Parking: A DIY Fail: Want parking and mobility to work? Bring in the pros.

By Rita Azrelyant I LOVE DO-IT-YOURSELF (DIY) PROJECTS. I see so many fabulous posts on Etsy, Pinterest, and Instagram of handcrafted jewelry, artisan cakes, and animal-inspired bento lunch boxes, and I think to myself, “I can do that! How hard can it be?” Well, it’s pretty hard because my inspirations Read More »

The Artist’s Canvas: The unique story of the Miami Design District Museum Garage

By Timothy Haahs, PE, AIA and Javier Sanchez, AIA One of the most highly anticipated retail and cultural developments in recent memory is finally here. Appropriately located in Miami, Fla., the Miami Design District is one of the most exclusive and vibrant destinations we’ve seen created in years—the brainchild of Read More »

Parking Under the Canals: An innovative garage offers plenty of parking in an unused space—under water.

By Bas Symons and Dirk van Weelden IN THE 1970s, parking problems in the older neighborhoods of Amsterdam were so severe that cars were left on the sidewalks. People had to negotiate their way around them to get to the store or the tram stop, there was little opportunity for Read More »

Collision Course: The intersection of technology, parking, and freight can be a messy one. But it doesn’t have to be and everybody can win.

By Richard B. Easley, CAPP TECHNOLOGY FOR PARKING IS CHANGING THINGS FOR THE BETTER—but technology isn’t only making parking better; it’s creating a sea change in consumerism worldwide. I’ll tell you a story that may not seem like it’s connected to parking, but if we open our eyes, we’ll see Read More »

Aesthetic Revolution: San Antonio’s new Tobin Center Garage serves many purposes with style

THE NEW TOBIN CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS opened in 2014 and revolutionized the arts scene in downtown San Antonio, Texas, bringing an influx of people to an area of town that already had limited parking. As a result, just a short walk away from its namesake, the Tobin Center Read More »

Parking Spotlight: The Sweet Smell Of Success: Arizona State University Leads The Way

By Shasta Philpot HOW DO YOU EFFICIENTLY MANAGE A PARKING PROGRAM for a university with 11 parking facilities spread across four campuses, and that serves more than 100,000 students? Obviously it’s a monumental task. Arizona State University Parking and Transit Services (PTS) has found that the secret of success can Read More »

The Business of Parking: Roll Camera: It’s Time To Add Video to Your Marketing

By Bill Smith, APR IN THE 21st CENTURY, everyone is a photographer and we all have the tools at our disposal to be filmmakers. When I was a kid, the thought of making movies was the stuff of dreams. Sure, some of our parents had 8 mm film cameras and Read More »

Financial Matters: Answering Questions on Socially Responsible Investing

By Mark A. Vergenes A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE TALKING about socially responsible investing. More and more Americans want to direct their investing dollars to­ward companies that promote social, environmental, or even political concerns. Even if a company is not mission-directed to a single cause, fewer people are comfortable investing Read More »

Mobility & Tech: Data-Driven Better Communities

By Jeff Petry OUR ROLE AS PARKING PROFESSIONALS ALLOWS US TO MEET, work, and make a difference with community members, neighborhoods, and businesses every day. We leverage these relationships to enhance economic development and strengthen neighborhood livability. In deliv­ering parking and transportation services, we combine modern and classic technology to Read More »

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