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Take Care of Your Staff–They’re Taking Care of You

Shot of a young man showing thumbs up during an online meeting with a colleagueBy Chris Polk, CAPP

There are so many businesses experiencing the difficulty of hiring and maintaining staff. The reduced staffing level is leading to a decrease in the level of customer service that is and can be provided. Both frontline and management staff who are still coming to work every day are bearing the brunt of this employee shortage. They are stretched extremely thin, working extra hours to help cover shifts, struggling to meet the demands of the customers. As a result, morale is low because they feel overworked and underappreciated.

Many operations are seeing an increase in staff leaving their jobs to find other employment that may not offer lower stress, better benefits, or bonuses that are being offered for newly hired employees. So many employers are trying to influence anyone, including your employees, to come and work for them.

Now is the time to recognize those individuals who are working hard for you. Make sure you are thanking them daily for what they are doing. Bring them a cup of coffee and doughnuts in the morning. Buy them lunch. If possible, give them a bump in pay or a nice bonus. Small thank-you gift bags that are personalized are great. Make them feel appreciated. These are the individuals you want to hold on to and build your operation around–the people who are putting in the extra work and are committed to making sure that your operation does not fall apart.

Chris Polk, CAPP, is general manager with Republic Parking.