Promoting Diversity in the Valet Parking Industry


By Elvis Reyes, CAPP

For years, the valet parking industry has been predominantly a male-dominated industry.

We have seen a slight shift in the valet employee demographics after COVID-19, but still, the numbers are not even close. This, of course, will lead to a larger conversation on how the parking industry in general has always been male-dominated, but our focus today is on valet parking drivers.

Parking industry associations have several programs on how to promote the industry to women in the workforce and also connect/empower women in our industry. Getting women involved in our industry when they first come into the workforce is the key to establishing their goals and a potential long-term career in parking.

What should our industry leaders focus on to empower and encourage our front-line staff that may not see this as a fit for them due to gender? How can we as an industry attract women even to consider a career in such a male dominated industry? Perhaps breaking the stigma that only males are capable of being successful valet parking professionals is the first step in this process.

Elvis Reyes, CAPP, is a General Manager for The Car Park. He can be reached at