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British Parking Association Annual Conference 2020: Brave New World

BPA Annual Conference 2020: Brave New World

The British Parking Association is proud to present an event unlike any other during its 50-year history: its first online annual conference

Three days. Three internationally renowned keynote speakers. Three thought leadership workshops. The launch of three new initiatives. And three membership-led sessions exploring the ‘new now’ and beyond. Take a virtual step, together, towards this Brave New World.

FREE to attend, build your own conference experience and register for the sessions you want to be a part of now!

Review the programme and get registered for the sessions that are of interest via our interactive booking schedule (scroll down the page the view).


Conference landing page inkling interactive booking schedule:  https://www.britishparking.co.uk/Annual-Conference-2020

Full Conference programme: https://www.britishparking.co.uk/write/Documents/Events/Annual%20Conference/Annual_Conference_2020_Programme_LIVE.pdf

See You Monday!

Virtual ConferenceWhat a long, strange year it’s been so far, but things are starting to look up. And we at IPMI are excited to see our parking and mobility industry friends online Monday for the 2020 IPMI Parking & Mobility Virtual Conference & Expo—#IPMI2020. It’s not the same as in person and we wish we were all shaking hands and hugging for real, but the virtual conference platform is fantastic, with lots of opportunity for human connections (along with all the great sessions, keynotes, GameChangers, and the Expo—wait until you see the Expo!).

If you haven’t signed up, visit ipmi.parking-mobility.org to browse the schedule, explore the list of exhibitors, and register. When the live event is over, you’ll still have access to all of it for a full year, and we think that’s a pretty cool perk.

The blog will return after the event next week. In the meantime, we’ll see you online Monday morning!

Real-life Connections in a Virtual World

How not to suck at virtual networkingBy Kim Fernandez

Raise your hand if big-event networking can be a little overwhelming.

Now raise it if the thought of that same networking during a virtual event makes your head hurt a little bit.

I thought so.

As it turns out—and this was news to me—virtual networking is a very big thing. You can absolutely attend an online event and come away with the same valuable contacts you’d make face to face (slightly awkward small talk optional).

Take a minute and a half (seriously) and check out this video that offers some great tips to set yourself up to expand your contact list and make great industry connections while you attend an event (say, the 2020 IPMI Virtual Parking & Mobility Conference & Expo June 1-2, not that I’m biased) from home. Get your note-taking pen ready—the takeaways are plentiful and fast.

I’m looking forward to connecting with more people than ever during my next virtual event. Wanna race me?

Kim Fernandez is IPMI’s director of publications and editor of Parking & Mobility magazine, and now an enthusiastic advocate of virtual networking.

Reassessing Mobility Technology

Technology business professional developmentBy John Nolan, CAPP, MSM

Why do we spend so much money on business technology? We do so to help leverage our operations and improve business outcomes. These outcomes include our ability to deliver timely and accurate information—information that improves service outcomes but at the same time increases customer expectations.

Technology, like any product, is subject to the lifecycle effect. The product lifecycle is broken into four stages: development, growth, maturity, and decline. The process of strategizing ways to continuously support and maintain a product that avoids decline is called product lifecycle management. Within this management cycle exits the ability for competent management to extend and improve technology’s impact on their operation. When technology companies fail to understand or recognize where they are in that lifecycle realm, it often results in competitors or outside influencers jumping into the market and leaving them behind.

As a managing director of 12 various service departments, the ongoing assessing of various technologies is critical to delivering system performance that is essential to high-quality outcomes.

Within our parking organizations, parking leadership must constantly keep in mind the process of total quality management (TQM) and continuous quality improvement (CQI). Research within the marketplace to improve our condition, impose project discipline, and promote better communication through data and metrics is critical to performance excellence.

Amazon’s recent quarterly report significantly beat analysts’ expectations. The No. 1 factor the market cited was their switch to one-day service. The investment they made last year in managing their service lifecycle is now beginning to pay big dividends and once again challenging the marketplace for service dominance.

It’s very important that as parking professionals, we continuously engage with ourselves and our teams to understand what technologies in the market will improve our operation, especially when vendors are unresponsive. And, it’s important to not be afraid to make changes that improve our operation and our customers’ experience, even when it’s easier to continue with the status quo.

John Nolan, CAPP, MSM, is managing director of transportation services at Harvard University. He will present on this topic during the 2020 IPMI Virtual Parking & Mobility Conference & Expo, June 1-2, wherever you are. Click here for details and to register.