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Member News: Gabe Klein, Founder of Cityfi and Former Chicago & D.C. DOT Commissioner joins Automotus Board of Advisors

Gabe Klein Autonomous ImageGabe Klein has joined the Automotus Board of Advisors. Gabe has been a leader in the transportation industry for both the public and private sectors for nearly 20 years, having held positions as the Commissioner of the Chicago and Washington D.C. Departments of
Transportation and as a Vice President at Zipcar, before co-founding Cityfi.

Automotus, a mobility-focused video analytics company, uses video analytics to help automatically analyze, monetize, and enforce all forms of curb activity. Gabe’s experience in spearheading mobility innovation in city governments is a natural fit with the company’s mission of creating more accessible and equitable urban mobility.

“Automotus is entering the market at a critical point for city governments. As cities try to tackle the growing challenges and opportunities presented by shifting behavior at the curb, Automotus’ technology provides solutions that make it easier for cities to align policies and planning with the more complex set of demand we’re seeing today, while also helping cities generate revenue from the freight, ride-hailing, and delivery services that continue to grow their presence at the curb.”

In both Chicago and Washington D.C., Gabe revamped technology platforms and government processes while focusing on putting people first vs. automobiles on city streets. This included launching two of the first and largest bikeshare systems in the U.S. and building protected bike lanes and better pedestrian infrastructure for vulnerable citizens citywide, as well as facilitating private services like carshare and rideshare to reach each city’s mobility goals. Gabe advises governments and companies worldwide on innovation in cities including Singapore where Gabe has been a visiting fellow for the Centre For Livable Cities, working on creating a “car-lite” city-state. In 2015, Gabe also published Start-Up City with David Vega-Barachowitz on Island Press, a manifesto on revamping how (and how fast) we innovate in cities and rethinking public-private partnerships with a triple-bottom-line approach as technology shapes a dramatically different future.

“We are incredibly excited to have Gabe join our team,” said Jordan Justus, CEO of Automotus. He also added, “his experience in the mobility world is unparalleled, and he has unmatched insights into the ways companies like ours must go about addressing the mobility challenges that cities are facing today, and will face further on down the road.”

Automotus was founded in 2017 by Jordan Justus, Harris Lummis, and Prajwal Kotamraju to help communities more easily understand and manage their shifting mobility landscapes, specifically at the curb. They are a Techstars-backed company serving cities across the US, Italy, France, and Austria.

About Automotus
Automotus is building a world where people spend more time where they want to be and less time getting there. The company’s technology empowers communities to measure all forms of mobility, monetize commercial parking, craft data-driven policies, and ensure compliance from all  stakeholders. Automotus can be found online at www.automotus.co.


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