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Member News: Nashville International Airport Chooses Park Assist

ParkAssist News 2020 06 26 Nashville international AirportNASHVILLE, TN – June 25th, 2020 – Park Assist® has been awarded the Parking Guidance System (PGS) contract for Nashville International Airport (BNA). As one of the fastest-growing airports, BNA’s increased traffic and added service have created a demand for a new parking solution that can handle a heavy volume of travelers. Park Assist’s M4 smart-sensor system was built to improve both garage efficiency and customer satisfaction, as such BNA elected to install this PGS in two of its garages. Park Assist’s first installation is complete and the second project is underway.

After a competitive RFP process to secure the most qualified PGS vendor, Park Assist was awarded the opportunity to be part of BNA’s continued expansion by adding the latest parking technology to its garages. Park Assist’s proprietary M4 PGS and digital wayfinding signage offer BNA visitors advanced guidance from entry to exit. The color-coded M4 smart-sensor system seamlessly guides parkers through the facility to vacant spaces using red and green lights to indicate occupancy, guaranteeing reduced search and park times, and decreased traffic.

This installation will also include several of Park Assist’s advanced software add-ons, such as Find Your CarPark Alerts, and Park Surveillance. Park Assist’s unique Find Your Car feature, created with the customer experience in mind, enables travelers to quickly locate their vehicle upon returning to the facility by entering all or part of their license plate number into a Park Assist kiosk or mobile app.

Park Assist’s Park Alerts and Park Surveillance software add-ons were designed to help increase control and security in the garage. The Park Alerts software extension allows parking management to set automated rules and alerts that help staff enforce policies and remain informed about parking abuse and policy violations within the garage, while Park Assist’s Park Surveillance module enables the M4 sensors to capture streaming video of any movement in or around parking bays. Because the M4 cameras have unobstructed views of each parking bay, as well as the space in between vehicles, they can successfully capture all action in the garage, serving as a proven deterrent of theft and other criminal behaviors.

“Nashville International Airport has been an incredible site for us as we continue to expand our projects in the airport sector and the Nashville market. This is our second major project with the airport and we are delighted to be a part of the BNA vision to help renovate its facility and deliver the best experience for all airport visitors,” said Thomas Alexander, National Channel Manager.

Partnering with GC Messer Construction, site installation is scheduled for completion by the end of June.

About Park Assist
Park Assist® is the parking industry’s leading camera-focused innovator with the most camera-based parking guidance installations in the world. Our patented technology helps customers effortlessly find parking spaces in real-time as well as find their cars when they return. Simultaneously, we provide parking operators with tools to improve customer satisfaction, create new revenue opportunities, realize greater operational control, capture parker analytics, and expand CCTV capabilities. Park Assist is part of the TKH Group (Euronext: TWEKA), a $1.8 billion publicly traded company headquartered in the Netherlands. For more information, visit www.parkassist.com.

Katie Rodenhiser
Global Marketing Manager


Member News: Flowbird Unveils ‘Park & Sanitize’ Solution to Support Communities Emerging from COVID-19 Lockdown

Flowbird Group Park & SanitizeJune 26th, 2020

Moorestown, NJ —  Flowbird has launched a ‘no touch’ automatic hand sanitizer technology to help safeguard potentially millions of motorists and transport passengers around the world in conjunction with reduced COVID-19 lockdowns.

The company has developed ‘Park & Sanitize’ – a contactless hydroalcoholic gel dispenser that attaches to Flowbird parking pay stations and transport ticket vending machines and provides hand sanitizer on demand to help combat the risks associated with coronavirus. The system is automatically triggered once a transaction is complete and a sensor releases a pre-set dosage of gel when hands are placed underneath the unit.

Flowbird partners with more than 5,000 customers in 80 countries around the world, with over 100 million people interacting with the company’s mobility solutions every week. As such, Flowbird is ideally placed to support urban centers, university campuses, and parks locations with measures that will help citizens adapt to a post-lockdown environment.

“As lockdowns start to ease, urban authorities and operators will look to innovators such as Flowbird to help them reassure communities by making daily routines, such as parking a car or riding a bus, train, tram or ferry, as easy and safe as possible,” said Bertrand Barthelemy, Flowbird Group’s president.

“Park & Sanitize, it’s an innovation that will help cities and operators build confidence among people who need to travel for work, for family, or other reasons”, said Barthelemy.

Authorities will be able to monitor sanitizer volumes remotely through Flowbird’s back-office management system and replenish gel as needed.

Park & Sanitize aims to provide confidence for customers. The product, the first of its kind, is an important addition to the Flowbird portfolio, which also includes remote payment options for parking and travel, such as the Flowbird app or account-based ticketing.

Flowbird has been at the forefront of urban intelligence for more than 60 years, developing innovative and inclusive solutions to help towns and cities manage traffic flows, improve access to public transit and enhance the end-user experience. Each year, the company invests between 8% to 10% of revenue in research and development – Park & Sanitize is one of the latest examples of its commitment to value-added innovation.


Flowbird US Media Contact

Sean Renn – Vice President of Marketing & Communications


About Flowbird Group:

Flowbird Group is helping customers to push the boundaries of innovation in transportation hardware, software, sensor systems, machine-learning and AI, information security and mobile development.

Every week around the world, thanks to our pay stations, mobile applications and online services, we contribute to improving the living environment of our 100 million users by helping to reduce air pollution, optimize traffic, simplify payments and make cities more secure and economically dynamic.


Member News: EVgo Announces EVgo Access®

June 11, 2020

EVgo is pleased to announce the launch of a new proprietary product that enables gated, pay-to-park lots to host EVgo fast charging stations, called EVgo Access®. EVgo’s new cloud-based system offers seamless management of EV charging for parking garage operators – and is compatible with both Smart-gate and non Smart-gate solutions – while offering easy entry and exit for EV drivers using a simple QR code.

Good news for prospective site hosts: gated parking lots and garages can now host EVgo fast charging stations!

EVgo Access®, a brand-new product feature available on the EVgo app, gives EVgo customers access to fast chargers located within gated facilities using a simple QR code.

This feature is the latest demonstration of EVgo’s commitment to making it as easy as possible to drive – and charge – an electric vehicle in the United States. This cloud-based system is compatible with both Smart-gate and non Smart-gate solutions, making it possible for pay-to-park lots to host EVgo charging stations. With no additional fees to deter drivers, EVgo Access offers easy entry and exit for EV drivers and easy management of EV charging for parking garage operators.

The first EVgo Access station is located in the Aladdin Airport Parking garage in downtown San Diego. This lot, EVgo’s first in downtown San Diego, enables visitors to the city’s sites and to San Diego International Airport easy and convenient access to fast charging – and offers 10 EVgo fast chargers now available for use.

EVgo App to Enter

For more information, please read our recent announcement.

Interested in Hosting an EVgo Fast Charging Station?
EVgo owns and operates our fast charging network, so we cover all costs associated with building and installing a fast charging station, as well as ongoing maintenance. Hosting a fast charging station is a proven way to drive value for parking operators, with increased traffic and occupancy and no out-of-pocket expenses. Consider hosting an EVgo fast charging station in YOUR lot!

Click here to learn more about partnering with EVgo.


IPI Webinar: Suicide in Parking Facilities: Prevention, Response and Recovery

On-Demand Archive: $35.00 for IPMI Members, $85.00 for Non-Members


A sad reality of the parking industry is that parking structures are sometimes used for suicides or suicide attempts. According to a 2016 IPI survey of members, half the organizations had experienced a suicide or suicide attempt at one of their parking facilities.

This archived webinar covers a wide range of topics, from installing physical barriers and signage that offers crisis line information to on-the-scene intervention and post-traumatic care for employees and witnesses. It also addresses how to effectively manage media attention that can unintentionally glamorize suicide with tragic consequences.

Join Gary Cudney, PE, of Carl Walker, Inc.; Jim Sayre, CAPP, of the University of Iowa; and Larry Cohen, CAPP, of the Lancaster Parking Authority, for this 60-minute webinar.


  • Understand the risks of suicide in parking structures
  • Learn suicide prevention methods, solutions, and costs, plus the potential costs of doing nothing
  • Glean knowledge from the University of Iowa’s parking structure safety barrier study

All CAPPs and potential CAPP candidates who register and participate will receive 1 point toward their CAPP recertification or CAPP application eligibility requirements.

IPMI On-Demand Webinar: Cracking the Code to Sustaining a Customer Service Culture

On-Demand Webinar Cost: $35.00 for IPMI Members, $85.00 for Non-Members

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In this webinar, the key tactics that can be used to sustain a customer service culture within your organization will be reviewed. The webinar will give you practical solutions to implement with limited time and dollars including: refresher training ideas, reward and recognition program options and mechanisms to create feedback channels with employees that can help to address common customer challenges proactively, so some customer service issues can be avoided altogether.

1. Recognize customer service program components that be motivating and effective within an organization’s workforce;

2. Implement tactics within their own operations to develop and sustain a customer service culture.

Marlyn Group clients ensuring Employee Training, and Organizational Development programs align with operational needs. Vicki has over seventeen years of experience in the parking industry. She is a member of the Green Parking Council Board of Directors, serving as Treasurer. She is also a member of IPMI, where she serves on the Education Development Committee.

IPI Webinar: The Path to APO — Benchmarking Success and Advancing Your Organization — November 16, 2016

On-Demand Archive: $35.00 for IPI Members, $85.00 for Non-Members

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This session will present an overview of the new APO standard, and summarize the range of industry practices and features that are state of the industry in institutional, municipal, medical, university, airport, private, and other parking programs nationally and internationally. This session will review the checklist format that has been developed to document the necessary evidence of compliance with these evolving industry standards. Programs that successfully meet the standards set forth in this assessment process will be certified as exemplifying a solid and well-rounded parking program and exhibiting the key practices supported by IPI, therefore warranting recommendation as having achieved Accredited Parking Organization (APO).

The presentation will focus on an overview of the content in the matrix, as well as the process and best practices to guide an organization through accreditation or any strategic planning or internal TQM process. Discussion will include feedback from the first recipients of the APO designation. Participants will receive electronic copies of the APO Manual for Applicants and the APO Matrix, as well as additional resources.


  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the new IPI Accredited Parking Organization (APO) Program and its meaning, process, and goals
  • Learn about the program’s structure and areas for program assessment, including major aspects in planning, human resources, operations, finance, design and construction, and more.
  • Assess your own organization’s readiness to pursue APO, or utilize the matrix and manual as a tool for strategic planning.


  • Rachel Yoka, CAPP, LEED AP, serves as Vice President of Program Development for IPI, leading the organization in the areas of technology, research, data analytics, and industry accreditation and certification. Rachel serves as the lead at IPI for the Accredited Parking Organization (APO) program, which recognizes excellence in parking organizations according to comprehensive standards.


  • Alejandra (Alex) Argudin, CAPP, LEED AP, is the Chief Operations Officer for the Miami Parking Authority. As COO, she is responsible for the daily operations of one of the largest parking agencies in the State of Florida. She oversees a staff of over 132 employees and an operation that generates well over $45 million in parking revenue.
  • Maria Irshad, CAPP, MPA is the Assistant Director for the Parking Management Division of the City of Houston. Parking Management is responsible for the management of 9,200 metered parking spaces and 19 off-street surface lots; the enforcement of all parking codes and the administration of various permits.
  • Amy Ross, Manager for Parking Systems and Communications, has worked at Cornell University for 28 years, 25 of those with Transportation Services. She has served the department in various roles ranging from customer service to administration. Amy lead her team through the APO process, achieving accreditation in 2015. She is responsible for various transportation system projects focusing mainly on customer self-service opportunities, the most recent example of which is addition of Parkmobile Reservations to their suite of parking options.

On-Demand Archive: $35.00 for IPI Members, $50.00 for Non-Members

IPI Webinar: Transformational Services and Efficiencies

On-Demand Archive: $35.00 for IPMI Members, $85.00 for Non-Members

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This archived webinar will demonstrate great leadership strategies learned from Walt Disney World with specific tactics around strategies for parking and transportation.

As a large commuter school, ease of access and ease of parking remain at the apex of Florida International University (FIU)’s priorities. Following the Great Leadership Strategies model learned from Walt Disney World, FIU developed specific tactics around strategies for parking and transportation, then launched the best of our industry partner’s right-fit technologies to place transformational services at the fingertips of our FIU community.


  • Examine how to estimate future parking needs.
  • Illustrate design strategies linked to performance funding.
  • Use assets to the fullest potential (parking garages and lots are the assets).

Tom Hartley is the Executive Director of the Office of Sustainability and Parking & Transportation at Florida International University. After his 22-year tenure with Walt Disney World, Tom transitioned into the parking industry. Tom holds a Master of Hospitality Administration, a Master of Business Administration-Finance, and is currently pursuing his doctorate in education.

IPMI On-Demand Webinar: Connected Vehicles: Understanding the Revolution

On-Demand Webinar: $35.00 for IPI Members, $85.00 for Non-Members

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Connected Vehicles: Understanding the Revolution is the eighth in a series of parking-specific presentations by IPMI’s Parking Technology Committee. This year’s presentation explores the connected vehicle and its impact on parking. We all hear and see the buzzwords: automated, self-driving, driverless, connected vehicles. But what exactly does it all mean? Will Uber take over the world in 2020? Will parking facilities become less necessary due to the changing landscape? Who pays for a shared vehicle to park, and how? And how does this new technology now being packaged into our vehicles impact the parking industry and your current and future operations?

In this archived webinar, the presenter explores the world of connected vehicles and brings a little order and definition to this emerging landscape, showing what technologies are leading the race to bring standardization to the market while making the customer experience frictionless.


1. Clearly define and describe the different types of connected vehicles, showcasing the applications and impact on customers’ daily lives.
2. Understand the auto industry’s move to mobility services and what this pivot means to the parking industry.
3. Prepare your parking operations for this revolution, taking simple yet proactive steps to leverage this new movement.


Brent Paxton serves as Executive Vice President for Parkmobile. Parkmobile is the leading global provider of mobile payment technologies for the parking industry.
Prior to joining Parkmobile in the summer of 2009, Mr. Paxton spent six years as CFO for AmeriPark, a nationally-recognized parking company based in Atlanta, and as principal for Strategic Parking Advisors, an advisory services firm he co-founded and managed. Brent had previously served as the CFO for Clemens Construction Company based in Philadelphia, following ten years in the real estate industry. He is a seasoned business executive and proven performer with consistent successes in growth-oriented companies.

IPI Webinar: Introduction to Parksmart

On-Demand Webinar: $35.00 for IPI Members, $85.00 for Non-Members

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Parking lies at the intersection of the two biggest drivers of CO2 emissions globally, buildings and transportation. Evolving technologies, new business opportunities and a growing consciousness regarding environmental responsibility have positioned parking to drive change in both of these areas. Parksmart, the world’s only rating system designed to advance mobility through smarter parking structure design and operation, provides garages with a pathway to harness this opportunity and redefine parking as a transformative force for sustainable mobility in our cities, campuses, entertainment venues and elsewhere.

This archived webinar will provide information on Parksmart, the world’s only rating system designed to advance mobility through smarter parking structure design and operation, which provides garages with a pathway to harness this opportunity and redefine parking as a transformative force for sustainable mobility in our cities, campuses, entertainment venues and elsewhere. This webinar will address how parking structure owners and operators can utilize Parksmart to enhance bottom lines, embrace environmental responsibility and address emerging trends within the parking and transportation industries.


  • Highlight emerging trends in the parking and transportation industries.
  • Describe the value of sustainability in parking.
  • Provide an overview of the Parksmart rating system.


Paul Wessel is the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) market development director responsible for the global rollout of the Parksmart parking and transportation certification program. Paul previously served as executive director of the Green Parking Council (GPC). He has presented on sustainable parking to the American Planning Association, the Better Buildings Alliance, CBRE, Colliers, the National Governors Association, and the Urban Land Institute.

IPI Webinar: Potential Impacts of City-Level Parking Cash-Out and Transit Benefit Ordinances

On-Demand Webcast: $35.00 for IPMI Members, $85.00 for Non-Members

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The vast majority of employers provide their employees free parking at work, which encourages employees to drive alone. Parking cash-out enables employees to choose cash instead of free, employer-provided parking, substantially reducing the rate at which people drive alone to work. But this has not been implemented broadly. This presentation will provide an overview of cash-out policies; highlight the results of a Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) analysis of six different possible cash-out ordinances, for nine different cities, to estimate their potential impacts; and offer information on the real-world implementation of cash-out policies at the municipal level. A literature review of the impacts of parking pricing and commuter incentives will be shared as part of the presentation.

  • Objectives:
    Inform the audience of the expected benefits of commute pricing incentives to improve parking management, including better utilization of existing parking supply and reduced vehicle-miles traveled in turn leading to less congestion and reductions in air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions and other related externalities.
  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different city-level parking pricing and incentive policies in terms of both implementation challenges and policy impacts.
  • Explore the robust and creative analytical, techniques used to evaluate policy alternatives and how they can take advantage of the work performed in the FHWA project to help with their own analysis.


Allen Greenberg, U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, has analyzed and advocated for sustainable U.S transportation policy from both inside and outside of government for 25 years. As a senior policy analyst at the Federal Highway Administration, Mr. Greenberg cultivates, develops, and manages transportation pricing pilot initiatives, including many parking pricing projects. Earlier, Mr. Greenberg worked at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and League of American Bicyclists. He holds a Master in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Virginia and a B.S. in Public Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University.




Colleen Stoll, City of Santa Monica, Calif., is the Transportation Demand Management Program Manager for the City of Santa Monica. The TDM program proactively manages congestion, improves air quality, and reduces automobile dependence in Santa Monica. It requires annual trip reduction plans from developers and employers with 10 or more employees. When Santa Monica started the TDM Program over twenty years ago, the number of solo drivers driving to work was 80 percent. Today, that number has been reduced to 62 percent in the mornings, and 58 percent in the afternoons. Last year, that translated to over 12,300 fewer car trips per day.