Sustainability in the Parking Industry: Solar-Powered Parking Lots


By Heidi Wingate, CAPP

As people all over the world are becoming more conscious about sustainability, the parking industry is also joining in by going beyond the traditional concept of parking spaces and adopting eco-friendly practices.

When we choose to implement ecologically responsible parking procedures, we are showing our dedication to being environmentally responsible.

One of the notable advancements is the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles that are powered by solar energy.

Solar-powered parking lots not only offer shade for vehicles but also generate renewable energy. This energy can be used to power electric vehicle charging stations. When you compare this multipurpose infrastructure to traditional parking lots, you’ll notice that it has a much smaller carbon footprint.

In addition, there are a couple of examples of green infrastructure that are becoming more and more popular – permeable pavement and green roofs.

You can make a difference by using these eco-friendly components to help reduce the impact of heat islands, manage stormwater runoff, and support environmental preservation efforts.

Parking garage operators contribute to improving the quality of life in cities by integrating environmentally friendly and health-conscious design elements into their garage layouts.

Companies and consumers are increasingly recognizing the importance of sustainability, and the parking industry is also embracing this shift by prioritizing green initiatives.

Operators who have a good grasp of sustainable parking have the opportunity to make a significant impact. By prioritizing sustainable practices, they can contribute to the well-being of our planet while also serving as a model for ethical city planning.

Heidi Wingate, CAPP, is the Area Director in Jacksonville, Florida, for Elite Parking Services of America, Inc. She can be reached at