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Houston Ponders the Future of Transportation

Parking minimums have been a thing in cities for a long time, ensuring people have had somewhere to put their cars when they go downtown. But with the advent of more efficient transit systems, transportation network companies (TNCs), and alternative transportation modes that include bikes and scooters and feet, along with an increased number of mixed-use developments taking the place of single-use buildings with their own lots and garages, municipalities are starting to consider dropping minimum required parking numbers.

Houston, Texas, is one of those cities, and there’s a lot of thinking and talking going on there about what the future of transportation looks like, along with the best ways to start building it now. Using studies and forecasts and common sense, city leaders are working with residents to build an infrastructure that makes sense, without huge overages or shortages, and gets everyone around efficiently.

It’s a fascinating case study about transportation, parking, and mobility. Read about it here.