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Member News: SKIDATA Introduces World’s Most Advanced Common Access Solution for People and Vehicles

Denver, CO (May 27, 2020)—SKIDATA Inc., the world’s leading provider of solutions to manage access to parking facilities, ski resorts, and stadiums, has introduced the world’s most advanced common access solution for people and vehicles. Built on SKIDATA’s powerful software platforms, the common access technology allows patrons to use the same credential for access to events or ski slopes and parking.

“This integrated technology suite provides unprecedented convenience,” said Chris McKenty, vice president of SKIDATA. “Now skiers, concert goers, sports fans—really, anyone attending an event—can use the same credential from the moment they drive up to the parking facility until the event is over.”

SKIDATA’s common access solution uses the company’s software platforms to manage all access credentials. At ski resorts, skiers can use their lift tickets to enter the parking facility upon arriving at the mountain. The lift ticket can also be programmed to provide access to ski lodges, patrons’ rooms in lodges, and of course, ski lifts. In addition to providing extraordinary convenience, the system also provides invaluable utilization data to resort managers about how patrons are using parking, hospitality, and skiing resources that can be used to better manage the resort.

Similarly, the common access solution allows fans to use their event tickets or season passes to enter parking facilities, event venues, and venue suites. The platform can also be used to manage tailgating at sporting events, even allowing stadium managers to implement dynamic pricing, offering premium pricing for more desirable parking spaces.

“This platform is a game changer for ski resort and entertainment venues,” said McKenty. “Because it’s completely customizable to the unique needs of owners, each venue can tailor the technology to provide the best experience possible for patrons.”



SKIDATA is an international leader in the field of access solutions and their management. Almost 10,000 SKIDATA installations worldwide in ski resorts, stadiums, airports, shopping malls, cities, spa & wellness facilities, trade fairs and amusement parks provide secure and reliable access and entry control for people and vehicles. SKIDATA places great value in providing solutions that are intuitive, easy to use, and secure. The integrated concepts of SKIDATA solutions help clients optimize performance and maximize profits. SKIDATA Group (www.skidata.com) belongs to the publicly traded Swiss Kudelski Group (www.nagra.com), a leading provider of digital security solutions.


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Member News: ParkHub Launches ‘Attendant Academy’ to Support Industry Advancement During the COVID-19 Crisis

Parkhub Attendant academyThe company’s online courses aim to help prospective parking professionals develop skills for future employment.

DALLAS, May 7th, 2020 — ParkHub, the leading B2B parking technology company, has launched online courses designed to support the professional advancement of parking attendants during the COVID-19 crisis. The curriculum, coined Attendant Academy, provides in-depth training on ParkHub’s mobile point-of-sale technology, covers industry best practices, and offers certification to registrants who complete the virtual courses. The training is free of cost and available to the public at large.

“As our team witnessed the pandemic taking its toll on parking operations, we became driven to find a way to give back to the industry’s workforce,” said Jake Edsell, ParkHub’s Chief Operating Officer. “The training program we devised reflects the service we strive to provide our partners – comprehensive, forward-thinking, and ultimately, designed to empower. Additionally, we are excited about the prospect of providing our customers with highly trained employees that will decrease onboarding time as well as increase efficiencies once lanes and gates reopen.”

ParkHub serves over 300 professional sports teams, entertainment venues, universities, and State parks across the United States. The company’s mobile point-of-sale device, Prime, processes credit card and mobile payments, digitizes cash transactions, and authenticates prepaid parking passes supplied by numerous ticketing and parking reservation partners. All transactions are stored in Suite, ParkHub’s business intelligence tool, which provides real-time data and robust analytics.

By facilitating contactless payments, mitigating cash, and delivering timely data insights, ParkHub’s solutions are well-positioned to help clients adapt to operations in the aftermath of the Coronavirus. In the meantime, the ParkHub team plans to continue adding enrichment tools to the ParkHub University platform.

Find out more about ParkHub’s Attendant Academy and sign up for courses at this link: https://parkhub.com/parkhub-university/


About ParkHub

ParkHub is a Dallas-based technology company that provides software and hardware services for the parking industry. The company’s products provide multiple payment options, real-time reporting of parking revenue, support for dynamic pricing, and inventory availability and control. ParkHub technology integrates with many prepaid parking and ticketing providers. Founded by parking industry veteran, George Baker Sr., ParkHub has effectively fast-tracked traditional parking operations into the digital age. For more information, visit parkhub.com.

Member News: Salt Lake City International Airport chooses Park Assist

ParkAssist NR SLC Parking systemsNEW YORK, NEW YORK – April 28th, 2020 – Park Assist® has been awarded the Parking Guidance System (PGS) contract for Salt Lake City International Airport’s latest parking garage. Salt Lake City is building a new International Airport (SLC) to replace the existing structure. Serving more than 26 million passengers a year, SLC also chose to include a 3,600-space parking garage in the new development. This parking facility, equipped with Park Assist’s camera based M4 PGS, is designed to meet Salt Lake City’s current and future needs with the flexibility to adapt with the ever-changing aviation industry.

As part of SLC’s effort to improve its passengers’ travel experience, Park Assist’s proprietary M4 PGS will serve to decrease parking search times and traffic in the garage and increase customer satisfaction. Along with the M4 technology, SLC’s parking guidance solution will also include two of Park Assist’s advanced software add-ons: Park FinderTM and Park AlertsTM.

The camera based M4 smart sensor system uses color-coded LED lights to guide drivers to vacant spaces; triggered to turn from red to green when spaces become available, these lights remove all confusion from the parking journey. Upon returning to the garage, these travelers will have an equally effortless experience finding their car by utilizing Park Assist’s Find Your Car software add-on. This advanced vehicle locator feature uses license plate recognition (LPR) technology to pinpoint each customer’s car. By simply entering all or part of their license plate number into the Park Assist system or mobile app, guests are directed to their vehicle’s exact location within the facility.

Additionally, Park Assist’s Park Alerts software extension allows the airport to gain valuable control and increase security in the garage. Using this add-on, parking management will be able to set and enforce automated rules and alerts. These alerts will immediately notify them of any policy violations so they can take the appropriate action, creating an efficient, safe, and secure facility.

“Park Assist is extremely excited to work with Salt Lake City International on this groundbreaking development. As the airport transforms for the future, Park Assist hopes to deliver an equally innovative parking experience. We are honored to be a part of SLC’s initiative and provide travelers with a state-of-the-art parking garage through our advanced technology,” said Jeff Sparrow, Regional Account Manager.

Site work is scheduled to begin this month and the installation is slated for completion for SLC’s grand opening in September 2020.

About Park Assist
Park Assist® is the parking industry’s leading camera-focused innovator with the most camera-based parking guidance installations in the world. Our patented technology helps customers effortlessly find parking spaces in real-time as well as find their cars when they return. Simultaneously, we provide parking operators with tools to improve customer satisfaction, create new revenue opportunities, realize greater operational control, capture parker analytics and expand CCTV capabilities. Park Assist is part of the TKH Group (Euronext: TWEKA), a $1.8 billion publicly traded company headquartered in the Netherlands. For more information, visit www.parkassist.com.

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THE GREEN STANDARD: Software Makes Modernization Achievable

By Christopher Perry and Kevin Woznicki

THE CONTINUING GROWTH OF CITIES IS ESCALATING THE NEED for mobility in urban areas, and heavy vehicle traffic calls for smarter parking and mobility systems. To address this, cities are being outfitted with cameras for multiple uses, such as closed-circuit television (CCTV) security, license plate recognition (LPR)-based parking enforcement, frictionless parking, smart traffic man­agement, road tolling, and access control. The camera infrastructure is already in place, and now the need is shifting toward hardware and platform-independent analytics, data collection, and parking management systems based on LPR and other vehicle identification technologies.

There are multiple reasons for upgrading traffic systems is accelerated and at significantly less cost. and parking services with the use of smart software. Moreover, the underlying neural network technology Software solutions provide a cost-effective alter-allows a virtually endless number of uses for soft-native to make use of existing hardware with added ware-based video analytics and LPR technology. benefits that include complete scalability and full interoperability with other systems. When software Typical Implementation is the backbone of these platforms, the development  Let us review an example for a typical implementa­tion systems, and business intelligence management company to operate CCTV systems within garages, using a software suite to manage the access and revenue control aspects of the facility. Cameras are used to monitor entry and exit lanes; they can also be used to provide footage of the license plates and vehicles. To automate the entry and exit process, implementing LPR technology is a plausible choice. Unfortunately, adding LPR-specific cameras is often cost prohibitive.

The ideal solution is integrating LPR software into the parking software that works with all the existing infrastruc­ture, including cameras and the barrier. Because a camera provides video footage of traffic, the setup allows additional analytical software to provide LPR data as well as other options (make and model recognition, for example). This additional information has many uses. While it is an inter­esting source of additional data in a shopping mall when trying to get a picture of the audience, it can also be used as a supplement for LPR data. By supplementing LPR data with vehicle make and model, the vehicle fingerprint becomes more accurate and decreases the margin of error for entry/ exit decisions.

The benefits? Quick deployment, easy setup, a mod­ernized operation, and additional data for the cost of the software instead of an expensive investment in new infrastructure.

Traffic Management

Video analytics technology applied in the case of vehicle brand and model recognition has uses in the traffic manage­ment sector as well. Starting from vehicle counting through traffic-incident detection to creating reference data for law enforcement, it covers several relevant functions while using existing surveillance equipment. Sweeping crowded road sections for traffic jams and immediately signaling the traf­fic management system to propose alternate routes or au­tomated monitoring of dangerous crossroads 24/7 for traffic rule violations are all ready to be implemented.

When traffic analytic solutions are paired with law-en­forcement systems, the result is a more encompassing and efficient solution that can offer multiple green benefits. There is no magic here: A video analytics system is capable of using existing camera infrastructure to provide author­ities with all relevant reference data pertaining to traffic violations, traffic patterns, and traffic volume, thereby in­creasing the overall utility of the system.

These are only a few of the scenarios that can potentially be covered by video analytics software. We are still very early in the implementation of artificial intelligence-powered video analytics software into actual parking and traffic appli­cations, but one thing is certain: Technology exists that has the potential to greatly accelerate the automation of parking and mobility systems and smartening of our cities.

Read the article here.

CHRISTOPHER PERRY and KEVIN WOZNICKI are co-founders of ParkTrans Solutions. Perry can be reached at christopher.perry@parktranssolutions.com and Woznicki can be reached at kevin.woznicki@parktranssolutions.com.