Urban Mobility After COVID-19

More of us are working from home than ever—some with no return to office in sight. Buses and commuter trains are running nearly empty in some markets, cars stay parked for weeks at a time, and the demand for bikes is unprecedented. COVID-19 has had huge effects on the way Read More »

Flexibility and COVID-19

By Mark Lyons, CAPP      Albert Einstein said the measure of intelligence is the ability to change. The demand for changes in mobility programs as a result of COVID-19 are enough to make any good mobility professional more flexible than taffy on hot day. I know you’re probably more than done Read More »

When Will I See You Again?

By Roamy Valera, CAPP Saying goodbye to someone after a visit or meeting was clearly underrated prior to the pandemic. We had become accustomed to moving freely and willingly to visit family, friends, and colleagues. In my case, getting on a plane once a week and traveling for meetings and Read More »

Pandemic Travel Patterns Offer Hints About Future

The world collectively has learned a lot since COVID-19 begin forcing shutdowns and stay-home orders. Experts say that’s true for travel patterns, and the way people shifted theirs during and after lockdowns may offer a glimpse of the future of human transportation. Bloomberg CityLab says, “The lessons of the great Read More »

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

By Michelle W. Jones, CAE, CMP For that matter, any uncomfortable conversation can be hard. Whether you are ending a relationship, asking an aging parent about end-of-life decisions, or inquiring about the possibility of a pay raise, many conversations we have in business or in daily life are stressful. It Read More »

Authentic Concern and The Potential of Industry Technology Suppliers

By Brian Wolff “Authentic concern” is defined simply as a company that genuinely demonstrates concern, as opposed to a fake or half-hearted interaction that leaves you feeling less than appreciated or valued. If your company is delivering authentic concern, your customers feel like they are more than a number or Read More »

Balancing the Post-pandemic Budget

By Pamela Corbin, CAPP There is little doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge effect on the budgets of parking systems throughout the country. Operating budgets are one of the most important work products in municipalities. They give the authority to incur obligations and pay expenses, allocate resources, and control Read More »

Planning in Unusual Times

By L. Dennis Burns, CAPP I recently read an article by Sam Lubell about COVID-19’s effects on cities, in the Los Angeles Times. In his article, Lubell outlines how “although pandemics have long been a tragic scourge on our cities, they’ve also forced architecture and city planning to evolve. The Read More »

Is This Micro-mobility’s Moment?

Since COVID-19 lockdowns started in March, micro-mobility has struggled and several big players have either exited specific markets or left the field altogether. But with more people around the world heading back to work and wary of trains and buses, micro-mobility may be enjoying a big boom–and a chance to Read More »

Choose Kindness

By Kathleen Federici, MEd I witnessed an act of kindness about three weeks ago that has stuck with me. Kindness is everywhere. Sometimes, the act is so small we don’t allow ourselves to acknowledge it. Sometimes, the act is so large, we can’t allow ourselves to forget it. With our Read More »