As cities navigate complex parking environments, adapt new policies, and integrate innovations, curb management continues its trend toward mainstream adoption. Most if not all parking and transportation experts across the U.S. agree that Read More »

  • LEGOLAND® Installs New Livingston Charge Port Electric Vehicle Chargers

    LEGOLAND® New York Resort Installs New Livingston Charge Port Electric Vehicle Chargers for Guests’ Use     PEARL RIVER, NY – LEGOLAND® New York Resort is ensuring guests with electric vehicles can focus on having fun while their vehicles charge during their bricktastic day! The Goshen theme park has Read More »

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    The Parking Podcast E82: An Interview with Brian Wolff and a Conversation about Digital Transformation

    Brian Wolff, President and CEO of Parker Technology, discusses digital transformation, parking mix and integrations.

  • IPMI News: APDS Releases Version 3.0 of International Data Specification for Parking

    APDS Releases Version 3.0 of International Data Specification for Parking Public Comment Period Open through July 30, 2021 ​These are exciting times—around the globe, new services and technologies are intersecting to create value-added convenience to customers and business owners while better utilizing our available parking, mobility, and transport infrastructure.  Whether Read More »

  • IPMI’s Mobility Framework

    IPMI’s Mobility Framework May 12, 2021 IPMI’s Mobility Framework was developed by the IPMI Mobility Task Force, with expertise from our volunteers across our community, committees, subject matter experts, and volunteers.  As our industry evolves, we anticipate that this Framework will also change and adapt to both innovations and disruptions Read More »

  • APDS News: APDS Launches Formal Supporter Effort, Support the APDS  with Just a Signature 

    APDS Launches Formal Supporter Effort: Support the APDS  with Just a Signature  The Alliance for Parking Data Standards (APDS) is built on strong, global community support and expertise by parking, transportation, and mobility professionals and the organizations they represent. To further the utilization of the APDS specifications, support the effort Read More »

  • Can PARK(ing) DAY Help in Combating COVID-19?

    Can PARK(ing) DAY Help in Combating COVID-19? Applying the lessons from an annual celebration of parklets to pandemic recovery in cities. By Michael Connor and Brian Bartholomew RETAIL SHOPS AND RESTAURANTS IN CITIES across the country are starting to open under mandated social distancing guidelines. However, maintaining six feet of Read More »

  • Facebook’s One-stop Mobility Hub

    Facebook’s One-stop Mobility Hub By Matt Davis MOBILITY IS KEY TO CONNECTING FACEBOOK EMPLOYEES throughout their sprawl­ing Menlo Park headquarters. This includes the new Menlo Gateway, a 16-acre proj­ect nearing completion of its second phase that has transformed a former indus­trial complex into Facebook’s latest expansion. The mixed-use project adds Read More »

  • How real-time, stall-based, occupancy monitoring can help cities understand current and future parking requirements

    How real-time, stall-based, occupancy monitoring can help cities understand current and future parking requirements By Mark Hall and Domenic Sorbara PARKING HAS QUICKLY BECOME A MAJOR AREA OF FOCUS (typically as a pain point) for cities and municipalities of all sizes. As urban municipalities grapple with the impacts of parking Read More »

  • Navigating the New Normal

    Navigating the New Normal By Michael Drow, CAPP THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC has had a significant impact on individuals, businesses, cities and society. While some of its effects will be short-lived, others will be long lasting and in many cas­es, the pandemic is accelerating the adoption of trends that have been Read More »

  • The Motor City Becomes Comeback City

    The Motor City Becomes Comeback City By Bill Smith IF YOU HAVEN’T BEEN FOCUSED on what’s happening in Detroit, you’re missing one of America’s best stories. The Motor City is in the midst of a revival that has seen an eruption of development. Businesses are return­ing to the downtown, restaurants Read More »

  • The Customer’s Voice Matters, Now More than Ever

    The Customer’s Voice Matters, Now More than Ever By Andrew Sachs, CAPP IN A WORLD RUN BY ONLINE SEARCHES, the customer’s story is more powerful than ever. Parking mar­keting has evolved in recent years. As always, operations need to communicate that they offer conve­nient and accessible parking with desirable amenities. Read More »

  • Harnessing Data for Dynamic Curb Management

    Harnessing Data for Dynamic Curb Management By Yifan Lu MANY OF TODAY’S CURB-PRICING strategies rely on charging personally owned vehicles for short-term use of on-street parking in commercial areas. Parking rev­enues across cities declined after many cities and states declared stay-at-home orders to help fight COVID-19. In the early days Read More »

  • IPMI’s Roadmap to Recovery, October 5, 2020

    Download the document and find out how the industry is adapting and shaping steps for recovery. 

  • Alliance Parking Data Standards

    APDS News: APDS Requests Formal Recognition by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

    APDS Requests Formal Recognition by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) The Alliance for Parking Data Standards (APDS) recently requested that the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) consider adopting the APDS standard for parking data as a basis for a future ISO standard. ISO is an independent, non-governmental network of Read More »

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    IPMI News: IPMI Releases Roadmap to Recovery, Special Edition: July 2020

    Download IPMI”s Roadmap to Recovery, a special edition capturing the latest on the parking, transportation, and mobility industry’s response to the COVID-19 crisis. Share your experience and your expertise.  Complete the 2020 IPMI COVID-19 Industry Response and Impact Benchmark Survey before July 30, 2020. One lucky participant will win a Read More »

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    Member News: Sidewalk Labs-backed Coord Selects Four Cities for Curb Management Pilots

    Coord Selects Aspen, Nashville, Omaha and West Palm Beach for 2020 Digital Curb Challenge The four cities partner with curb management platform Coord to pilot a Smart Zone program to better coordinate curbside loading, promoting safety, efficiency and local economic activity   NEW YORK— June 30, 2020 — Coord, the leading Read More »

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    Member News: Gabe Klein, Founder of Cityfi and Former Chicago & D.C. DOT Commissioner joins Automotus Board of Advisors

    Gabe Klein has joined the Automotus Board of Advisors. Gabe has been a leader in the transportation industry for both the public and private sectors for nearly 20 years, having held positions as the Commissioner of the Chicago and Washington D.C. Departments of Transportation and as a Vice President at Read More »

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    Member News: Tuxen & Associates Announces Release of Nedap’s Groundbreaking New LPR

    Nedap Identification Systems Announces Release of Groundbreaking License Plate Recognition Camera Offering Unprecedented Accuracy Branson, MO (June 25, 2020) – Tuxen & Associates, North America agent for Nedap Identification Systems, today announced the introduction of Nedap’s latest market-leading innovation: The ANPR Lumo. The ANPR Lumo is a highly advanced, ANPR (Automatic Read More »

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    Member News: Nashville International Airport Chooses Park Assist

    NASHVILLE, TN – June 25th, 2020 – Park Assist® has been awarded the Parking Guidance System (PGS) contract for Nashville International Airport (BNA). As one of the fastest-growing airports, BNA’s increased traffic and added service have created a demand for a new parking solution that can handle a heavy volume Read More »

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    Member News: Flowbird Unveils ‘Park & Sanitize’ Solution to Support Communities Emerging from COVID-19 Lockdown

    June 26th, 2020 Moorestown, NJ —  Flowbird has launched a ‘no touch’ automatic hand sanitizer technology to help safeguard potentially millions of motorists and transport passengers around the world in conjunction with reduced COVID-19 lockdowns. The company has developed ‘Park & Sanitize’ – a contactless hydroalcoholic gel dispenser that attaches Read More »

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    Communication in a Virtual Training World

    By Kim E. Jackson, CAPP I have the distinct honor of being a trainer for IPMI. I have been training for the past 23 years and one of the major highlights has always been the face-to-face interactions with trainees. During COVID-19, I decided to participate in Frontline Training Live Class Read More »

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    Member News: EVgo Announces EVgo Access®

    June 11, 2020 EVgo is pleased to announce the launch of a new proprietary product that enables gated, pay-to-park lots to host EVgo fast charging stations, called EVgo Access®. EVgo’s new cloud-based system offers seamless management of EV charging for parking garage operators – and is compatible with both Smart-gate and Read More »

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    Member News: Nashville’s Music City Center Selects Park Assist’s Parking Guidance System

    NASHVILLE, TN – June 10th, 2020 – Park Assist® has been awarded the Parking Guidance System (PGS) contract for Nashville’s Music City Center. This 2.1 million-square-foot convention complex opened in 2013 in the heart of downtown Nashville. The facility was primarily built to host large city-wide conventions. Attracting local and Read More »

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    Member News: INRIX Launches Safety Alerts Product Suite to Make Connected Vehicles and Smart Cities Safer

    Today, INRIX and Drivewyze announced a new partnership to bring real-time dangerous slowdown, queues, and road closure information to truck drivers operating the Drivewyze Connected Truck platform. Leveraging INRIX Dangerous Slowdowns, Drivewyze is able to convey safety events at a highly granular level to provide the maximum reaction time for Read More »

  • Member News: FlexPost Makes It Even Easier to Improve Parking Lot Safety with Our Streamlined New Website

    Holland, Michigan, 6/9/20 – FlexPost Inc., a leader and innovative manufacturer of flexible signposts and bollard units, has recently launched a new website to better serve our customers and help you find what you need faster. If you are just seeking replacement parts or accessories for your existing FlexPost® products, Read More »

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    Member News: Telenav and Parkopedia Bring Stress-free Parking Services to Connected Cars

    Global partnership enhances Telenav’s VIVID Commerce solution for automotive OEMs Santa Clara, Calif., and London, UK, – June 9, 2020 – Telenav®, Inc. (NASDAQ: TNAV), a leading provider of connected-car and location-based services, and Parkopedia, the world’s leading parking-services provider, have jointly announced a global technology partnership. Telenav’s In-Car Commerce (ICC) Read More »

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    Member News: LEXPARK Engages AMG Payment Solutions for Credit Card Processing

    The Lexington & Fayette County Parking Authority (LEXPARK) recently selected AMG Payment Solutions (AMG) as their new credit card processing vendor. AMG will provide their niche processing services across LEXPARK‘s entire parking ecosystem, complementing a comprehensive team of solution providers including: IPS smart meters T2 pay stations Courthouse, Helix, Transit Read More »

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    Member News: Westward’s GO-4 Vehicles Enhance Purdue University Parking Efficiencies While Reducing Fuel Costs by 65%

    Purdue University recently obtained two GO-4 parking specific vehicles from Westward Industries. The GO-4 vehicles will support the university’s efforts to expand their mobility, transportation, and parking management operations, elevating their on-street and lot presence while increasing mobile reads within their mobile LPR systems. Purdue University sought a solution to Read More »

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    Member News: IPSENS, LLC’s Patented Software Algorithm Leads in Parking Management

    One-of-a-Kind Solution is Capable of Managing Non-Delineated Parking BRANSON, MO – 5/27/2020 – IPsens, LLC a leading provider of parking guidance software, is proud to announce the installation of its state-of-the-art, patented parking management solutions in several installations around the U.S. The patented algorithms (PATENT NO. US 9,595,194 B1 & Read More »

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    Member News: SKIDATA Introduces World’s Most Advanced Common Access Solution for People and Vehicles

    Denver, CO (May 27, 2020)—SKIDATA Inc., the world’s leading provider of solutions to manage access to parking facilities, ski resorts, and stadiums, has introduced the world’s most advanced common access solution for people and vehicles. Built on SKIDATA’s powerful software platforms, the common access technology allows patrons to use the Read More »

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    Member News: DDOT Encourages Contactless Payments For City Parking with the ParkMobile App

    Amid COVID-19 concerns, the ParkMobile app will allow people to avoid touching the meter and pay for parking on their mobile device. Washington, DC – June 2, 2020 – ParkMobile, the leading provider of smart parking and mobility solutions in the United States, announced today a new partnership with the Read More »

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    Member News: Three Pennsylvania Parking Authorities Partner with ParkMobile to Provide Contactless Parking Payments After MobileNOW! Shuts Down

    Allentown, Reading, and Bethlehem Parking Authorities all add the ParkMobile app for mobile parking payments Allentown, PA – June 3, 2020 – ParkMobile, the leading provider of smart parking and mobility solutions in the U.S., announced today a new partnership with three parking authorities in Pennsylvania — ­ Allentown, Bethlehem, Read More »

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    Member News: Colorado Springs Partners with ParkMobile for Contactless Parking Payments

    Residents and visitors to Colorado Springs will have the option to pay for parking on their mobile device without touching the meter Colorado Springs, CO  – The City of Colorado Springs Parking Enterprise and ParkMobile have announced a new partnership to provide contactless payments via mobile app at approximately 2,400 Read More »

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    Member News: Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport Chooses Park Assist

    LOUISVILLE, KY – June 3rd, 2020 – Park Assist® has been awarded the Parking Guidance System (PGS) contract for Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport (SDF). Just 10 minutes from downtown, the International Airport supports over 4 million travelers per year with a high-volume of both passenger and cargo traffic. Park Read More »

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    Member News: Spectra Partners with ParkHub to Offer Touchless Payments to Venues Across North America

    Leading B2B Parking Technology Provider Becomes Official Parking Technology Partner as 190 Spectra-managed Venues Gear Up to Reopen DALLAS (June 3, 2020) — As live entertainment venues across North America begin preparations to reopen, Spectra, an industry leader in venue management, hospitality, and partnerships, today announced a multi-year partnership with Read More »

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    Member News: Park Assist Chosen to Transform Parking at Circa Resort & Casino’s Garage Mahal

    LAS VEGAS, NV – May 21st, 2020 – Park Assist® has been awarded the Parking Guidance System (PGS) contract for the Garage Mahal facility at Circa Resort & Casino. The new hotel and casino, currently under construction, is located on the famous Fremont Street Experience in downtown Las Vegas. It Read More »

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    Member News: What Automatic Access Control Systems Can do for Car Parks in This New Reality

    May 21, 2020 Interaction is natural and it is an inherent need of every human being. Nevertheless, latest technologies lead to avoiding human contact and simplifying lives thanks to automation. This path to the future based on avoiding interaction has been accelerated by the Covid19 situation. Considering the trend Read More »

  • blog

    Reassessing Mobility Technology

    By John Nolan, CAPP, MSM Why do we spend so much money on business technology? We do so to help leverage our operations and improve business outcomes. These outcomes include our ability to deliver timely and accurate information—information that improves service outcomes but at the same time increases customer expectations. Read More »

  • blog

    A 10-Point Roadmap for the New Normal in Parking and Mobility

    By Kevin White, AICP Like many other sectors of the economy, the parking and mobility industry has been affected significantly by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite significant impacts on revenue, staffing, and other functions, municipal operations have deftly adjusted to local conditions and are planning in earnest for an uncertain future Read More »

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    Member News: Associated Time Becomes An Official Parker Technology Dealer

    May 14, 2020 – Parker Technology today announced a new dealer partnership with Associated Time Instruments, out of Dallas, TX. The relationship will involve collaborative sales and marketing efforts to incorporate Parker’s customer service offering as a value-added differentiator to Associated Time’s parking installation projects. “We are thrilled to partner Read More »

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    COVID-19 & the Curb: Private Sector Works to Adapt and Offer Creative Solutions

    This post is part of a special series on curb management and COVID-19. A joint effort of International Parking and Mobility Institute (IPMI), Transportation for America, and Institute of Transportation Engineer’s Complete Streets Council, this series strives to document the immediate curbside-related actions and responses to COVID-19, as well as Read More »

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    Member News: CurbTrac Assembles Industry Leaders to Innovate on COVID-19 Response with Clean Driver Program

    Pilot Grubhub Program Held in Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA, May 8, 2020 – In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, CurbTrac, a technology innovator in the parking and mobility industries, has launched the Clean Driver Program in partnership with ParkMobile, ParkOps, and Ballparc. The Clean Driver Program provides turn-key solutions for Transportation Read More »

  • Member News: Introducing Park Assist’s Latest Signage Solution: LCD-NAV

    Park Assist is excited to announce its new LCD-NAV signage solution. Park Assist’s latest sign is both dynamic and customizable for real-time content updates. Increased customer engagement. With the ability to communicate a variety of dynamic messages, the LCD-NAV sign provides up-to-the-minute content updates to all customers. From guidance to maintenance Read More »

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    My First Virtual Conference

    By Justin Grunert In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, IPMI decided to transition from an in-person Conference to a virtual event. Our first priority was to keep all of our attendees, sponsors, and vendors safe. It saddens me that I won’t be able to see many of you in Read More »

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    Member News: ParkHub Launches ‘Attendant Academy’ to Support Industry Advancement During the COVID-19 Crisis

    The company’s online courses aim to help prospective parking professionals develop skills for future employment. DALLAS, May 7th, 2020 — ParkHub, the leading B2B parking technology company, has launched online courses designed to support the professional advancement of parking attendants during the COVID-19 crisis. The curriculum, coined Attendant Academy, provides Read More »

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    IPMI News: IPMI Partners with City Tech to Launch the Millennium Gateway Innovation Lab

    IPMI Partners with City Tech to Launch the Millennium Gateway Innovation Lab, a Cross-Sector Collaboration to Help Shape the Future of the Parking Industry May 6, 2020 In partnership with the International Parking & Mobility Institute, City Tech Collaborative is launching a new Millennium Gateway Innovation Lab, a cross-sector consortium Read More »

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    Member News: Flowbird Uses Advanced Technology To Limit Contact During Transactions

    May 6th, 2020 Company focuses on reducing germ spread while supporting city financial health Moorestown, NJ – Flowbird Group has announced recent developments that limit the amount of physical interaction with its parking kiosks and an alternative to avoid the kiosks altogether. The leader in curbside management, having been involved Read More »

  • COVID-19 Information Clearinghouse: Events and Education

    Read all the COVID-19 Information Events & Education postings here. To search all resources by keyword, search the Resource Library. Submit Postings Here   Member Post: June 15, 2020: SWPTA Webinar- Pandemic Recovery: The Road to Re-opening, shared by SWPTA IPMI Post: May 29,2020: Thinking Outside the Box: Urban Freight Read More »

  • COVID-19 Information Clearinghouse: Resources and Documents

    Read all the COVID-19 Information Resource and Document postings here. To search all resources by keyword, search the Resource Library. Submit Postings Here   Member Post: June 18, 2020: Barnacle® Parking Produces, Donates Critical Face Shields to Frontline Workers Across the Country, shared by Barnacle IPMI Post: June 9, 2020: Read More »

  • Sustainability Framework image 1

    IPMI Sustainability Framework

    International Parking & Mobility Institute’s Framework on Sustainability for  Design, Management & Operations Revised on March 2020 Sustainability in parking and transportation means meeting “the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”1 To be successful, transportation solutions and sustainable practices should balance Read More »

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    Member News: Westward Industries –GO-4 Parking-Specific Vehicles Now with LPR Friendly Dashboard

    Let your vehicle become your office! Westward Industries is now the first manufacturer of parking-specific vehicles to offer custom dashboard features turning your dash into a workstation. Developed specifically based on insight and requests from users incorporating license-plate recognition technologies, these features are designed to enhance the experience of parking Read More »

  • podcast / video

    The Parking Podcast Episode (E24): An Interview with Kacey Siskind and a Conversation about Contactless Payment

    Kacey Siskind, Senior Vice President with HonkMobile, discusses contactless payment, multi-app and HonkMobile. Check it out here.

  • Let’s Charge

    By Arishna Lastinger In 2018, Auburn University was selected as one of many Alabama universities to receive electric vehicle (EV) charging stations that would be supplied and installed free of charge by the Alabama Power Company. Alabama Power funded the charging stations with a grant and did not place a Read More »

  • publications

    A Guide to Parking: Parking Technology: Key Steps to Selecting Technology

    By Michael Drow, CAPP, PMP, and Blake Laufer, CAPP A PARKING OPERATION WILL NEVER BE AT A LOSS to find technologies to implement in a facili­ty. However, not every technology is appropriate for every location, regardless of how innovative the technology might appear. The following steps will assist an operating Read More »

  • AUTOMATING A CITY: Proposing a new, automated transportation system in North Carolina.

    By Amalendu Chatterjee, PhD Media coverage indicates that North Carolina has taken a new role of technology and innova­tion to attract new businesses, and many companies have responded to this new initiative. Research Triangle Park (RTP), in particular, is noteworthy. RTP is one of two strategic regions (the other is Read More »

  • Collision Course: The intersection of technology, parking, and freight can be a messy one. But it doesn’t have to be and everybody can win.

    By Richard B. Easley, CAPP TECHNOLOGY FOR PARKING IS CHANGING THINGS FOR THE BETTER—but technology isn’t only making parking better; it’s creating a sea change in consumerism worldwide. I’ll tell you a story that may not seem like it’s connected to parking, but if we open our eyes, we’ll see Read More »

  • Mobility & Tech: Data-Driven Better Communities

    By Jeff Petry OUR ROLE AS PARKING PROFESSIONALS ALLOWS US TO MEET, work, and make a difference with community members, neighborhoods, and businesses every day. We leverage these relationships to enhance economic development and strengthen neighborhood livability. In deliv­ering parking and transportation services, we combine modern and classic technology to Read More »

  • article

    Future of Proofing Parking Buildings

    By Fernando Sanchez IN THE UNITED STATES, the entrenched relationship that vehicles have with everyday life has affected the development of cities—most notably parking buildings and other single-purpose forms of mobility structures. Imagining a world without extensive miles of packed highways, parking searches, and construction of single-purpose storage monoliths implies Read More »

  • article

    Looking Ahead: Moving Faster

    The changing mobility ecosystem and its effects on the parking industry. By Nathan Berry THE TRANSPORTATION INDUSTRY has been transformed in the past few years, and innovation shows no signs of slowing down. There are many new forms of transpor­tation, and citizens have dozens of options at their fingertips—public transit, Read More »

  • article

    Not All Clouds Are Created Equal

    By Sam Goodner CHANGE CAN BE DIFFICULT when it comes to the servers, hard drives, and other hardware and software systems that have long served as the foundation of your company’s IT infrastruc­ture. There’s something reassuring about seeing those machines on their racks with their fans whirring and lights blinking. Read More »

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    THE GREEN STANDARD: Taking Stock in What You Have: A Case Study

    By Josh Naramore IN THREE YEARS LIVING IN MY HOUSE, I have passed through the kitchen countless times. The shades that hung above the kitchen windows never impressed me, but when I spontaneously removed them last weekend, I was taken aback by the change. I had more light and could Read More »

  • special publications

    The Future of Mobility

    By Kelsey Owens CITIES ARE EVOLVING faster than ever before. Populations are getting denser, congestion is increasing, and new modes of transportation are being intro­duced, bringing tremendous opportunities and challenges. With the increasing rate of innovation, what will cities look like five, 10, or 20 years down the road? The Read More »

  • The Internet of Things and the Future of Parking

    Y BILL SMITH, APR YOU MAY NOT HAVE HEARD OF THE INTERNET OF THINGS (IOT), or perhaps you’ve heard of it but aren’t really sure what it is. If you aren’t familiar with the IoT, it’s time to acquaint yourself with the topic because chances are it’s already affecting your Read More »

  • Parking Study Project Management through Technology

    By Tracey Bruch, CAPP Every organization that has participated in parking demand studies realizes how important it is to have accurate and representative data as a benchmark. When developing project management schedules for such studies, providing a cushion of time for the unknowns is wise. Due to a variety of Read More »

  • Leading Mobility

    By Bridgette Brady, CAPP MOBILITY HAS ALWAYS BEEN a part of our lives. Howev­er, the recent and swift evolution of interconnectivity, mobility-as-a-service, curb management, and so many other holistic approaches to transforming the facilita­tion of movement means the industry needs to pause and understand its foundation. As with any paradigm Read More »

  • publications

    Eyes on the Trends

    By Brian Shaw, CAPP AS MOBILITY PROFESSIONALS, we have to try to stay aware of trends in our industry. Most of us were caught off guard with the advent of transportation network companies (TNCs) such as Uber and Lyft and the impact they have had on curb space, traditional taxis, Read More »

  • APDS News: UK on verge of revolution to make parking easier and help British high streets

    New national parking data standards introduced which could mean the end of outdated parking systems. Read the full story here. Published 30 May 2019 Department for Transport  

  • CURBSIDE MANAGEMENT: Managing access to a valuable resource.

    by Charley DeBow and Mike Drow, CAPP Curbside management is the collection of operating concepts, techniques, and practices that enable a municipality, university, or any entity to effectively allocate the use of their curbs and other high- demand areas. While the curb has been managed for decades, in the past Read More »

  • To Charge or Not to Charge: EV Parking at a Mid-Size University

    By Victor Hill, CAPP, MPA WE WERE FINALLY ASKED WHY we do not offer charging for electri­cal vehicles, by an actual electric vehicle (EV) owner. The issue has come up infrequently on our campus—a midsize university of about 11,000 students—in the past five years as the vehicles have gained popularity. Read More »

  • Parking’s Role in the New Transportation Ecosystem

    By Brett Wood, CAPP, PE EVERYWHERE YOU TURN THESE DAYS, you hear that the personal auto­mobile will be replaced by autonomous cars and drones, advanced ride-shar­ing services, and hyperloops—technologies to improve personal transporta­tion. And some of our constituents’ outlook is that the parking industry will be gone within the next Read More »


    Everybody’s talking about data, but what does the word really mean, and how can parking and transportation make the most of it? “DATA” HAS BECOME ONE OF THOSE WORDS that has acquired a range of new definitions, but it has existed for decades (late 1940s, in fact). Type the word Read More »

  • Parking’s Future Isn’t Remote After All

    By Kevin Uhlenhaker THE COMING AUTONOMOUS VEHICLE AGE is already shaking up the parking industry, even though it may not arrive for a few more years. Pun­dits across the industry—and many more with no connection to parking whatsoever—are warning that autonomous vehicles will decimate parking demand. They warn that, in Read More »

  • Revisiting Green Approaches

    By Brian Shaw, CAPP STANFORD UNIVERSITY, CALIFORNIA has a growing and effective sustain­ability enterprise that covers most aspects of the university’s operations and systems. However, it never hurts to revisit our approaches occasionally. I was recently asked by our new university leadership to provide an overview and, arguably, a justification Read More »

  • Controlling the Curb

    Dynamic curbside management creates space for everyone. By Ben Winokur ONCE UPON A TIME, the curb was readily accessible for just about anyone. Buses used it for passenger pick-ups and drop-offs, trucks delivered packages, and driv­ers parked to run errands or even go to work for the day. Those days Read More »


    But what exactly is 5G? Who: Major wireless companies, like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and others, are among the first to build, test, and implement 5G technologies. One of the key com­ponents is a chip, made by Qualcomm/Intel/Samsung, or others. A few other key players in the develop­ment of the 5G Read More »

  • Autonomous and On-Demand: Radical Transformation

    By Sam Veraldi, CAPP A DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY is one that displaces an established technology and shakes up the industry or a groundbreaking product that creates a completely new industry. Harvard Business School professor Clayton M. Christensen coined the term “disruptive technology” in his 1997 bestselling book, “The Innovator’s Dilemma.” The Read More »

  • Past, Present, and Future

    What industry experts think about predicting parking demand. Compiled by Mark Santos, PE IT’S NO SURPRISE to avid readers of this magazine that our industry is changing rapidly. Technology can both increase efficiency and cause disruption. Mobility solutions affect and transform consumer behavior. Nevertheless, parking owners and operators need to Read More »

  • Work Smarter, Not Harder

    Great ways to leverage big data to enhance parking programs. By Nicole Ybarra IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR EVIDENCE that we are in the midst of a parking renaissance, look no farther than the street right outside your door. In bustling city centers to sleepy suburbs once lined with coin-only Read More »

  • What Does It Mean to Be a True Smart City?

    By Kelsey Owens WITH THE RISE OF BIG DATA, the internet of things (IoT), mobility, and the rapid pace of technology innovations overall, becoming a smart city is a frequently discussed topic through­out the parking and transportation industries. Going “smart” is an aspiration of many cities around the world, but Read More »

  • Parking Guidance and the Journey

    By Michael Drow, CAPP; Blake Laufer, CAPP; and Michael Civitelli SALLY NEEDS TO BE AT HER DESTINATION in 55 minutes and she’s never been there before. Does she take mass transit? Ride-share? Or does she drive—and park? Whether attending a downtown meeting, connecting with friends for a concert, or making Read More »

  • Creating a Parking Technology Ecosystem

    By Andy Santana THERE ARE SEVERAL DIFFERENT TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS that can be used to manage all types of parking infrastructures, and many have the capacity to share common data to help make the parking experience ideal. When implementing new technology, integration and compatibility between systems is key to achieving a Read More »

  • Mobile Applications and PARCS Integrations Best Practices

    By Todd Tucker UBER, LYFT, GROUPON, AND OTHER POPULAR CONVENIENCE applications have created an expectation of a frictionless experience for consumers. Parking consumers are no different. Many of the most popular mobile parking applications help seamlessly connect parkers with spots at their intended destinations. However, the lack of a fully Read More »

  • SPARKS OF CREATIVITY: A mural project at the Downtown Eugene Transit Station was paid for with parking revenue.

    Parking. What’s the first thing in customers’ minds when they see that word? It might be tickets or meters or parking garages, but no matter what it is, the feeling associated may not be a good one. The parking services program in Eugene, Ore., Epark Eugene, aims to change that Read More »


    How the internet of things (IoT) can help parking organizations navigate new automotive worlds ahead. By Kyle Connor THE PROMISE OF SMARTER, more connected, and highly autonomous ve­hicles is exciting news for consumers. Who doesn’t want a safer, more efficient, and more convenient driving experience? But for parking companies, the Read More »

  • Ready to Expand Your EV Offerings?

    By Daniel Ciarcia, LEED GA IF YOU’VE JOINED A GROWING NUMBER OF GARAGE OWNERS and oper­ators by installing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, you’ve likely noticed demand for these stations increasing. With sales of EVs in the U.S. surging 45 percent from 2016 to 2017 and patrons competing for those Read More »

  • Adapting to Changing Consumer Expectations and Behavior

    By Charley DeBow Everything in life seems to be getting easier for people. If you have a ques­tion, you just ask Alexa. My wife and I haven’t been to a supermarket to do regular food shopping in three years. Amazon Fresh, Blue Apron, and Amazon Pantry allow us to order Read More »

  • Touch vs. Tech: A story about international parking culture.

    By Michael Klein, CAPP, and Pieter Sprinkhuizen Culture is something we all have in common but that also makes us different. All things in life are observed through our own culturally influenced lenses. This applies to everyday life the food we eat, the music we listen to, and the way Read More »

  • Accessibility and EV Charging Stations

    By Michelle Wendler, AIA THE DEMAND FOR INSTALLATION OF ELECTRIC VEHICLE (EV) charging stations has increased dramatically in the last three years. In some jurisdictions, there are requirements for installing electric conduit now to provide infrastructure for future charging stations. Many clients are requesting more stations as they receive requests Read More »

  • To Share or Not to Share

    By Josh Naramore TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION AND CULTURAL CHANGE as the sharing economy continues to grow are forcing parking operators to adapt. New services are challenging local government regulatory approaches, making it difficult to differentiate between public and private, personal and business, and creating a chaotic, but positive, disruption. Transportation is Read More »

  • A New Generation of LPR: Application as the Core Technology

    By Christopher Perry and Kevin Woznicki THE RENAISSANCE OF URBANIZATION brings with it side effects and challenges. An increasing number of vehicles is one of its side effects and brings with it new demands to existing infrastructure, particularly those that rely on license plate recognition (LPR) systems such as parking, Read More »

  • The SHAPE of Disabled Parking Enforcement

    An innovative parking enforcement program deputizes volunteers to police parking spaces reserved for the disabled, and they take it very seriously. By Bill Smith, APR Anyone who has a disability or loves someone with a disability has experienced the frustration of not being able to find parking because the designated Read More »

  • Room for a City to Come to Life

    With a capacity of up to 1,000 cars, Dokk1 Parking in Aarhus, Denmark, is the largest fully automated parking system in Europe and an example for big-city parking of the future. By Peter Fangel Poulsen Cars are a natural part of the city’s heartbeat, and many people are dependent on Read More »

  • Going Autonomous …or Not

    There’s a lot of talk about driverless vehicles taking over transportation, but how long until we’re really ready? By Thomas Curtis, CAPP It has been more than two years since I last wrote about autonomous vehicle acceptance—where I thought it was heading and how long it would take to get Read More »

  • IPMI Parking Data Analytics Snapshot (2017)

    Download the full pdf here.

  • Going Green: How parking can become a part of the global green infrastructure

    By Sarah Stanley AS THE WORLD’S LARGEST CAR MARKET, China is making significant moves to spur the growth of electric vehicles (EVs). The Chinese government announced this past fall that it will be moving toward banning the sale and production of fossil fuel vehicles. China is not the first to Read More »

  • The Future of Parking

    By John Dorsett No one can know what the future holds, but I am optimistic parking will play a meaningful role and not be buried somewhere with all of the buggy whips. Parking has changed in past decades, it will continue to change, and the change will likely be incremental. Read More »

  • An Autonomous Future Right Now

    By Kim Fernandez The tour of your new neighborhood begins on an eight-passenger, electric, autonomous shuttle. You settle in and enjoy watching the scenery go by outside—houses and townhouses, shops and restaurants, offices and parks, and the massive solar farm that powers it all. When you reach the edge of Read More »

  • article

    The Parking Professional: Technology of Parking and Market Disruption

    By Jeff Pinyot THE BUZZWORD IN BUSINESS IS “MARKET DISRUPTION.” The excitement about disrupting a market is that in the first place, we start with a thriving and confirmed market that is in the cross­hairs of investors. Take the parking industry: It doesn’t take much research to acknowledge that parking Read More »

  • article


    The 2018 IPMI Leadership Summit Educates and Entertains DENVER, COLO., WAS THE PLACE FOR PARKING AND MOBILITY professionals to be in October, when IPMI’s second Leadership Summit brought together a fantastic group for professional development, net­working, and fun. Small by design, the Leadership Summit saw 100 professionals from all career Read More »

  • Smart Parking: Transforming the Experience of Parking

    Smart parking can benefit citizens, businesses and the environment, Julian O’Kelly from the British Parking Association outlines the importance of smart parking solutions. Smart parking is a term increasingly used by governments, manufacturers and tech developers to cover the many innovations designed to deliver more consistent, user centred and economical Read More »

  • A Guide to Parking

    IPI’s mission to advance the parking profession manifests in a number of ways – through top-notch education, certification and accreditation, and connecting our community through the conference and expo and now online through Forum.    Publications are another hallmark program of our organization; take a look through this magazine and the Read More »

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    Forum, IPI’s New Online Community

    Forum is an online community that gives members a powerful new way to access and share parking, transportation, and mobility-industry information and on-the-job experiences. IPI members can log in and join vibrant discussions, gain others’ perspectives on questions and challenges, access a robust, online library of member knowledge and resources, Read More »

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    Transformed Urban Planning

    The Economist last week ran an article about “The Chance to Transform Urban Planning.” It covered new ways cities can be designed in the future, including the possibility of the “garden city” becoming a real thing, thanks to one big technology. What is it? Autonomous vehicles. Using data and trends Read More »

  • null

    Plug in When You Park?

    By David M. Feehan I drive a 2013 Chevy Volt, which I bought new. Chevy sells about 25,000 Volts a year, and the new Honda Clarity plug-in hybrid expects sales to be about the same. There are other at least 20 manufacturers that now offer PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicles), Read More »

  • null

    The Future and Your Operation

    By James C. Anderson We live in interesting times! Driverless vehicles, autonomous vehicles, alternative-fuel vehicles, artificial Intelligence, ride-sharing, intermodal transportation, and the AV START Act. Some people are inspired and excited by these prospects while others are uncertain, uneasy, and feel angst about the possibilities and its broad implications. If Read More »

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    Keep the Car, Sell the Data

    Back in the day, the most valuable part of your car besides the engine might have been its spoiler or its chrome or its stereo or its rims. Experts say that won’t be true for very much longer if it even still is, because your car’s data is about to Read More »

  • null

    Feeling Social. Now What?

    The year is still in its infancy but there’s been lots of news about social media for businesses. Facebook’s new algorithm, LinkedIn’s embrace of video, and Instagram’s pushing suggested feeds are just a few examples. How does a parking organization pull it all together to make the most of social Read More »

  • null

    Just One App?

    By Dion Knill Remember the old days when you couldn’t send an SMS to a friend if he or she was on a different mobile network? It’s no wonder 15 years ago the U.S. had the lowest usage of SMS messaging in the world. Recently I did an informal survey Read More »

  • null

    Real-Time Occupancy: The Most Valuable Piece Of Parking Information

    By Nathan Donnell For any driver, the parking experience is often one of frustration. In downtown areas, drivers typically circle the block several times hoping a parking space opens up. Drivers naturally try to park at the closest lots to their destinations, which can lead to over-filled lots with gridlocked Read More »

  • null

    App Evolution

    By Paul Pirhofer, CAPP Parking apps, including some old familiar favorites, have dramatically improved. Customers and clients alike typically share opinions and feedback with me about apps for finding and purchasing on-and off-street parking. Without naming specific apps, some of the desirable features identified through feedback include: Mapping capability. The Read More »

  • null

    Artificial Intelligence

    By Christina Onesirosan Martinez I bravely volunteered to write this post on the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in the parking industry and my initial research took me to the first floor of our office—deep into the darkest corner of the research team’s lab. They spend hour after hour looking Read More »

  • null

    When Your Car Takes Over Tinder

    Autonomous cars are here and driver-operated automobiles are illegal. What does that mean? What does it really mean—how will it affect our day-to-day lives? The New York Times took on that question last week with an extensive report from a team of experts who addressed different ways self-driving cars will Read More »

  • null

    Ford’s New CEO on Future Cars

    Connected cars? Yes. Autonomous cars? Probably. Shared cars? Not so much. So says Ford Motor Company’s new CEO in an interview with Fast Company last week. “There’s a myth in the press that people are going to give up their vehicles,” says Jim Hackett, who was named CEO of the Read More »

  • null

    Tracking Autonomous Vehicle Regulations

    By L. Dennis Burns, CAPP Tracking the emergence of autonomous vehicles is filling up my inbox! Here is the latest headline from one great source, the ITS America SmartBrief: “Senate Committee Adopts Bill on Autonomous Vehicle Regulations.” The article shares a number of things: Based on a report by Reuters, Read More »

  • null

    Designing the Future Garage

    Lots is being said about designing the garage of the future, including a whole lot about adaptive reuse. But how will that work, exactly? How can today’s design be constructed so it’s really adaptable? DCM Architecture and Engineering teamed up with IPI’s Planning, Design, and Construction Committee to find out Read More »

  • null

    What Do We Know About Technology in Parking?

    During the past several years, the use of technology has accelerated in the parking and transportation industry. As the number of cars on our roads rises and cities struggle with congestion, diminishing space, and increasing concerns over air quality, parking technology evolves to deliver solutions. With these advances come new Read More »

  • null

    Technology, Cities, and Adapting

    Technology such as autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, vehicle data connectivity, ride-sharing technologies, and others are going to transform cities, helping cut the costs of traffic congestion, accidents, and air pollution, wrote the Harvard Business Review last week. And while that’s all good on paper, the way cities manage these technologies Read More »

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    BPA-IPI Technology Glossary for Parking Professionals (First Edition 2017)

    IPI and British Parking Association’s Technology Glossary for Parking Professionals During the past several years, the use of technology has accelerated in the parking and transportation industry. With these advances come new terms and changes to some definitions of terms we thought we knew. This glossary will help you better Read More »

  • null

    How the Internet Began in a Parking Garage

    By Jeff Petry The entrepreneurial spirit thrives in the parking-garage-start-up culture of innovation. Apple was started in the garage of Steve Jobs’s childhood home. Hewlett-Packard Company (HP) was started in the home garage of Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard. Biotech company Invitrogen was started in a garage in Encinitas, Calif. Read More »

  • null

    Autonomous Vehicles and Parking Revenues

    By L. Dennis Burns, CAPP I have been doing a great deal of research into the potential impacts of autonomous vehicles in the past few months, but a recent article caught my attention. The article in Governing magazine is titled, “How Driverless Cars Could Be a Big Problem for Cities.” Read More »

  • null

    The Future of Driving: A Picture

    What’s the future of driving? That is, as they say, the $50 million question. Ohio University put together a handy infographic with some of the details. Among their findings: 61 percent of current drivers want at least some semi-autonomous features in their next cars. Lane departure warning systems top their Read More »

  • null

    At a Glance: Mobile Apps for the Parking Industry

    What would we do without our smartphones and connected devices? With 1.2 billion apps1 (as of 2015) and a steady stream of new ones coming our way, consumers have access to the world at their fingertips. Millennials (not to mention every succeeding generation) have grown up with this technology and Read More »

  • null

    No Decal? No Problem

    Excerpted from the September 2016 issue of Business Officer, the publication of the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO). By Margo Vanover Porter These days, when students and visitors pull up to a parking meter on a campus, they expect multiple payment options, whether they stay five minutes Read More »

  • null

    IPI Rocks Music City

    By Kim Fernandez This May, the 2016 IPI Conference & Expo offers more than ever before. Nobody knows more about staying in tune than the people of Nashville, Tenn.—Music City, USA. And nobody knows more about staying in tune with parking than IPI, the biggest association of professionals in the industry. Read More »

  • null

    Hold that Post

    by John V. Collins, CAPP What hiring managers say employees and candidates should think about before using social media, even on their own time.  I know I am getting up there in age and have to accept that technology may be starting to pass me by (if you ask my Read More »

  • null

    Rethinking Transit

    by Steven Higashide What’s next for the commuter parking benefit? LATE LAST YEAR, Congress finally permanently addressed a longstanding imbalance in the federal tax code that allowed commuters to exclude up to $250 per month from their income toward the cost of parking associated with their trip to work, but Read More »

  • null

    The Same, Only Different

    by Clement Gibson, CAPP, and Adam Isen, CAPP How two cities approach meter modernization in different ways to get similar great results. Motor sports may not be the only thing Charlotte, N.C., and Indianapolis, Ind., have in common. Meter modernization has been happening in Charlotte since 2006, while Indy hit the Read More »

  • null

    Boosting Intelligence

    by Jason M. Jones An IPI task force takes on intelligent transportation systems and how they might work with parking, and members want your input.  As I write this, I’m heading off to the New York State Parking Association conference to see many old friends and hopefully meet a few Read More »

  • null

    Facing the Sharks

    by Kim Fernandez  Last year’s IPI Park Tank™ contestants say the competition was fierce but came with huge benefits to their fledgeling companies. ARE YOU READY TO JUMP INTO THE PARK TANK™? IPI launched its live game show, modeled after television’s “Shark Tank,” at the 2015 IPI Conference & Expo in Las Read More »

  • null

    Myths Busted

    by Thomas E. Curtis, CAPP Will autonomous vehicles really lead to the demise of the parking garage?  Parking garages will be obsolete by 2025 (2020 if you believe Uber CEO Travis Kalanick). Of course, the paperless office was hinted at in 1964 and predicted by 1975. Decades later, the use of Read More »

  • null

    Getting Connected

    by Chris Chettle, CAPP; Mike Drow, CAPP; and Peter Lange Connectivity is the exploding technology trend of 2016. Are you on board? Refrigerators that help you create a shopping list, cars that provide real-time pressure information for each tire, roads that talk to vehicles to inform drivers of current driving conditions, and watches Read More »

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    IPI Park Tank Finalists Apply Tech-Based Solutions to Parking Challenges

    ParkIT and other innovations target efficiency by predicting future spaces, connecting drivers with unused parking, maximizing off-peak times, and more (Alexandria, Va. – July 5, 2016) Imagine a future of fully connected transportation, with self-driving cars that efficiently navigate into easily predictable spaces. Thanks to innovations like ParkIt, winner of Read More »

  • null

    Becoming Cyber-Super Man

    By Kyle Cashion How to transform into a superhero and battle back evil (and dangerous) ransomware. COMPUTER VIRUSES have long been a problem. Initially, they were often developed simply to cause havoc and give their developers some malicious entertainment. Today, however, computer viruses are more likely to pose a serious Read More »

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    Parking Analytics: An Industry Snapshot (May 2016)

    The International Parking Institute (IPI) has launched a new initiative focused on parking analytics and benchmarking. Designed to advance the parking profession by collecting, aggregating, and publishing data, this series offers Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the industry. Parking and transportation organizations are collecting and studying KPIs as a tool Read More »

  • null

    EMV and Parking White Paper, 2016

    IPI and the Smart Card Alliance have released an update to the white paper addressing the transition to EMV technology in the parking industry.  Download the full publication: EMV and Parking White Paper, May 2016.

  • null

    What’s What in Parking Technology 2016, Third Edition

    Glossary of nearly 100 parking technology terms and definitions, from Access Control to Yield Management. What’s What in Parking Technology, 2016

  • publications

    Why Cash May Still be King

    By Bryan Alexander The data breaches that hit the parking industry in 2014 offered a stark reminder that parking is just as vulnerable to credit card fraud as any other industry. Worldwide, credit card fraud has reached $14 billion a year, and while the hit experienced by the parking industry Read More »

  • null

    Smart Card Alliance and International Parking Institute Publish New Edition of EMV and Parking White Paper

    White paper provides updates on EMV chip technology, transition, and implementation in parking PRINCETON JUNCTION, N.J., May 10, 2016 –With the U.S. moving to EMV chip technology for more secure credit and debit card payments, parking industry stakeholders across the payments value chain recognize the need to learn about EMV Read More »

  • null

    Industria del Estacionamiento – Winter 2016, Volume 1

    Industria del Estacionamiento, launched in January 2016, is IPI’s Spanish-language magazine, bringing news, trends, case studies, and analysis to Spanish-speaking parking professionals with a focus on Mexico and Latin America. Each biennial issue of the electronic magazine includes a note from IPI and four to six features, incorporating original content Read More »

  • Greening the Walls

    By Vicki Lee Parking structures haven’t traditionally been viewed as things of beauty; historically, they’ve been thought of as dull, gray, and packed with vehicles that emit pollutants. An increasingly popular solution to this challenge has been to cover parking garages’ façades with living green walls. Green walls, also known Read More »

  • Lessons from LEED

    By Paul Wessel It was a pretty audacious idea. Certifying green buildings? Who cares about that? And even if people care, who’s going to pay for it? That was the response David Gottfried received back in 1992 when the founder of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) was just starting Read More »

  • App Nation

    By Mike Drow, CAPP, Peter Lange, and Blake Laufer, CAPP There’s an app for this and an app for that! Companies have Facebook pages so you can like them, and celebrities are Tweeting about any and all topics. And every person and business seems to have their own website. Trying Read More »

  • Inside Your Cloud-Based LMS by Kathleen Federici

    Inside Your Cloud-Based LMS

  • Thinking Big by Casey Jones, CAPP

    We often drive a lot during the holiday season to visit friends and family up north. If I’m not concentrating on fending off the 18-wheeler that seems to enjoy my lane more than his, these drives give me time to think. I spend at least some of the seven-hour trip Read More »

  • Big Analytics & Business Strategy

    By Soumya S. Dey, P.E., PMP; Benito O. Pérez, AICP; and Cliff Wickstrum Big data is an evolving term that describes any voluminous amount of structured, semi-structured, or unstructured data that has the potential to be mined for valuable information. Although big data does not refer to any specific quantity, Read More »


    By John W. Martin All of us will spend the rest of our lives in the future. Understanding what’s ahead and what it means has tremendous value, not only to you as individuals, but to your companies and even the entire parking industry. What’s the best pathway for your career? Read More »

  • Locking Down

    By Bill Smith During the past decade, data breaches have become increasingly common. Retail and healthcare leaders such as Home Depot, Target, TJX, and Anthem, Inc., have been the targets of sophisticated attacks through which millions of customers’ information was compromised. In this electronic age when our personal and financial Read More »

  • Invaluable Resource

    By Douglas Holmes, CAPP Long before we all embraced Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Skype, LinkedIn, Instagram, Flickr, the World Wide Web, or even Google, there was CPARK-L, a parking-specific email list. CPARK-L was created out of my selfish desire to obtain information to help me do my job but also to Read More »

  • Tech Check

    By Pierre Koudelka I had the pleasure of attending the Airports Council International (ACI) conference in Atlanta recently. Like any participant, I spent a good deal of time attending the seminars and walking through the exhibit hall. It became clear early on that ACI is a tight organization in that Read More »

  • Looking Into The Crystal Ball

    By Bill Smith, APR The installation of the original parking meter in Oklahoma City in 1935 represented the first time a technology was introduced to improve parking management. But we can hardly call that the dawn of parking’s Technology Age. After all, the parking meter served as the zenith of Read More »

  • The Hottest New Couple In Town

    By Vanessa Weston, CAPP Automobiles have been around for centuries, and from their initial introduction until today, have needed their own storage: parking. Smartphones have been around since 1993 but did not become a part of consumers’ everyday lifestyle until the last decade or so. Who would ever think of Read More »

  • What Parking can Learn from Red Light Camera Enforcement

    By Leonard T. Bier, JD, CAPP What can on-street municipal parking enforcement learn from red light camera traffic violation enforcement? Twenty-four states and the District of Columbia have approved some form of red light camera enforcement that captures the license plate numbers of vehicles that drive through amber lights and Read More »

  • Be a DimWatt!

    By Jeff Pinyot You can probably imagine how many times a garage lighting specialist is asked about motion sensors in parking structures. They come up at every trade show and meeting we attend. Some people are passionate about wanting them, and others don’t understand the need. Because it is, at Read More »

  • Simple Savings

    By Jon Martens, AICP, CAPP Every parking owner is concerned with parking facility operations costs. Those who depend on parking to produce revenues want to make sure their costs don’t cut too deeply into profits. Owners who rely on parking to support their residential, commercial, or retail developments need to Read More »

  • Power Struggle

    By Kim Fernandez IT happens all the time: Driving down the road, you glance at your fuel gauge to see it’s nearly empty. You pull into the gas station, line up behind the car at the pump, and see there’s nobody there actually pumping gas. Maybe that driver is in Read More »

  • Lean Smart Parking

    By Christopher Dance On-street parking sensors are working in cities from Los Angeles to Moscow. The benefits of data from such sensors are undeniable. As guidance apps move from cellphones to in-car systems, drivers will rely on sensor data to quickly find nearby spaces. Comparisons of sensor data with meter Read More »

  • Identifying Untapped Potential

    By Trevyr Meade With Green Garage Certification officially launched, our industry has come together to showcase the untapped potential that lies in the parking spaces we own and operate. Our work has developed an industry-specific standard that communicates to cities, campuses, and commercial real estate the contribution parking can make Read More »

  • Lightening Up

    By Ken Sapp Plug-in electric vehicle (EV) pioneers Nissan and Chevrolet are in their third model years producing cars with this relatively new technology. Ford, Fiat, Honda, Mitsubishi, and Tesla have all introduced EVs, and BMW is launching two luxury EV models this year. The popularity of long-range EVs means Read More »

  • Escaping the 60’s

    By Bill Smith When the parking industry was still in its infancy in the 1950s and ’60s, just a handful of companies worked to manage demand for spaces, and business in general tended to be done through relationships with a handshake. Little thought was given to marketing beyond taking prospects Read More »

  • Beyond the App for That

    By Amie Devero There’s an app for that! It’s become the go-to answer for many modern municipal challenges. But often, that quick solution fails to address the real issue, and sometimes adds new problems for customers and municipal professionals alike. In cities around the world, technology is being used to Read More »

  • Smart Moves

    By Eric Woods The introduction of smart parking technology marks the biggest transformation in parking since the introduction of the first parking meters in Oklahoma City in 1935. Parking is being transformed by new technologies that are affecting operational efficiency and customer expectations. Even broader changes are being driven by Read More »

  • Building the Invisible Garage

    BY K. Vance Kelley, AIA Tradition and modernity come together seamlessly at the Kansas Statehouse, where a 550-space underground parking garage has transformed the visitor and staff experience, while solving a host of logistical and practical parking concerns for the 140-year-old capitol. “The most noticeable thing about this garage is Read More »

  • Lighting It Up

    By Antonio Giacobbe Lighting has a dramatic effect on how a parking facility is perceived. The right design creates an atmosphere that welcomes, creates an enhanced sense of security, and invites guests to return. In short, it ensures continued revenue. At the same time, smart lighting strategies can significantly lower Read More »

  • The Metrics that Matter

    By Pete Messman It is increasingly difficult to argue against having energy-efficient lighting installed in a parking garage. Even garages that were built recently with traditional metal halide or high-pressure sodium fixtures should be considering a retrofit as the benefits affect everyone—customers, managers, and owners. But there is a huge Read More »

  • Simple as a Wave

    By Monica Tanksley Wave and pay seems to be taking the world by storm, and the parking and transportation industry may be next in the revolution. The basics: wave and pay is a contactless payment system that includes debit and credit cards, smartphones, key fobs, smartcards, and any other device Read More »


    By David G. Onorato, CAPP A 2012 decision by the Public Parking Authority of Pittsburgh established the city as the first in the U.S. to commit to the adoption of multi-space, pay-by-license-plate technology to manage a full network of on- and off-street metered marking. The primary objective of the commitment Read More »

  • NEW Technology Will Drive Airport Parking In 2014

    By Dan Kupferman, CAPP Flying can be stressful. It’s really not the flying that creates tension, but getting to the gate on time that stresses us out. Driving to the airport, finding a parking space, getting through security—if you have an early morning flight, you may be tempted to leave Read More »

  • Greening Before Design

    By Brett Wood, CAPP Parking’s green movement has largely focused on the facility: How can we squeeze out the most energy efficiency through lighting, operations, and design? I have seen numerous presentations and publications documenting power savings, cost savings, and innovations in interior and exterior design that highlight and promote Read More »

  • Let the Sun Shine

    By Jon Sarno Parking lots and garage rooftops offer expansive, un-shaded, and unobstructed spaces that are ideal for housing commercial-scale solar energy solutions. Solar photovoltaics (PV) have long proven a smart choice for parking facilities for a variety of reasons. With the growing trend of installing plug-in electric vehicle charging Read More »

  • Understanding the Triple Bottom Line and Applying It to Your Program

    By L. Dennis Burns, CAPP Sustainability still means many different things to different people and groups. The term “triple bottom line” has emerged as a helpful phrase for what most mean when incorporating the principles of sustainability within institutional planning frameworks; it refers to the effects that sustainable business practices Read More »

  • How Much does a Structure Cost

    By H. Dean Penny, PE How much barbecue do you need to feed a group of 30? How many cookies will this recipe make? How many drinks are in a pitcher? Have you ever tried to accurately answer a question that had more than one possible answer? In each of Read More »

  • A Prolific Partnership

    By Gina Fiandaca Public private partnerships (P3) between major local governments and private companies are critical to the successful development and execution of sophisticated, high-volume programs such as the processing and collection of parking tickets. These partnerships allow governments to allocate resources to establishing policies, building core competencies, providing oversight, Read More »

  • Upping the Ante on Parking Planning and Design

    By Chris Gray, PE, and Megan Leinart, LEED AP BD+C Atlantic City is well known for its exciting atmosphere, vibrant nightlife, and boardwalk that’s alive with casinos, shops, and restaurants. People from all over the world visit the city to gamble, play on the beach, and experience an affordable and Read More »

  • Unlocking the Grid

    By Bill Smith The eyes of the world will be on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for the next few years, as the city gears up to host the 2014 FIFA World Cup soccer tournament and the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. These events bring prestige, lots of attention, and billions of Read More »

  • A Chip on the Old Card

    By Tom Wunk, CAPP Now what? This seems to be the prevailing response when I bring up the subject of open-standard Europay, MasterCard, and Visa (EMV) credit card processing with parking operations folks. Like many industries, parking is slowly emerging from economic malaise and finally seeing some light at the Read More »

  • Cracking Down

    By Kim Fernandez Monitor news about parking and you’ll get an alert just about every day that has to do with the abuse of spaces reserved for those using disabled driver permits. It’s no wonder: experts say that the dawn of affordable professional-quality home printing and scanning mean it’s easier Read More »

  • The Greenest Parking Space

    By Matthew Inman Parking is getting greener. There is a wide range of options to choose from to help mitigate a parking facility’s effect on the environment, from energy-efficient lighting systems and solar panels to green roofs and electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. One thing hasn’t changed: parking facilities exist Read More »

  • Dialing and Thriving

    By Soumya S. Dey, PE, PMP, and Angelo Rao, PE Washington, D.C., has approximately 18,000 metered on-street parking spaces. The parking program has seen significant changes during the past few years, including two rate increases, lifting a Saturday moratorium on parking meter fees, and extending the hours during which meters Read More »

  • Behind The Curtain

    By Jeff Pinyot Substitute LED for Oz in a memorable movie quote and you get this bold statement: “Do not arouse the wrath of the great and powerful LED. I said come back tomorrow.” This begs the question: is light emitting diode (LED) technology ready today, or do we, as Read More »

  • Campus Lighting Swap Saves

    By June Broughton, CAPP Two years ago, Transportation Services at Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, embarked on a massive lighting project that involved replacing all fixtures in five parking garages, including those in stairwells, elevator lobbies, and roofs. Transportation Services engaged a consultant to conduct a thorough lighting study Read More »

  • Campus Garages Change Perceptions

    By Ian Nestler, AIA, LEED AP BD+C With growing scarcities of both capital funding and vacant land, colleges and universities have begun tucking additional uses into campus parking garages, either by expanding footprints or adding floors. The benefits are as diverse as the potential uses. Adding a street-level retail component Read More »

  • Off the Grid

    By Bill Schoenfisch When Long Beach City College (LBCC) first opened in 1927 with an enrollment of 503 students, its current enrollment of more than 27,000 probably seemed like an impossible dream. The college later split into three separate campuses by function, and renamed its original Long Beach location the Read More »

  • Aiding & Abetting in a Good Way

    By Eric Crouch and Stacy Moncibaiz Monitoring a campus that houses a population of 35,000 and is the size of a small town often takes on a life of its own. Among the usual student, faculty, and staff activities, stolen vehicles and criminal persons of interest can pass through campus Read More »

  • The Basics of Intellectual Property

    By Ralph G. Fischer, Esq. and Jason P. Wrona, Esq. Technological innovation is driving the evolution of the parking industry. The demand for enhanced revenues, sustainable technology, real-time statistics, and smart products pressure manufacturers and developers to continually innovate or be left behind. Examples of these innovations abound: manual meter Read More »

  • Why Going Green Makes Business Sense

    By Dominick Brook With pressures from stakeholders, customers, and, to some extent, government entities and regulations, many companies are increasing their focus on sustainability strategies. Along with these motivations, certain green initiatives, particularly focused around the reduction of electricity use, have a quick and positive payback and can help a Read More »

  • One Year Later NYC’s EStar Test

    By Guillermo Leiva Last year, I wrote about the New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) Bureau of Parking’s audition of all-electric eStar vans in our meter collection fleet (see the July 2012 issue of The Parking Professional). We began our tests as optimists, hoping this new, sustainable technology Read More »

  • Maximizing Change Minimizing Pain

    By Garrett Coleman Does the idea of upgrading your parking facility’s payment systems raise the hair on the back of your neck from the thought of lanes being shut down, traffic jams, issuing new monthly access credentials, and facing a complete database transfer? Upgrading a garage parking system does not Read More »

  • Hands Free Heaven

    By Mark Wright Whoever created the old “God is my co-pilot” bumper sticker was ahead of his time. Today, a lot of companies are praying that drivers will accept a future in which vehicles are piloted by technology instead of by humans. Whether drivers will find such a future heavenly Read More »

  • Prep Work

    by Holly Doering When “Big Joe” McGinnis stole $2.7 million from the Brink’s Depot in Boston (now a parking garage) in 1950, he needed an ice pick to enter the building. Today’s thieves only need to find a way to breach your online defenses. That’s the reason for the rise Read More »

  • Mensa Meters

    By Jon Martens and Steffen Turoff, AICP Shoppers, business owners, visitors, and even residents in cities and towns across the U.S., all face the same persistent, driving-related problem: finding an available parking spot. Recent surveys from around the country have shown that regardless of a municipality’s location, some of the Read More »

  • Boosting The Green Bottom Line

    By Dominick Brook Over the past few years, demand for plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) has steadily grown, with 10 models now commercially available in the U.S. As EV ownership expands, there is an increased need for more publicly-accessible EV charging stations. Many local governments have entered into ventures with EV Read More »

  • Energy Efficient Structure Lighting

    By Donald R. Monahan, PE Politicians and the general public have increased their attention on global warming in recent years. This enhanced awareness has resulted in new government and utility-sponsored programs that provide rebates and tax incentives to increase energy efficiency and encourage conservation. Retrofitting your parking facility with more Read More »

  • Total Revolution

    By Dennis Carter and Clarence W. Kemper, Jr. Parking technology: where is it heading? Everyone wants to go faster and be greener and more efficient. The parking industry is incorporating and adapting new technologies to meet the needs of the industry and the public. Mechanical to Digital Over the past Read More »

  • Improving Urban Mobility by L. Dennis Burns, CAPP

    Information and communication technologies combined with smartphone applications and location data from global positioning systems are making feasible transportation services that have long been imagined but never realized on a large scale. These innovations include carsharing, bikesharing, microtransit services, and most notably, transportation network companies (TNCs) such as Uber and Read More »

  • Electric Vehicles Notes from the Field

    By Rick Decker, CAPP The landside department of the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) is advancing an electric vehicle program on several fronts. To better serve our customers, we want to understand their experiences operating electric vehicles (EV) in the wide variations of Minnesota’s climate. We also want to understand Read More »

  • Shining Beacon

    By Lissa Myers Even from a distance, the new structure built on the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) campus in Golden, Colo., doesn’t look like an ordinary parking garage. It doesn’t act like one either. NREL’s parking garage proves that large garages can be designed and Read More »

  • Greening Your Garage

    By Dennis A. Safford Who knew doing the right thing for the planet could make you more money? Implementing sustainable initiatives in parking facilities that benefit the environment and society does not mean you need to sacrifice dollars. At face value, it would seem that the urban parking garage is Read More »

  • The Driver Privacy Protection Act

    By Leonard T. Bier JD, CAPP The federal Driver Privacy Protection Act [DPPA] was signed into law in 1994. It was passed in part in reaction to the death of actress Rebecca Shaeffer by an obsessed fan who obtained her home address from state department of motor vehicle (DMV) records Read More »

  • Hitting Moving Targets

    By Mike Carneiro In some parking enforcement jurisdictions, as few as 25 percent of parking fines are collected in full before the first enforcement escalation. Even the best-run parking programs only achieve voluntary payment rates in the 35 to 40 percent range unless they initiate a process of mailing follow-up Read More »

  • null

    Where Mobility Meets Facility

    By Joachim Hauser As the director of mobility for BMW, I am often asked, “Why did BMW, a German premium car manufacturer, become a Titanium Launch Partner of the United States-based Green Parking Council (GPC)?” There are many facets to the answer and I appreciate the opportunity to discuss the Read More »

  • City of Wonders

    By Mark Wright Gehry is one of a small constellation of star architects who have arguably raised parking garage design to that ideal in Miami Beach, Fla. “We are very lucky in Miami Beach, because we have a wealth of world-renowned designers and architects who have discovered new opportunities to Read More »

  • Fostering an Engaged Community

    By Johnna Frosini, CAPP Research shows that as public and private educational institutions compete for quality students, engagement has become a crucial part of the formula for producing successful students. If institutions can provide an enriched learning and teaching environment, it follows that improved graduation and retention rates will be Read More »

  • Light for All

    By Susan Pollay This summer, the Ann Arbor (Mich.) Downtown Development Authority (DDA) and the City of Ann Arbor held a party to celebrate the grand opening of the new 711-space underground Library Lane parking structure. A disc jockey spun car-related tunes, a variety of vintage cars were on display, Read More »

  • NYC Embraces EVs

    By Guillermo Leiva New York City made headlines last year when it invested in a fleet of Chevy Volt electric cars for its police department, assigning them to traffic control throughout the city. Our parking officers are also exploring where electric vehicles might fit in. “New York City is where Read More »

  • Illuminating

    By Pete Barth When a Baltimore County, Md. garage was about six weeks into its high-tech lighting makeover, Wayne Mixdorf, CAPP, director of parking for the Baltimore County Revenue Authority (BCRA) received a phone call from the local power company. “They thought something was wrong with the electric meter,” recalls Read More »

  • Getting Your P’s in a Row

    By Michael D. Martindill Man, it’s tough out there. Cities, states, counties, and academic institutions continue to experience shrinking budgets and reduced revenues. The public financing markets are still erratic and unpredictable. Taxable and non-taxable debt continues to be about the same, which has not happened in decades. All the Read More »

  • Changing Debit Card Rules

    By Michael Mintz New rules went into effect on October 1, 2011 that lower the debit card interchange fees Visa™, MasterCard®, and Discover® charge as the pure cost to process a debit card. These changes resulted from the Durbin Amendment that was passed as part of the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Read More »

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    Lancaster Parking Authority Lights the Way to Savings

    By Larry J. Cohen, CAPP Budgets for parking organizations across the nation have been strained from declining or flat patronage, steadily rising operating expenses, and increasing maintenance costs. Raising rates can alienate long-time customers, especially in a struggling economy. But that doesn’t leave parking professionals without options to improve the Read More »

  • null

    The 179D tax deduction for energy- efficient lighting investments in parking structures

    By Dominick Brook This article is about a tax deduction. I’ve got my work cut out for me in making this interesting, but let me try: it’s also about money in your company’s pocket. How does a $300,000 federal tax deduction for a lighting retrofit of a 500,000 square-foot parking Read More »

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    Recognizing Advances

    By Joseph Wenzi At one time or another, we have all used the toll road system. If you live on the east coast, traveling on a toll road may be a daily experience. Residents of the south know that Florida’s toll roads can present a welcome relief from the congestion Read More »

  • Parking Technology Innovators Compete in IPI Park Tank

    Parking Technology Innovators Compete in IPI Park Tank™ Competition envisioned as incubator for innovative, new parking industry concepts (LAS VEGAS – June 28, 2015) Parking technology innovators will vie for a chance at fame and fortune in the IPI Park Tank™ competition, Monday, June 29, 3:30-5 p.m., at the International Read More »

  • Press Release, 12/10/13, LEEP Competition to Honor Parking Facilities

    LEEP Competition to Honor Parking Facilities for High-Efficiency Lighting April 2014 awards, sponsored by a coalition of parking and building groups with support from the U.S. Department of Energy, will recognize facilities with the greatest energy and cost savings January 10, 2014 is the deadline for submissions to be recognized Read More »

  • 2013-01-31 Parking Industry joins with U.S. Department of Energy

    Parking Industry Joins with U.S. Department of Energy to Support Obama Administration Initiative to Expand Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in the Workplace U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu recognizes International Parking Institute, world’s largest parking association, along with leading automotive, communications, high tech, energy and environmental groups during keynote speech Read More »

  • 2012-10-29 Smart Parking, Smart Cities

    Smart Parking, Smart Cities: World’s Leading Parking Experts to Share Insights with Latin American Architects, Urban Planners, Developers, Government Officials, and Business Leaders Latin Parking Conference & Expo to Convene Dec. 9-12, in San Juan, Puerto Rico An increasing number of government leaders, architects, urban planners, transportation officials, and economic Read More »

  • 2012-05-24 General Motors’ Innovator Britta Ross

    General Motors’ Innovator Britta Gross to Keynote International Parking Institute Conference in Phoenix, June 10-13 (Fredericksburg, VA) May 24, 2012 – How are plug-in electric vehicles changing consumers and their expectations of parking? Do we fully grasp the big picture implications of electric car technology? Few are better equipped to Read More »

  • Why Parking Matters – 2015 White Paper

    Explains why parking and the expertise of parking professionals are integral to the future of cities. Why Parking Matters – 2015 White Paper

  • What’s What in Parking Technology 2015

    Glossary of nearly 100 parking technology terms and definitions, from Access Control to Waiting List. What’s What in Parking Technology 2015

  • Tale of Two Cities Smart Parking Infographic

    Illustrated comparison of a city with and without smart parking solutions. Tale of Two Cities Smart Parking Infographic

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    EMV and Parking White Paper

    Developed by IPI and the Smart Card Alliance, the publication offers parking-related guidance and recommendations on managing EMV chip-based payments. EMV and Parking White Paper

  • DOE Workplace Charging Challenge

    Led by the U.S. Department of Energy, the initiative urges employers to install workplace plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) charging stations. DOE Workplace Charging Challenge

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