Volunteer Opportunities

Make your mark on IPMI and the profession - and build your career and network. 

As an IPMI member, volunteer to contribute to activities that advance the profession and our community.  Volunteers gain experience, connect with their peers, and contribute to strategic IPMI initiatives on the most critical issues and trends in our industry. (Not a member? Join or renew today.)

Connect with us at membership@parking-mobility.org to find out more about opportunities and how to engage in industry projects. 

Reap the benefits of expanding connections, and leverage career advancement opportunities:

  • Build your professional network by forging lasting relationships with thousands of volunteers and professionals worldwide.
  • Develop and sharpen vital new skills, including leadership, collaboration and teambuilding. Plus, earn CAPP points.
  • Leverage opportunities to develop your personal leadership skills while making a difference in your profession, community, and life.
  • By submitting my interest as an IPMI volunteer, I agree to abide by IPMI's Confidentiality and Anti-Trust Policies.

Committees, Task Forces, and Volunteer Groups

Accredited Parking Organization (APO) Working Group

The APO Working Group is tasked with reviewing and updating the benchmarking criteria in the APO Matrix, the primary document guiding applicants through accreditation. Volunteers review existing criteria and suggest improvements to the categories, required criteria, and additional criteria needed to document excellence in parking, transportation, and mobility operations.

Commitment: Volunteers commit to 100 percent participation to review the APO Matrix according to the proposed timeline and criteria over a two-month period. Virtual meetings will be scheduled to discuss, revise, and develop an updated version of the matrix over a three-month period proposed from November 2022 to January 2023.

Awards & Recognition Committee


Awards of Excellence: Judges select winners in each category based upon published criteria. Judges are experienced professionals in their field, in addition to planners, engineers, architects, and marketing professionals. The program includes projects, programs, and marketing campaigns and judges review submissions and share their expertise to select Excellence and Merit winners.

Professional Recognition Award: Judges review nominations and select winners of the annual awards recognizing excellence in multiple categories, including the Industry Professional of the Year, Organization of the Year, Emerging Leader of the Year, and Professional Excellence Awards.

Commitment: Judges commit to 100 percent participation to score entries according to the established criteria over the two-month period. Virtual meetings are held to review criteria and judge submissions, typically November to January.

Conference Program Task Force


The Conference Program Task Force reviews and ranks speaker submissions through the Call for Presentations for the annual IPMI Conference & Expo.  Active CAPPs and other professional designations, e.g., AIA, PE, LEED AP, PMP, etc., are encouraged to submit.

Commitment: Volunteers commit to 100 percent participation and rate a minimum of 40 submissions each.  Volunteers are fielded from experienced parking, transportation, and mobility professionals across all industry segments. Active CAPPs or other professional designations, e.g., AIA, PE, LEED AP, PMP, etc., are encouraged to join.

Education Development Committee


The Education Development Committee delivers and evaluates professional development training opportunities in alignment with the CAPP Role Delineation Study. Active CAPPs or other professional designations, e.g., AIA, PE, LEED AP, PMP, etc., are encouraged to join this committee.  Volunteers contribute content for IPMI and the United States Green Building Council/Green Building Certification Institute.

Commitment: The committee typically hosts monthly conference calls during the two‐year cycle with dedicated subcommittees to address specific projects.

Electric Vehicles (EV) Readiness Cohort

The EV Cohort specializes in planning, research, and innovation industry-wide to create partnerships and resources that enable IPMI members to prepare for and accommodate anticipated needs and requirements to support EVs across all segments of the industry.

Commitment: The small working group will develop targeted and impactful resources of benefit to IPMI members relative to the challenge and opportunities around electrification, which may include publications, white papers, readiness planning tools, and educational content.  Volunteers with specialized experience on the topic from a variety of backgrounds will be tasked with significant content development, outreach, and authorship.

Parking & Mobility Magazine Focus Group

This group will serve as a thought leadership focus group/think tank to develop topics and author ideas for articles to suit the editorial calendar for Parking & Mobility magazine.

Commitment: Meet quarterly to discuss Parking & Mobility editorial calendar and keep current on the most relevant and up-to-date subject matter and subject matter experts. Volunteers may be asked to help connect the editor with contacts in their field of expertise. This is a thought leadership group only – no direct writing will be involved.

Parking & Mobility Magazine Ask the Experts Contributor List

Contributors receive the Ask the Experts question for Parking & Mobility. If the question is in your area of expertise, volunteers share a thoughtful, responsive answer with our members that will get them thinking, and hopefully give them a new perspective on the topic. Serving as a contributor allows you to share your knowledge and become a well-known thought leader.

Commitment: Volunteers will be sent the Ask the Experts question with a five-day minimum turnaround time to respond. Contributors are not expected to answer every question, only those that apply to subjects within their realm of expertise.

Parksmart Pilot Working Group

Shape the Future of Parksmart

IPMI volunteers are working together with USGBC experts and staff to gather research on the Parksmart program to develop the next version of the certification to align more closely to LEED; revisit criteria, points, and documentation requirements; streamline the process; and explore a campus/multi-site approach.

Planning, Design & Construction Committee

The Planning, Design and Construction Committee explores issues and develops projects, providing technical expertise on the role and specifics of planning, architecture, engineering, construction, and real estate, including the design and adaptation of new and future facilities with a focus on technology and mobility.

Commitment: The committee hosts regular conference calls from October to May/June during the two‐year cycle. Members contribute to collaborative articles and projects on the planning, architecture, engineering, construction, and real estate.

Smart Transportation Task Force

The Smart Transportation Task Force identifies trends and critical issues in the industry, focusing on the evolution of technology-enabled mobility as it relates to parking and transportation, with a special focus on cities, universities, and other mobility ecosystems.

Commitment: The task force hosts quarterly meetings during the two‐year cycle addressing projects of interest in alignment with IPMI’s strategic initiatives.  The task force will collaborate to develop best practices and case studies in mobility ecosystems to educate members and the industry at large.

Sustainable Mobility Task Force


The Sustainable Mobility Task Force creates and investigates projects and programs that educate, inform, and benefit the parking, transportation, and mobility industry regarding sustainable mobility. Volunteers contribute to Parking & Mobility magazine, develop collaborative articles, education, and content.

Commitment: The task force hosts regular meetings from October to May/June during the two‐year cycle, with dedicated subcommittees to address specific projects.

Technology Committee


The Technology Committee provides education on cutting‐edge technology, how to implement that technology, and best practices on leveraging multiple technologies as the industry advances and evolves. The committee develops and presents high-visibility educational sessions, including an annual presentation offered to State and Regional Associations, a national webinar, and online courses. Volunteers contribute to collaborative articles, presentations and publications, and additional areas of research.

Commitment: Volunteers commit to a high level of participation, attending monthly meetings and developing content and resources in additional working groups.  The committee hosts monthly conference calls from October to May/June.  Volunteers will be fielded from experts across all market segments to ensure a diverse and representative group.  Volunteers with research and presentation experience are encouraged to submit.

State & Regional Associations Committee

The State & Regional Associations Committee provides a working group of liaisons and a platform to share information and best practices among IPMI’s allied state and regional associations and their leadership. Liaisons are selected by the individual SRAs to participate and share their experience.

Partner Organization Volunteer Opportunities

Alliance for Parking Data Standards

The Alliance for Parking Data Standards (APDS), formed by the International Parking & Mobility Institute (IPMI), the British Parking Association (BPA), and the European Parking Association (EPA), is a not-for-profit organization with the mission to develop, promote, manage, and maintain a uniform global standard that will allow organizations to share parking data across platforms worldwide. Submit to volunteer online here.

Accessible Parking Coalition Volunteers

The Accessible Parking Coalition (APC) Advisory Council assigns subject matter experts to projects that address issues related to making parking more accessible and create topic visibility to educate members and the larger industry community on all IPMI platforms.  Submit to volunteer online with the APC.