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Frontline Fundamentals: LPR for Frontline Professionals. Presented by Victor Hill, CAPP

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LPR for Frontline Personnel

Victor Hill, CAPP

Frontline personnel are the heart of successful operations and ensuring they’re equipped with the proper tools is only one component to set them up for success. This webinar will show you what it takes to prepare your team to use license plate recognition (LPR) to write accurate citations and to provide a higher level of customer service. You’ll hear from an avowed “LPR evangelist” who understands how empowering employees in the field led to innovative enforcement techniques, revisions to policies, increased goodwill from customers, and increased operational efficiency.

Victor Hill, CAPP, is an account manager at T2 Systems, where he is responsible for ensuring customers on the east coast get the service and support they expect. He is an avowed LPR evangelist and previously served as Director of Parking and Transportation Services at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse for seven years. He is a past co-chair of IPMI’s Safety and Security Committee and has served on IPMI’s Media Relations task force, Sustainability Committee, and the Accessible Parking Coalition. Victor is based in Charlottesville, Va., where he happily works out of his home office.

Member News: Tuxen & Associates Announces Release of Nedap’s Groundbreaking New LPR

Nedap Identification Systems Announces Release of Groundbreaking License Plate Recognition Camera Offering Unprecedented Accuracy

Branson, MO (June 25, 2020) – Tuxen & Associates, North America agent for Nedap Identification Systems, today announced the introduction of Nedap’s latest market-leading innovation: The ANPR Lumo. The ANPR Lumo is a highly advanced, ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Reader) that embodies a generational advance in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology for use in the Parking and Security Sectors. The ANPR Lumo features advances in character recognition that provide unprecedented accuracy.


“We are excited to be partnered with NEDAP to bring their groundbreaking LPR solution to the North American market,” said Nate Leech, head of sales, North America for Tuxen & Associates. “This technology is disrupting the market and will change the way that ANPR/LPR is used in access control for parking and security installations.”


The ANPR Lumo is capable of deciphering and producing accurate reads in scenarios involving the complex and multi-faceted features of US license plates that have often baffled other LPRs. This capability uniquely positions it to be in access control applications where exceptionally high read accuracy is essential to success. Plus, the ANPR Lumo boasts impressive features, including:


  • An all-in-one License Plate Recognition Camera
  • Ability to upgrade virtually any Access Control Panel for LPR functionality
  • An instant visitor management platform for customers
  • Ability to translate any plate read into a Wiegand signal
  • Output standard and custom Wiegand formats
  • Captured plate reads from 6.5 to 33 feet
  • Accurate reads at vehicle speeds up to 80 miles per hour
  • Network capabilities permitting local or server-based image storage
  • Full rest API for seamless third-party integration
  • Easy-to-use management software tools


About Nedap
Nedap was founded in 1929 and has been publicly traded on the European Stock Exchange since 1947. The global leader in long range identification, Nedap operates worldwide with 11 offices and over 750 employees. For more information go to www.nedapidentification.com.


About Tuxen and Associates
Founded in 2001, Branson, Missouri-based Tuxen and Associates is a business development company and the exclusive Nedap agent for the Americas. For more information go to www.tuxen.com.


Embracing Technology: Enhance Customer Protection and Experience

technology contactless paymentsBy Jon Martens, CAPP, AICP

Major changes have occurred since the mandatory COVID-19 restrictions. Social distancing and PPE (personal protective equipment) have become common discussion points. Grocery stores have added cashier shields, marked spacing on the floor, metered customers, and facemasks. Several retail stores are pushing scan-and-go options to allow customers to shop without any direct interaction with store staff. (I’ve been using scan-and-go at Sam’s Club for a few years now—it is awesome!)

As we take these lessons to the parking industry, now is the time to think about how we will be interacting with our customers. Many options that may not have been considered before the outbreak will likely gain acceptance and even be sought after by the consumer.  These include adding contactless payments using an NFC reader to allow payment with your cell phone (or even smartwatch) rather than interacting with a credit card reader or using cash. Reservations that allow entry and exit with a license plate or bar code will likely see a surge in popularity as users plan their trip in advance. Hands-free monthly parking access will no doubt be considered the new standard, most likely with license plate recognition, AVI, or Bluetooth.

Consider going asset-light by adding a parking payment app or marketing an existing app.  Public service announcements can be helpful to get the word out to a receptive audience that has increased interest in avoiding unnecessary touching and interaction with public devices. If pay-by-plate is not already in place, it may be worth considering to improve efficiency and reduce officers potential exposure from walking an enforcement route.

These are challenging times. My prediction, along with many other parking professionals, is that now is the time to embrace technology that facilitates frictionless parking and reduce unnecessary public exposure.

Jon Martens, CAPP, AICP, is a consultant at Walker Consultants and a member of IPMI’s Technology Committee.