Identifying Parking Demand for Office Buildings


By Elvis Reyes, CAPP

Class A building developments have taken a huge hit post-COVID as the popularity of working from home has grown and does not seem to be going away.

With that, the parking industry has shifted its focus from promoting a parking plan for Class B and C office towers to only Class A towers that typically offer more amenities to its tenants, thus making the idea of in-office work more desirable to its employees and employers. With more employees and tenants in Class A buildings, parking demand has slowed down significantly for Class B and C buildings.

Do we realistically see the working-from-home movement scale back? It has saved companies thousands of dollars in rental costs and studies have shown employees are more productive working from home than an eight-hour shift at the office. But developers have had to change their building plans constantly over the past three years and have shied away from putting up office towers and shifted their focus onto multifamily and retail buildings.

We are the industry that plays a vital role in creating parking programs for these buildings, and should offer thee assistance that best serves the developer’s needs while keeping in mind the cost associated with empty parking stalls.

Elvis Reyes, CAPP, is a General Manager for The Car Park. He can be reached at