CAPP Certification

CAPP is respected worldwide as the leading credential in parking and mobility. 

CAPPs represent the best of the industry advancing the profession and leading with innovation, professionalism, and expertise.  The CAPP designation assures stakeholders (employers, regulators, consumers, and the public) that the credentialed professional has demonstrated an established level of industry-specific knowledge. CAPP stands for Certified Administrator of Public Parking, but since it embodies all industry sectors it is simply known as CAPP.

Eligibility and Application

Discover the requirements to earn your CAPP, including work experience and eligibility .  Transitional members who meet criteria are encouraged to apply.  Check out these quick ways to Kick-start Your CAPP.

Preparing for your CAPP Exam

Get the resources you need to prepare, including the Candidate Handbook, references, the CAPP practice exam, and more. Learn more about recent content changes here.

CAPP Resources 

Get the resources you need to prepare, including the Candidate Handbook, references, the CAPP practice exam, and more.  IPMI has provided everything you need to get started!  Visit the resources page and contact us at with any questions.



Got a question? We have answers! Access the updated CAPP Frequently Asked Questions.

2021 CAPP Events

Free Upcoming CAPP Events

2021 CAPP Recertification Events

2021 CAPP Recertification Events

  • September 2021:  CAPP Recertification Webinar
  • October 15, 2021:  CAPP Recertification Due for 2022 recertificants




Recertification occurs every three years on January 1.  Earn and document 20 recertification points every three years to maintain your credential.  Some quick links to get you started:

Scholarships that Support Our Members

The William Voigt CAPP Scholarship is available to eligible industry professionals pursuing their CAPP credential.  Download the scholarship form and details. 

CAPP Mentor Program

The CAPP Mentor program strengthens leadership skills and supports future parking, transportation, and mobility leaders as they prepare to become CAPP credentialed.

CAPP Certification Board

The CAPP Certification Board, is elected by CAPPs in good standing and provides leadership for the CAPP Program.  The Board is active in all aspects of the program, from strategic guidance to candidate support.

The CAPP Credential

The CAPP credential is a program of IPMI and is administered through the independent CAPP Certification Board of IPMI in cooperation with the University of Virginia.