IPMI’s Parking Garage Safety Symposium Links and References

Here are just a few selected IPMI events, resources, and trainings related to parking garage safety and operations:

  • Visit IPMI’s library of on-demand education on asset management and safety.
  • A Guide to Parking: IPMI’s textbook for the industry, A Guide to Parking, provides information on the current state of parking, providing professionals with an overview on major areas of parking, transportation, and mobility industry.
  • IPMI Annual Conference & Expo, June 11-14, 2023, Fort Worth offers a comprehensive education program, specialized pre-Conference Courses, and expert suppliers and consultants on the largest expo floor in parking and mobility. Advance rates end May 22!
  • Sign up for IPMI’s free CAPP Track, and you will receive monthly updates on resources, free programs, and more. Let us share the journey to CAPP with you and take the next step in your career in the parking, transportation, and mobility industry.

We’ve asked our presenters to share additional references to expand your knowledge of the safety considerations in planning, design, construction, maintenance and operations: