IPMI Releases Electric Vehicle Readiness Resource Guide

March 29, 2024

Landmark IPMI Electric Vehicle Readiness Resource Guide shares critical benchmarks on industry preparedness and charging adoption to support national electrification initiatives.

About the 2024 IPMI EV Readiness Resource Guide
The 2023 IPMI Electric Vehicle Readiness Survey captured insights and benchmarks on the current state of EV readiness, electric vehicle supply equipment and fleet deployment industry wide.

The Cohort aggregated responses to develop IPMI's new 2024 Electric Vehicle Readiness Resource Guide. The guide offers key benchmarks, market-specific approaches, best practices, and illustrative case studies that dive into critical details and lessons learned. The guide will assist parking, transportation, and mobility owners and operators in meeting demand and efficiently deploying and enhancing EV initiatives as essential infrastructure to support transportation electrification efforts across the nation.

Download the guide here free.

Background, Industry Role, and Additional Resources
EVs and charging infrastructure are poised to transform the parking, transportation, and mobility industry. The launch of the NEVI program, along with federal, state, and local funding, policies, and programs, represents a generational opportunity for the industry to play a pivotal role to plan, deploy, and maintain required charging infrastructure to advance the adoption of EVs and electrification across the nation.

“The adoption of electric vehicles for both patrons and fleets in parking, transportation, and mobility represents a sea change in our industry,” said Shawn Conrad, CAE, CEO of the International Parking & Mobility Institute (IPMI). “The NEVI program, along with the multitude of federal, state, and local incentives, will help support this massive initiative nationwide towards smarter cities, greener infrastructure, and greater mobility options. The International Parking & Mobility Institute has launched this survey and several programs in the areas of electrification and EV readiness for our members and the industry at large. We look forward to advancing EV adoption throughout our membership to the benefit of our members, our communities, and the nation.”

Gary Means, CAPP, IPMI Board Chair shared his perspective on our role as an organization to shape the industry's guidelines on deploying additional EV capacity: "IPMI initiated the EV Readiness Survey to collect critical data to help our members assess their readiness to deploy charging capacity for patrons and the greater communities that we serve. We are dedicated to driving the industry forward to create greater mobility choices, including support for electric vehicles. Results will be used to develop research and resources that help professionals prepare for anticipated demand, as well as enhanced services for fleets.  We encourage you to respond and share the survey with your networks so we can maximize our impact to support electrification and greater sustainability programs and policies."

About IPMI

The International Parking & Mobility Institute (IPMI) is the world’s largest association of professionals in parking, transportation, and mobility — professionals who keep all of us moving. IPMI works to advance the parking and mobility profession through professional development, research and data collection, advocacy, and outreach.

IPMI is a proud member and active supporter of the CHARGE Coalition, as well as an Strategic Partner to the United States Green Building Council, Green Business Certification Institute, and the Parksmart Program, the only rating system of its kind to certify high-performing, sustainable parking structures alongside the suite of LEED rating systems.

About the EV Readiness Cohort

The IPMI EV Readiness Cohort specializes in planning, research, and innovation industry-wide to create partnerships and resources that enable IPMI members to prepare for and accommodate anticipated needs and requirements to support EVs across all segments of the industry. The small expert working group develops targeted and impactful resources of benefit to IPMI members relative to the challenge and opportunities around electrification.

Following analysis and benchmarking based on survey data, the Cohort will develop a series of essential resources to guide industry electrification, including a new educational program sharing best practices and survey results.