I Want You to Want Me by Michelle W. Jones CMP

What’s in your wallet? Or on your Key Ring app? I admit it, I love my loyalty cards. Airlines, hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, specialty retailers … I have them all. I love to feel like I’m appreciated for patronizing a business regularly. Whether it’s an occasional free burrito bowl at Read More »

Patrick Troy by The Parking Matters Blog

Patrick Troy is chief executive of the British Parking Association. View posts by Patrick Troy

Throwing the Book at a Librarian I Don’t Even Know by Casey Jones, CAPP

There are rituals at universities, many of which take place at the beginning of each semester or holiday break. One popular tradition is to lament the quiet of those times when students aren’t on campus. On our most recent first day back after a break, a fellow staff member and Read More »

On to Phoenix! by Casey Jones, CAPP

I remember my first IPI Conference & Expo vividly. I was serving as a contractor to a city, and my client suggested that I attend. Up to that point I had no knowledge of what IPI was all about and why attending the conference was all that important. Quite honestly, Read More »

What’s in a Parking Brand? by Brett Wood, CAPP, PE

Can you name many parking programs off the top of your head? Maybe the one you work for? If you pay close attention to the industry, you know SFpark. They have been at the forefront of the parking technology revolution for a few years now. But it’s more than their Read More »

Hurricane Sandy by Shawn Conrad, CAE

IPI’s offices are closed today as we, like much of the Eastern seaboard, prepare for the arrival of Hurricane Sandy. As I write this, forecasters are saying she will be catastrophic–perhaps the largest storm to ever hit the U.S. We will open again as quickly as possible when Sandy retreats Read More »

Parking Career Day by Frank L. Giles

Do you sometimes find it difficult to explain to people what you do as a parking professional or even what the parking industry is? Try explaining it to a bunch of middle school students. Better yet, try explaining it to them after they’ve had a chance to sit in of Read More »

Shifting the Discussion: An Assignment for Parking Professionals by L. Dennis Burns, CAPP

I have recently been contacted by several reporters from all over the country asking about a range of parking-related issues ranging from taxes to impact fees to performance-based pricing. Each call began with questions that had an inherently negative angle. I guess I should be used to that. Recently, however, Read More »

Parking Goes to Summer Camp by Jeff Petry

Many of us are starting to think about summer camps. While child care may be a prime motivator for parents seeking out camp programs, there are often other reasons they are are popular: they provide a new learning experience that promotes social awareness, fosters creativity, and nurtures independence, all under Read More »

Cheer, Cheer by The Parking Matters Blog

This is one of my favorite times of the year and not just because being outside is once again enjoyable thanks to the cooler weather and the kids are back in school. It is because fall marks the start of college football season. I grew up in a house where Read More »