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Member News: Cornell “Ghost drivers” Test Cultural Reactions to Autonomous Cars

In a series of studies conducted in three countries over more than five years, a Cornell Tech-led team has pioneered the use of “ghostdrivers” – cars with drivers disguised under a car seat-like hood, to make the car appear driverless – in order to assess and compare how pedestrians across cultures might actually behave when encountering these cars on the roads.

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Is Manhattan Ready to End Free Parking?

Ninety-five percent of on-street parking spaces in New York City are free to use. Because the city has lost a good amount of spaces to bike and bus lanes in recent years, more cars are circling looking for those spots, increasing congestion and frustration. But a proposal to make on-street parking paid has sparked more than its share of controversy in Manhattan.

The New York Times estimates there are 3 million free, on-street parking spaces in the city. And while some lawmakers say making those spots paid would help reduce congestion and keep people moving more efficiently, drivers say adding payment to the recent loss of spaces targets them unfairly.

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