How Close Knit We Are

By Victor Hill, CAPP, MPA A running theme in our industry is just how tight knit we are, whether we compete for customers or work together to solve common problems. And then there was the time I reconnected with an old friend I hadn’t seen in more than 20 years. Read More »

Toeing the Line on Towing: Balancing Parking Enforcement and Homelessness

By Allison von Ebers, Kris Becker, Jacque West, and Kirstin Davis Like many jurisdictions, Spokane, Washington’s 311 system receives complaints about inhabited RVs and vehicles in neighborhoods on a daily basis. Waste, garbage, and noise can cause neighbors to call and file complaints with the Police Department and Code Enforcement. Read More »

Negative Online Reviews: What’s Really Going On?

By Melonie Curry, MBA Don’t we all cringe when we see that negative review on Facebook or Google? Because a driver made the choice to ignore the sign, we are now scammers and money grabbers. As an organization that issues parking citations, too many limit their reviews of our services Read More »

Safe Parking for Vehicle Residents Grows

Arvada, Colo., is the latest municipality to offer safe, overnight parking for people living in their vehicles as homelessness grows. Colorado Safe Parking Initiative runs several lots in the state, mostly around Denver, to provide sheltered places for overnight parking and sleeping. It’s a growing trend throughout the U.S., with Read More »

Where Did They Go?

By Kathleen Federici, MEd Recently, I have had several experiences that will not be new to most everyone reading this. Restaurants in my area are now closed certain days of the week, children’s activities and amusements closed on certain days, even our local gardens and zoos are now closed one Read More »

How U.S. Cities Can Learn from Smart City Innovations in Europe

By David Parker European cities tend to be forward-thinking on smart city topics, including smart parking. For example, the City of Cologne, Germany has deployed the world’s most comprehensive turn-by-turn parking guidance system, leading the way for cities globally to grow revenues while reducing vehicle minutes traveled, traffic congestion, and Read More »

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion In The Age of Mobility

By Marcía L. Alvarado, PE For as long as it’s been around, urban planning has failed to sufficiently consider diversity, equity, inclusion, and impact. Historically “groundbreaking” urban planning trends, however well-intentioned, negatively impacted and disrupted the lives of marginalized groups. Although implemented 100 years ago, exclusionary zoning laws created to Read More »

Industry Disconnect: Cutting Edge vs. Reality

By Kevin White, CAPP, AICP I fear there may be a disconnect developing between a lot of parking and mobility industry discourse around new, “cutting edge” technology and many municipalities and parking operations across the United States and beyond. It seems every time I turn around, there are new vendors Read More »

Making Fun a Part of the Parking Equation

Making Fun a Part of the Parking Equation By Andrew Sachs, CAPP When people think of parking, “fun” doesn’t usually come to mind. But it could–and it should. As parking managers, it’s easy to be dazzled by numbers. How many parkers do you see in a day? How long do Read More »

D.C. Considers Shrinking Residential Permit Parking Zones

Washington, D.C. is considering breaking up its residential parking permit zones. Under a D.C. Council bill, the city’s current eight zones would become 41, reducing the area where residents could park with permits. Currently, D.C. residents may park anywhere in the city wards where they live. Under the new system, Read More »