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Member News: ParkVia Wins Dortmund Airport Business in Competitive 4-Way Tender

ParkVia Wins Dortmund Airport Business in Competitive 4-Way Tender

Airport parking aggregator ParkVia has won a competitive tender for Dortmund Airport 21 that will see the airport’s parking products delivered across the global ParkVia network.

The initial agreement allows ParkVia’s 4m customer base to book both multi-storey and outdoors parking spaces at the growing airport.

Crucially, the deal will also see the parking spaces surfaced on partner websites including the rapidly expanding Eastern European giant Wizz Air – allowing the airport to secure parking bookings at the same time as the customer books their flights.

Speaking of the collaboration, Jörg Adolphs, Non-Aviation Area Manager for Dortmund Airport 21, said; “This new digital path-to-purchase further enhances our passengers’ experience by allowing them to book on their platform of choice at a time that is convenient. Being able to integrate with airlines increases booking lead times allowing us to better manage our parking service monetisation.”

ParkVia’s Head of Strategic Accounts, Ilaria Vacca, said of the deal; “Dortmund Airport 21 is an important part of the North Rhine-Westphalia infrastructure and we are delighted to have won this competitive tender. Our hope is that this new collaboration will enhance the airport’s already excellent experience by allowing passengers to pre-plan more of their journey.”

Dortmund Airport 21 carparks go live on the ParkVia network as of April 2020.

To find out more about ParkVia, please visit www.parkvia.com.


As Europe’s favourite airport parking retailer, ParkVia is dedicated to connecting the world’s drivers with parking spaces in 44 countries. Its online retail platform allows consumers to book parking as part of their journey, working with both car park operators and travel industry market leaders to ensure that parking is visible at the right time.

Encouraging its philosophy of ‘Choose Parking’, ParkVia believes pre-booking is the key element in the travel process, allowing customers to plan in advance and giving them freedom of choice to select the parking product that suits their specific journey type.

Founded in 2008, ParkVia has grown in popularity and reputation over the last 12 years, particularly within the wider airport parking sector. As an established partner for many of the world’s leading international airports, ParkVia  maximises visibility for official car parks and ancillary products by covering more points of entry with its targeted marketing expertise.

Today the services of over 2,000 parking providers are promoted to ParkVia’s 4m registered users, as well as a large network of partner websites, that includes airlines, travel partners, online travel agents and in-car navigation technology - making it an attractive and lucrative proposition for partners looking to collaborate for white label and in-path projects.

ParkVia. Choose parking.  https://www.parkvia.com

Free Online Shoptalk: Frontline Staff: Defining Our Current Challenges and Successes Moderated by Cindy Campbell

Frontline Staff: Defining Our Current Challenges and Successes

Moderated by Cindy Campbell, IPMI

February 2, 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm ET

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Join IPMI for our next online Shoptalk addressing the parking, transportation, and mobility industry’s response and recovery planning. Open to all, join us for discussions centered on best practices, next steps, and the challenges ahead.

Shoptalk Summary 

After a year of tough times, the strength and flexibility of our frontline staff continues to play a major role in parking and mobility organizations’ recoveries. What efforts and changes have made a difference for your team? What challenges still remain and how can we address them?

Come prepared to network, ask questions, share your current experiences, and learn from your peers during this interactive session.

Submit your questions and thoughts for the discussion on the registration page.

Cindy Campbell, IPMI

With over 35 years of experience in law enforcement, parking, and transportation services, she brings comprehensive industry knowledge and professional experience to the IPMI training program. Cindy is a Past Chairman of the Board for the IPMI and is credited as one of the founders of the Parking Matters® initiative.  Prior to joining the staff at IPMI, Campbell served as Associate Director of University Police for California Polytechnic State University. She is now dedicated to providing staff training, motivation, and skill enhancement through IPMI onsite training programs.

A Guide to Parking

A Guide to Parking - IPMI coverMany parking professionals have lamented that there is no textbook for our industry—until now.

A Guide to Parking provides information on the current state of parking, providing professionals and students with an overview of major areas of the parking, transportation, and mobility industry, punctuated by brief program examples. More than 30 subject matter experts and many of our dedicated volunteers contributed chapters on their specific area of expertise for a comprehensive volume about parking.

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  • A Guide to Parking approaches the industry from a broad perspective, first providing an overview of the industry, the various frameworks that parking relates to, and then more specific aspects of the industry.
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  • Including a glossary and a fully-indexed content, the new volume will serve as the consolidated reference book for CAPP candidates in the near future.

Member News: ParkVia Scoops Prestigious Parking Provider of the Year

Europe’s favourite airport parking retailer, ParkVia, has beaten off tough industry competition to be crowned Parking Provider of the Year at this year’s British Parking Awards.

ParkVia was presented with the esteemed industry accolade having impressed the 20-strong jury of experts from the parking, transport and motoring sector with its examples of exceptional service, innovation and team collaboration.

Founded in 2008, ParkVia has grown remarkably over the last 12 years, taking bookings through its ecommerce platform from drivers in more than150 countries and holding contracts with 81 of the world’s leading airports.

Having invested in the brand’s development significantly over the last 12 months, ParkVia was able to validate its claim to the winner’s title by demonstrating proficiency across all key areas of its business, in addition to detailing unique initiatives that position ParkVia ahead of its competitors.

Dr Valentina Moise, Commercial Director at ParkVia, said:

“As a British-born company, it’s a great achievement to win a British Parking Award, especially for Parking Provider of the Year, which in itself is recognition of the work our fantastic team do to create such exceptional service not just across the UK, but for all our global markets.

“We have worked extremely hard over the last 12 months in particular to create a dominant digital brand that is recognised worldwide as the ‘go-to’ airport parking reservation provider; this award takes us one step closer to establishing that vision and we couldn’t be prouder.”

Created and presented by Parking Review magazine, the 18th annual British Parking Awards was hosted on 6thMarch at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London and recognise the leading examples of car park management, enforcement, design and team work.

To find out more about ParkVia, please visit www.parkvia.com.

About ParkVia

As Europe’s favourite airport parking retailer, ParkVia is dedicated to connecting the world’s drivers with parking spaces in 43 countries. Its online retail platform allows consumers to book parking as part of their journey, working with both car park operators and travel industry market leaders to ensure that parking is visible at the right time. 
Encouraging its philosophy of ‘Choose parking’, ParkVia believes pre-booking is the key element in the travel process, allowing customers to plan in advance and giving them freedom of choice to select the parking product that suits their specific journey type.
Founded in 2008, ParkVia has grown in popularity and reputation over the last 12 years, particularly within the wider airport parking sector. As an established partner for many of the world’s leading international airports, ParkVia is able to maximise visibility for official car parks and ancillary products by covering more points of entry with its targeted marketing expertise.
Todaythe services of over 2,500parking providersarepromotedto ParkVia’s 3.8m registered users, as well as a large network of partner websites, that includes airlines, travel partners, online travel agents and in-car navigation technology – making it an attractive and lucrative proposition for partners looking to collaborate for white label and in-path projects.

THE GREEN STANDARD: Software Makes Modernization Achievable

By Christopher Perry and Kevin Woznicki

THE CONTINUING GROWTH OF CITIES IS ESCALATING THE NEED for mobility in urban areas, and heavy vehicle traffic calls for smarter parking and mobility systems. To address this, cities are being outfitted with cameras for multiple uses, such as closed-circuit television (CCTV) security, license plate recognition (LPR)-based parking enforcement, frictionless parking, smart traffic man­agement, road tolling, and access control. The camera infrastructure is already in place, and now the need is shifting toward hardware and platform-independent analytics, data collection, and parking management systems based on LPR and other vehicle identification technologies.

There are multiple reasons for upgrading traffic systems is accelerated and at significantly less cost. and parking services with the use of smart software. Moreover, the underlying neural network technology Software solutions provide a cost-effective alter-allows a virtually endless number of uses for soft-native to make use of existing hardware with added ware-based video analytics and LPR technology. benefits that include complete scalability and full interoperability with other systems. When software Typical Implementation is the backbone of these platforms, the development  Let us review an example for a typical implementa­tion systems, and business intelligence management company to operate CCTV systems within garages, using a software suite to manage the access and revenue control aspects of the facility. Cameras are used to monitor entry and exit lanes; they can also be used to provide footage of the license plates and vehicles. To automate the entry and exit process, implementing LPR technology is a plausible choice. Unfortunately, adding LPR-specific cameras is often cost prohibitive.

The ideal solution is integrating LPR software into the parking software that works with all the existing infrastruc­ture, including cameras and the barrier. Because a camera provides video footage of traffic, the setup allows additional analytical software to provide LPR data as well as other options (make and model recognition, for example). This additional information has many uses. While it is an inter­esting source of additional data in a shopping mall when trying to get a picture of the audience, it can also be used as a supplement for LPR data. By supplementing LPR data with vehicle make and model, the vehicle fingerprint becomes more accurate and decreases the margin of error for entry/ exit decisions.

The benefits? Quick deployment, easy setup, a mod­ernized operation, and additional data for the cost of the software instead of an expensive investment in new infrastructure.

Traffic Management

Video analytics technology applied in the case of vehicle brand and model recognition has uses in the traffic manage­ment sector as well. Starting from vehicle counting through traffic-incident detection to creating reference data for law enforcement, it covers several relevant functions while using existing surveillance equipment. Sweeping crowded road sections for traffic jams and immediately signaling the traf­fic management system to propose alternate routes or au­tomated monitoring of dangerous crossroads 24/7 for traffic rule violations are all ready to be implemented.

When traffic analytic solutions are paired with law-en­forcement systems, the result is a more encompassing and efficient solution that can offer multiple green benefits. There is no magic here: A video analytics system is capable of using existing camera infrastructure to provide author­ities with all relevant reference data pertaining to traffic violations, traffic patterns, and traffic volume, thereby in­creasing the overall utility of the system.

These are only a few of the scenarios that can potentially be covered by video analytics software. We are still very early in the implementation of artificial intelligence-powered video analytics software into actual parking and traffic appli­cations, but one thing is certain: Technology exists that has the potential to greatly accelerate the automation of parking and mobility systems and smartening of our cities.

Read the article here.

CHRISTOPHER PERRY and KEVIN WOZNICKI are co-founders of ParkTrans Solutions. Perry can be reached at christopher.perry@parktranssolutions.com and Woznicki can be reached at kevin.woznicki@parktranssolutions.com.