It’s All About IPMI’s Professional Recognition Awards

By Kathryn Hebert

Hello fellow IPMI members or should I say family!

During my recent tenure as an IPMI Board Member, I had the honor and privilege to Co-Chair the Professional Recognition Awards Committee for several years with my friend and colleague, Josh Cantor.  Every year I looked forward to reading everyone’s story and ultimately such joy, giving out these awards on stage at the annual conference in front of 1,000s of attendees from all over the world.

These awards are very special, recognizing and showcasing individuals and organizations that have contributed enormously to our industry with incredible initiatives and innovations impacting our communities everywhere.  The awards are judged and selected by a committee of IPMI members who represent municipalities, universities, airports, hospitals, technology, operations, equipment, consulting, domestic and international.  Each application is specifically considered, no matter how big or small.  All submissions are carefully vetted through a focused and intentional judging process.

There are so many ways to recognize these amazing individuals and organizations representing lifetime achievements as well as representing customer service, finance, frontline service, human resources, innovation, leadership, marketing, management, operation, technology, and much more.

We know in the parking and mobility space, many times, these jobs are thankless – peppered with complaints and innuendos.    But it doesn’t stop people from creating innovative initiatives and leading teams and organizations that impact so many and that we can all learn from.  I encourage you to look at your team(s), friends, colleagues, yourself and submit a free application.

We love giving out these awards; we are so happy when you share your wisdom about your fabulous programs and projects.  Click here for more information, criteria, application, dates, and last year’s award winners.

Kathryn Hebert is president and CEO of TPMConnect.