What Flyers Need to Know About Airport Parking in a Pandemic

Not a lot of people are traveling by plane right now but parking is still top of mind for those who are. In response, Forbes this weekend ran a piece about what flyers can expect when they go to park their cars. “The COVID pandemic has changed the way you Read More »

Hold On–Let Me Overthink This

By Rita Pagan Feeling like every decision you make lately is questionable? I feel especially doubtful of my decision-making abilities when it comes to the health and education of my children during this pandemic. And just like my mug, I’m OK with just being “okayest” right now to help with Read More »

California Announces Plan to Ban New Gas-powered Car Sales by 2035

California Gov. Gavin Newsom said yesterday his state will decrease the number of gasoline-powered vehicles sold there until only zero-emissions cars and trucks are allowed for sale in just 15 years. He hopes all heavy-duty trucks sold there will be be zero-emissions 10 years after that, he said. Last year, Read More »

IPMI News: CAPP Offers Remote and In-Person Testing for Ease of Access

CAPP Offers Remote and In-Person Testing for Ease of Access IPMI is pleased to announce that CAPP Candidates can test for their CAPP Exam safely from their own home. As we all respond to COVID-19, IPMI is offering a new and additional way to move forward with testing safely, reliably Read More »

Back to School

By Brett Wood CAPP, PE The weather outside is starting to change, ushering in cooler and more palatable temperatures. That’s usually a sign that students are heading back to college and my favorite sport (college football) is about to kick off. While these things are happening, it’s obviously a slightly Read More »

Recruiting Professionals into Parking: A Conversation

“I fell into parking.” “I never thought I’d work in this industry.” We hear it all the time–longtime parking and mobility professionals say they never saw themselves in this industry but loved it once they fell or backed into it. But what if there was a concerted effort to make Read More »

Forbes: Considering Limited-access Parking for Autonomous Vehicles

Limited-access highways, which offer high-speed roadway without much interaction with adjoining property or areas, are considered a great proving ground for autonomous vehicles, allowing them to travel quickly while minimizing the potential for accidents. Today, Forbes wonders if a similar concept would be prudent for parking lots, which may present Read More »

Up, Up, and Away

By Shawn Conrad, CAE It sounds surreal to say this but I just flew on a commercial flight for the first time in six months. With a family member recovering from surgery, I was needed on the West Coast and looked forward to doing something I did numerous times every Read More »

Ask the Experts: The Future of Micro-mobility

Experts say micro-mobility will emerge as a major form of transportation, especially in cities and on campuses, as we re-open after COVID-19. How do you think the industry could best take advantage of this trend? That’s the question we posed to our Ask the Experts panel for the September issue of Parking Read More »

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

By Tiffany Smith Emotional intelligence (EI) is incredibly complex and incredibly simple. When this became a buzzword of sorts a number of years ago, I immediately became intrigued. I consider myself both emotional and intelligent; I thought, this is a perfect adjective for my brand. Emotional intelligence is defined as Read More »