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IPMI Webinar: Teleworking: An Alternate Mobility Mode. Presented by Perry H. Eggleston, CAPP & Ramon Zavala University of California at Davis.

Teleworking: An Alternate Mobility Mode

Perry H. Eggleston, CAPP, DPA; Executive Director for Transportation Services; University of California at Davis

Ramon Zavala, Transportation Demand Manager, UC Davis Transportation Services

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Rahm Emanuel said, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

Last year brought discussions of campus closures, telelearning, and teleworking. Within a week, these discussions were reality. When the awareness that this COVID thing would last longer than a few weeks, we started to look at how the lull could be used to keep the momentum of teleworking going as a demand-reduction tool.

To address all the issues for making teleworking an ongoing mobility strategy, we created a telework committee. Stakeholders from human resources, technology, safety and ergonomics, employee/union relations, communications, and finance. Transportation Services coordinates the committee, which will address the physical, legal, supervisory, and training issues and keep teleworking a viable mobility option into the future.

Attendees will:

  • Illustrate how teleworking is a mobility advantage.
  • Recognize the institutional needs of a teleworking program.
  • Detail best practices and measure the effectiveness of amnesty and relief programs for constituents and revenue recovery efforts.

Offers 1 CAPP Credit towards application or recertification.


Perry H. Eggleston, CAPP, DPA; Executive Director for Transportation Services; UC Davis Transportation Services

Perry Eggleston, CAPP, DPA, has more than 25 years’ experience developing, refining, and implementing mobility programs as an officer, supervisor, manager, director, consultant, and executive director. In his career, he has served organizations in California, Kentucky, New Jersey, and Texas. He is an active member of the IPMI and California Public Parking Association.

Ramon Zavala, Transportation Demand Manager, UC Davis Transportation Services

Ramon Zavala holds a bachelor’s degree in criminology from UC Irvine, where he began his work in transportation demand management. After seven years with UCI’s Transportation department, he transferred to UC Davis’ Transportation Services, where he manages the TDM program, transit relations, and overseeing the overseeing the bicycle program.


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IPMI Webinar: Frictionless Parking: Smoothing Out the Edges for a Seamless Mobility Experience . Presented by Presented by the IPMI Technology Committee

Frictionless Parking: Smoothing Out the Edges for a Seamless Mobility Experience

IPMI Technology Committee

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Explore the state of the parking, transportation, and mobility industry’s efforts to create a seamless, frictionless, and contactless experience for customers and operators.  This session will define the concept of frictionless parking and multiple levels of integration, and examine case studies and applications for both on and off-street operations. Presenters will dive into the advantages and disadvantages of systems as well as current (and potential future) technologies and strategies to achieve more streamlined operations.

Attendees will:

  • Define frictionless parking and associated levels through case studies and applications.
  • Examine the advantages and disadvantages of strategies, applications, and current technology.
  • Discuss potential considerations for longer-term strategic and operational planning, as well as next steps for successful implementation.

Offers 1 CAPP Credit towards application or recertification.

Presented by:

IPMI Technology Committee

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IPMI Webinar: PARCS Replacement and Implementing the Latest Technologies – A Case Study of the American Dream project in New Jersey

  • IPMI Member Rate: $35 per webinar, live or on-demand.
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The American Dream is a retail/dining/entertainment development featuring an indoor amusement and water park, indoor snow-skiing slope, and a high-end retail mall; including 10,000 spaces, 72 lanes of equipment, and 56 Pay-on-Foot machines.

The PARCS included E-Z-Pass Integration, Pay-On-Foot, License-Plate-Recognition, QR/Barcode, PCI-P2PE Credit Cards, touch-screen displays, mobile app integrations, online reservations, and fully on-line analytics and reporting features.

Join us for this informative webinar presentation, as we discuss the RFP, selection, and installation process.



  • Investigate the latest parking technologies to enhance the customer experience.
  • Learn about the RFP and selection process.
  • Understand the best practices and lessons learned during the installation and implementation process.


Geoffrey Posluszny is a consultant with Walker Consultants and specializes in Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems, Automated Parking Systems, and planning studies and evaluations.  Geoff is  a member of the International Parking and Mobility Institute as well as two regional associations. During his time at Walker, Geoff has consulted on numerous PARCS and APGS specifications, procurements, and contract administration projects.

Granular Choice, Reduced Parking Demand, and Delighted Customers

By Chris Lechner, CAPP

UCLA has long been a leader in reducing drive-alone rates. Historically, attention has been focused on subsidizing alternative transportation products, but parking policy plays a key role. Though often overlooked, daily discounted parking is crucial support strategy to meeting transportation demand management goals.

UCLA has been able to expand the use of alternatives, lower the drive-alone rate, and maximize the utility of a limited and shrinking parking inventory by selling parking by the day to faculty and staff at a discount from the public daily rate. This flexibility enables customers to drive when they need to, and do something else when they can. Daily discounts remove the incentives of all-you-can-park permits, incentivizing customers to “Drive Less and Save More.”

Recently, UCLA has been able to maximize this transportation demand management strategy by utilizing virtual permits. This has removed sign-up requirements and enabled pre-tax payroll deduction as a payment method. Additionally, the operational flexibility provided by this approach has provided frameworks and flexibility to respond to the impacts of Covid-19.

In an IPMI webinar later today, I’ll lay out the landscape at UCLA, review the history of our daily discounted parking program, highlight some of the operational flexibility afforded to us via this program, and finally review how this has allowed us to respond to the pandemic. I hope you’ll join us.

Chris Lechner, CAPP, is parking data analytics and strategic projects manager at UCLA.

IPMI Webinar: A Portrait of El Paso Parking Using Geographic Information System (GIS)

  • IPMI Member Rate: $35 per webinar, live or on-demand.
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Cities are beginning to utilize technology as a tool to write the history of parking and pave the path for the future. To achieve real-time solutions and capture usable parking data, the City of El Paso put Geographic Information System (GIS) to the test. This webinar will demonstrate how to apply GIS to paint a parking portrait specific to your operation.


Jeremy Rocha, PE, is a parking consultant with WGI with more than 20 years of experience in parking, project management, engineering, and planning. His focus at WGI is planning and project management. He has led multiple projects as a design team project manager nationwide. As a representative of the parking industry, he is committed to making parking friendly and understandable.




Amy Hunter, GISP is responsible for GIS field data collection, analyses, and deliverables, as well as being a certified Geographic Information Systems Professional (GISP) and FWC Authorized Gopher Tortoise Agent. Amy has project experience with state, county, municipal, and private clients, including the creation of mobile applications for data collection; development of maps for field review, reporting, and permitting; and clients to provide geospatial and tabular data. She also provides the design of geodatabases, and reviews of GIS data/reporting.



Paul Stresow, is the Assistant Director with the City of El Paso’s International Bridges Department, where he manages three of the community’s international ports of entry. He has been involved in solving parking and transportation issues for over 20 years, including 8 years as Parking and Transportation Director at The University of Texas at El Paso. Paul serves on the Board of The Texas Parking and Transportation Association, where he serves as a Co-Chair to the Education and Roundtables Committee.

Online Instructor Led Learning: Wicked Problem Solving- July 14, 2020

Two Day Course –  July 14, 2020 and July 16, 2020, 1:00 PM ET

Cost to attend: $150 for IPMI members; $300 for non-members.

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In this intermediate level course, industry leaders will be provided wicked problems and practice how to solve them. Learn what makes a problem  wicked. The easy problems are solved, the ones left for executives are wicked.



  • Learn about your approach to problem solving and those of others.
  • Practice identifying the three aspects that make a problem wicked and recognize steps on how to solve them.
  • Practice identifying wicked problems given current real-life scenarios that the industry is facing due to COVID-19.
  • Identify the people problems that impede solutions.


Presenter: Dr. Andrea Hornett


Andrea Hornett taught strategy at Penn State and is retired from the business faculty at Temple University, Philadelphia, PA. Dr. Andy researched virtual teams at Xerox, earning her doctorate at The George Washington University. She has more than a hundred presentations and peer reviewed publications in organizational problem solving and learning, leadership, ethics, and knowledge transfer. In her extensive business career, she developed and consulted on global strategies and organizational solutions (e.g. DuPont Pharmaceuticals, The GAP, National Alliance of Business, Manufacturers’ Association of the Delaware Valley).


Course Credits: 4 CAPP Points for Candidates and 4 CAPP Points for recertificants in Program Type 5.

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Free Online Shoptalk: Municipalities, Finance, & Recovery: Current Challenges and Next Steps

Wednesday May 13, 2020- 2:00 PM EST

Free Online Shoptalk: Municipalities, Finance, & Recovery: Current Challenges and Next Steps

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Free to all Industry Professionals

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Join IPMI for our next online Shoptalk diving into cars, cash, and financial impacts to operations. Open to all, moderator Tiffany Smith will lead the group in discussions centering on three key questions. First, discuss of the impact to the short-term financial picture, including revenue, plans to streamline operations to cover losses, and anticipated changes to programs and policies for recovery. Second, address changes to consumer and patron behavior, your expectations of demand in the immediate and longer term, and potential medium-term changes in curbside (and off-street parking) management. Finally, explore adaptions to policies, programs, staffing, customers, and tech to prepare for future operations.

We understand this is an extremely busy time and will record the online shoptalk and distribute to all members and colleagues.  If you have a question or would like to share something that has worked for your organization in advance, please email Fernandez@parking-mobility.org.



Tiffany Smith bio pixTiffany Smith, Director of Parking Authority of River City, Louisville Metro Government

I graduated from the University of Kentucky in 1993 and obtained my MBA in 2001. I have been with Metro, Parking Authority for 23 years. I started in Accounting and moved to Administration and now I am the Director. Team building, customer service and improving our operations through technology, innovation and creative thinking are my initiatives in operating the agency. I’m still very much invigorated and excited about how we can make Louisville a better city to live, work and park. My staff is my greatest professional asset.

I am a lifelong learner and am always excited to know more. I serve on the YMCA downtown board, participate in Toastmasters weekly, serve on the International Parking Institutes membership committee and serve on the Bates Community Development Corporation board. I enjoy spending time with family, exercising and traveling. I teach Sunday school youth and serve as a mentor at Newburg middle school through Metro Mentors.

I am hopeful to return to my studies at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and finish my Masters in Family and Biblical counseling. This is a dream deferred. I have 3 kids that make me smile and give me purpose; they are my greatest life accomplishment.

IPI Webinar: Suicide in Parking Facilities: Prevention, Response and Recovery

IPMI is offering this webinar for free to all IPMI members through September 30, 2020 as part of our Stay Connected campaign to support our industry through the COVID-19 crisis. 

Normal Cost: On-Demand Webinar Fee: $35.00 for IPMI Members, $85.00 for Non-Members


A sad reality of the parking industry is that parking structures are sometimes used for suicides or suicide attempts. According to a 2016 IPI survey of members, half the organizations had experienced a suicide or suicide attempt at one of their parking facilities.

This archived webinar covers a wide range of topics, from installing physical barriers and signage that offers crisis line information to on-the-scene intervention and post-traumatic care for employees and witnesses. It also addresses how to effectively manage media attention that can unintentionally glamorize suicide with tragic consequences.

Join Gary Cudney, PE, of Carl Walker, Inc.; Jim Sayre, CAPP, of the University of Iowa; and Larry Cohen, CAPP, of the Lancaster Parking Authority, for this 60-minute webinar.


  • Understand the risks of suicide in parking structures
  • Learn suicide prevention methods, solutions, and costs, plus the potential costs of doing nothing
  • Glean knowledge from the University of Iowa’s parking structure safety barrier study

All CAPPs and potential CAPP candidates who register and participate will receive 1 point toward their CAPP recertification or CAPP application eligibility requirements.

IPMI On-Demand Webinar: Cracking the Code to Sustaining a Customer Service Culture

On-Demand Webinar Cost: $35.00 for IPMI Members, $85.00 for Non-Members

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In this webinar, the key tactics that can be used to sustain a customer service culture within your organization will be reviewed. The webinar will give you practical solutions to implement with limited time and dollars including: refresher training ideas, reward and recognition program options and mechanisms to create feedback channels with employees that can help to address common customer challenges proactively, so some customer service issues can be avoided altogether.

1. Recognize customer service program components that be motivating and effective within an organization’s workforce;

2. Implement tactics within their own operations to develop and sustain a customer service culture.

Marlyn Group clients ensuring Employee Training, and Organizational Development programs align with operational needs. Vicki has over seventeen years of experience in the parking industry. She is a member of the Green Parking Council Board of Directors, serving as Treasurer. She is also a member of IPMI, where she serves on the Education Development Committee.

IPI Webinar: The Path to APO — Benchmarking Success and Advancing Your Organization — November 16, 2016

On-Demand Archive: $35.00 for IPI Members, $85.00 for Non-Members

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This session will present an overview of the new APO standard, and summarize the range of industry practices and features that are state of the industry in institutional, municipal, medical, university, airport, private, and other parking programs nationally and internationally. This session will review the checklist format that has been developed to document the necessary evidence of compliance with these evolving industry standards. Programs that successfully meet the standards set forth in this assessment process will be certified as exemplifying a solid and well-rounded parking program and exhibiting the key practices supported by IPI, therefore warranting recommendation as having achieved Accredited Parking Organization (APO).

The presentation will focus on an overview of the content in the matrix, as well as the process and best practices to guide an organization through accreditation or any strategic planning or internal TQM process. Discussion will include feedback from the first recipients of the APO designation. Participants will receive electronic copies of the APO Manual for Applicants and the APO Matrix, as well as additional resources.


  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the new IPI Accredited Parking Organization (APO) Program and its meaning, process, and goals
  • Learn about the program’s structure and areas for program assessment, including major aspects in planning, human resources, operations, finance, design and construction, and more.
  • Assess your own organization’s readiness to pursue APO, or utilize the matrix and manual as a tool for strategic planning.


  • Rachel Yoka, CAPP, LEED AP, serves as Vice President of Program Development for IPI, leading the organization in the areas of technology, research, data analytics, and industry accreditation and certification. Rachel serves as the lead at IPI for the Accredited Parking Organization (APO) program, which recognizes excellence in parking organizations according to comprehensive standards.


  • Alejandra (Alex) Argudin, CAPP, LEED AP, is the Chief Operations Officer for the Miami Parking Authority. As COO, she is responsible for the daily operations of one of the largest parking agencies in the State of Florida. She oversees a staff of over 132 employees and an operation that generates well over $45 million in parking revenue.
  • Maria Irshad, CAPP, MPA is the Assistant Director for the Parking Management Division of the City of Houston. Parking Management is responsible for the management of 9,200 metered parking spaces and 19 off-street surface lots; the enforcement of all parking codes and the administration of various permits.
  • Amy Ross, Manager for Parking Systems and Communications, has worked at Cornell University for 28 years, 25 of those with Transportation Services. She has served the department in various roles ranging from customer service to administration. Amy lead her team through the APO process, achieving accreditation in 2015. She is responsible for various transportation system projects focusing mainly on customer self-service opportunities, the most recent example of which is addition of Parkmobile Reservations to their suite of parking options.

On-Demand Archive: $35.00 for IPI Members, $50.00 for Non-Members