DownloadThe International Parking Institute (IPI) has launched a new initiative focused on parking analytics and benchmarking. Designed to advance the parking profession by collecting, aggregating, and publishing data, this series offers Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the industry.

Parking and transportation organizations are collecting and studying KPIs as a tool for more effective management of limited resources. IPI is taking the next step to publish industry benchmarks and KPIs that can be used to evaluate and compare your parking organization to others in the industry. As the largest and leading parking organization in the world, IPI is uniquely positioned to lead in this research. This inaugural survey captured data from over 1 million spaces, representing $1.34 billion in revenue.

This inaugural survey is a vital first step to collect specific data on our members and our industry. Organization types surveyed included airport, college, corporate, event center, hospital, municipal, and transportation organizations. IPI will expand the survey in 2016 to include commercial operators, suppliers, and consultants. IPI will take the research gained in this initiative and grow this series it in successive surveys.

Survey respondents answered a series of questions designed to capture industry KPIs:

  • Select the type of organization that most closely matches your parking operation.
  • Approximately how many full-time employees work in your parking operation?
  • Approximately how many total parking spaces do you own, operate, or directly manage?
  • What was your annual gross parking revenue for parking operations for 2015?
  • What is your anticipated annual gross parking revenue for parking operations for 2016?
  • Approximately how many total parking citations were issued in your parking operation in 2015?

 Park Your Data Here

 Our members are the most vibrant and successful parking organizations across the globe. Add your data to the mix! To participate in our industry survey, visit for a link to the survey, and look for the next publication in the series in September 2016.

Data analyzed by T2 Pathfinder.

Download the first in the series here, and click here to participate.