by Pamela Corbin, CAPP

We have all worked for various types of leaders throughout our careers, ranging from outstanding to mediocre. While it is challenging to work for individuals who simply don’t “lead”, it does provide the opportunity to gain perspective and insight on what kind of leader you want to be, and what skills you want to develop.

While we don’t always cognitively take stock of our personal skills and leadership attributes, it is imperative to understand the various leadership attributes and what truly sets leaders apart.  As we progress into 2022, take the time to examine leadership attributes. Compare what separates the successful leader – one who delivers in all aspects of their career – with the mediocre leader that has the potential to destroy and break down the organizational unit.

An effective leader is open and shares as much information as possible with their employees. An ineffective one may demean employees, and shares little information with their teams.  Being well-informed is often viewed as being influential, so often individuals in leadership positions hoard information to make them feel powerful. Unlike an ineffective leader that uses intimidation and fear, a true leader possesses and cultivates confidence and growth, and creates an environment of mentorship for employees to provide both insight and inspiration.

Strong leaders provide equal status to wins and losses. They don’t simply focus on the negative – they use failures or otherwise adverse events as a chance to mentor, guide, and counsel.  On the flip side, less confident and mature leaders may put little stock in the wins, rarely focusing on the positive performance of employees.

True leaders are mindful of the influence their position bestows, and have a clear understanding of the political environment they operate in. Insincere leaders may use title, position, and authority to grasp their power tightly for fear of losing it, often playing politics to achieve personal agendas with little regard for the greater good of the organization and their teams.

What do you want to be known as?  A leader who delivers – taking the organization to the next level leaving a legacy – or a leader who destroys?

Leadership is always a journey, and rarely a clear and straight one – tell us all about yours. Our community of parking, transportation, and mobility professionals at IPMI is stronger when we share our experience.  Drop us a note to share your stories of growth, motivation, and team-building with us here.

Pamela Corbin is Parking Services Manager at the City of Greenville, SC, and member of the IPMI Board of Directors.