2022-23 Board of Directors & CAPP Certification Board

IPMI Announces 2022-2023  Board of Directors and CAPP Certification Board   The International Parking & Mobility Institute is pleased to announce its 2022-2023 Board of Directors and CAPP Certification Board. Elections were held by the association in April 2022. At the conclusion of IPMI’s 2022 Parking & Mobility Conference & Read More »

How to Implement Shared Parking

The dentist needs parking during the day. The restaurant needs parking at night. Why wouldn’t they share a lot? Well, because depending on the circumstances, it’s complicated–way complicated. In this month’s Parking & Mobility magazine, Carmen Donnell, CAPP, shares a plan for implementing shared parking, from considerations to common barriers Read More »

Supreme Court Blocks Covid Vaccine Mandate for Businesses

By Michael J. Ash, Esq., CRE On January 13, the United States Supreme Court rejected an emergency mandate implemented by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requiring all workers at businesses with 100 or more employees to get COVID-19 vaccinations.  The emergency measure also required weekly COVID-19 testing for the unvaccinated and workplace Read More »

The Benefits of Slowing Down

By Sylvia Martinez-Mullally, MPA We’re speeding back up to a fast-paced world with plenty of distractions. Back to the politics of parking, putting out fires, and making sure everyone is okay. It’s been a time for reflection, reprioritizing, and, hopefully, slowing down to put yourself first. Yes, I said it! Read More »

ROPEd Into the Future

By Kirk McManus The future of parking is already here. The next generation of parkers and parking entities will involve flying airships, driverless automobiles, a phone app, a web browser, and a car charger. Lift Aircraft already has an FAA-approved, single seat flying airship. A person with a backpack or Read More »

Making Resolutions Successful

By Cindy Campbell I heard an interesting statistic this week about how quickly we tend to ditch our annual New Year’s resolutions. Oh sure, we have great intentions, but our follow through seems to be tripping us up. According to an Inc. article, 80 percent of the people who make Read More »

Focus on Your Employees

By Shawn Conrad, CAE We’ve all seen the reports around the tight labor market and rightfully so. Hospitality, construction, retail, and manufacturing industries like parking and mobility are grappling with a shortage of workers as our businesses and economy inch forward. While the search for new employees is getting a Read More »

Five Criteria for 5-Star Airports

April’s Parking & Mobility magazine features the challenges and opportunities faced by today’s airports. One facility stepping up to meet customer needs in a huge way is Houston’s William P. Hobby Airport, which earned a 5-star rating from Skytrax, the international air transport rating organization.  But what does it take Read More »

Five Things About the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal

We know the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is important. We know it has a lot to do with transportation. But how’s a person supposed to figure out the important parts? Relax–IPMI’s got you. Don’t miss Five Things About the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal in this month’s Parking & Mobility magazine. Read More »

The Cruising Phenomenon

The U.S. Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) recently developed a tool to help cities help their drivers find parking and stop circling–after all, circling for parking creates a lot of downtown traffic. The first thing they did was study all that circling. And what they found was surprising: The top line Read More »