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Behind the Keyboard: Cybercrime and Parking

Parking & Mobility February 2020 coverDuring the past generation, parking has become incredibly technology-centric with the introduction of parking guidance technology, frictionless parking suites, and more advanced parking access revenue control systems (PARCS) making parking more convenient and manageable than ever before. Parking professionals just a generation ago could never have predicted the evolution of parking technology would lead us here.

The technification of parking has a dark side, too. As parking becomes increasingly automated, parking operations grow more vulnerable to cyberattacks and digital terrorism. There are many different threats, they come from a multitude of directions, and it’s essential for parking professional to understand where the threats lie, what the criminals are looking for, and what they are trying to accomplish.

In the February issue of Parking & Mobility, David Waal, co-founder of Parking Sense USA, breaks down the cyberthreats industry professional need to consider and what they can do to protect themselves from ugly situations–including information everyone on staff should know. “Remember,” he writes, “You are already under attack–every moment of every day. Take the necessary precautions.” Learn what those are here.