Navigating the Parking Industry’s “Jump the Shark” Moments


By Katherine Beaty

In the vast landscape of the parking industry, certain decisions have earned the dubious distinction of “jumping the shark.” For those who remember the iconic show, Happy Days, the pejorative signifies a moment when a creative endeavor takes a drastic misstep, leading to a decline in quality. In this blog post, let’s explore some of the parking industry’s questionable choices, past and present.

One classic example of a decision that might have “jumped the shark” in the parking industry is the introduction of the “Ghost Kitchen” concept. The genesis of the idea stemmed from the assumption that the plethora of underutilized parking lots held untapped potential for culinary ventures. However, reality struck hard when it became apparent that these seemingly overlooked spaces were vacant for a reason – a lack of traffic.

The flaw in the Ghost Kitchen concept lies in its oversight of the typical reason behind underutilized parking lots. These areas typically suffer from a lack of footfall and adding a kitchen to such remote locations highlighted the problem. It is a stark reminder that not every vacant space is a golden opportunity waiting to be seized. The lack of thorough due diligence before implementing such an idea proved to be a critical misjudgment.

Reflecting now on the Ghost Kitchen concept as a part of recent parking industry history prompts us to ponder other instances where decisions may have “jumped the shark.” It serves as a reminder that foresight and a deep understanding of the dynamics at play are crucial when contemplating innovative solutions. By learning from past mistakes, the industry can navigate its challenges with greater wisdom, ensuring a smoother ride into the future.

Katherine Beaty is Vice President of Implementation with Tez Technology. She can be reached at