EV – From Racing to Parking?


By Jimmy Herrera, CAPP

Today, 2.5 million electric vehicles (EVs) are on the road. Everything indicates that they are here to stay and will need somewhere to park. As more manufacturers make net zero emissions commitments, more will be invested in improving the technologies around EVs, from charging speed and battery capacity to marketing and promoting EV usage.

Racing has always been a part of vehicle culture. People have been going racing for as long as history has been recorded – on foot, horseback, boats, planes, and, of course, cars. Therefore, it is natural that EVs go racing as well. However, why is it not popular? What keeps the EV racing series from gaining traction?

Some think it’s the sound. Have you ever been to a race track (even horse racing)? It’s loud! Something about the engines roaring adds to the excitement. However, that is absent in EV racing. It is quiet – too quiet. The only sounds that are made are from the wind moving across the body panels and the tires screeching on the corner entry and exit. Moreover, this translates into the real world.

Does the sound, or lack thereof, create resistance to the adoption of EV vehicles? I believe there is an unconscious bias. I don’t think the rushed adoption of EVs and all of the concessions made around them in parking garages reflect the general public’s best interest. EVs are great. They have a purpose, and the market clearly wants more of them. However, should we modify our parking garages as quickly as EVs are being sold? I don’t think so. They don’t deserve special treatment.

Jimmy Herrera, CAPP, is a Facility Manager for SP+ Corporation. He can be reached at jherrera0@spplus.com.