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Member News: ParkEngage Teams with ParkSFO to Enhance Customer Parking at San Francisco International Airport

ParkEngage has teamed with ParkSFO to implement an innovative touchless customer engagement platform, designed to enhance the parker experience at San Francisco International Airport (SFO). The solution will allow ParkSFO to easily, and in real-time, launch parking promotions and discounts to attract prospective customers, create a more cost-effective and touchless parking experience for travelers, and encourage customer retention. Parkers can take advantage of these promotions touchless through their mobile phones.

The ParkEngage touchless customer engagement solution provides parking operators with an efficient and cost-effective platform to conveniently set up personalized promotion codes and discounts, and immediately distribute them via any digital or offline channel, to targeted groups of parkers. The operator can easily customize the promotions through the online platform, targeting various user groups including loyalty program members, new customers, prospective customers, and more. The solution gives the operator hands-on control to create and implement customer promotions at their convenience. Operators can analyze their promotion campaigns effectiveness through a unified BI dashboard.

The ParkEngage touchless customer engagement platform provides ParkSFO with a number of benefits to enhance their operation and attract consistent visitors, including:

  • Re-attract and Retain the customers back to garage with personalized promotions
  • Compete decisively in the COVID-affected travel industry
  • Increase visibility on online and mobile platforms
  • Attract new and existing customers with timely, innovative promotions
  • Optimize promotions and track ongoing customer engagement
  • Incentivize and create loyal brand ambassadors

ParkSFO provides more than 3,000 indoor self-parking spaces and over 200 valet parking spaces within a five-minute shuttle ride of San Francisco International Airport. Recently voted SFO’s best airport parking facility, the ParkSFO facility provides convenient, safe, and state-of-the-art parking for thousands of visitors each year. The integration of the ParkEngage customer promotion solution will not only enable ParkSFO to more effectively promote their facility to prospective customers, but it will also provide them with greater opportunity to establish and support its loyal customer base.

About ParkEngage

ParkEngage is the leading digital cloud platform for the parking industry. It significantly enhances parker engagement, creates new revenue streams for parking operators, makes entire parking experience touchless, and boosts parking operations efficiencies. ParkEngage platform offers end-to-end touchless parking systems for both self and valet garages, 360-degree customer relationship management system, mobile valet system, permit parking system, and parking inventory and multi-channel management system.