Paying Tribute to Scott Kangas, CAPP


By Shawn Conrad, CAE

Scott Kangas, CAPP, a long-time colleague of many, recently passed away.

The IPMI community will always be grateful for the kindness and mentoring he shared with many of his peers throughout his long career in parking. Scott volunteered on numerous industry committees and councils and was a founding leader of the Minnesota Association of Parking Professionals. In 1994, he received his CAPP certification and mentored many to earn their CAPP and make parking their career.

Scott had a wealth of parking knowledge and experience from decades of managing parking and transportation at universities, municipalities, and hospitals, as well as private operations and parking service providers.  We thank his family for sharing such a wonderful person with his parking community.

Shawn Conrad, CAE, is CEO of the International Parking & Mobility Insitute.