It’s Like The Academy Awards of Parking!


By Julie Dixon

This is like the Academy Awards of our industry, at least, that’s how I felt when I accepted one of the 2023 IPMI Organization of the Year awards on behalf of DIXON Resources Unlimited. Honestly, this was such an amazing experience for our team and our customers.

To be recognized by your peers and colleagues for your efforts is a flattering and truly humbling experience. Most of us just keep working with our nose to the grindstone, rarely looking up before tackling the next challenge. The Professional Recognition Awards were an opportunity to stop and smell the roses and celebrate our achievements and career milestones.

If you are thinking about submitting an application, don’t hesitate – DO IT. You won’t regret it because you deserve to be celebrated for your achievements and hard work. This experience reminded me that we need to realize our accomplishments and celebrate with our peers. You understand the complexities of parking management, and our industry just makes it look easy to everyone else (since that’s our job).

You might think maybe I’m not big enough, or there are so many other people that have done more. Stop taking yourself for granted and take a moment to fill out an award application. You might surprise yourself with everything that you have accomplished.

As a small company, we NEVER expected to receive a major recognition but, in light of our 10th anniversary, we thought it would be a good opportunity to reflect on our accomplishments. Frankly, I felt like we already had won when our clients shared their nomination letters with us. I have never been prouder of our team.

Everyone deserves to feel like this, so don’t miss the opportunity to submit an award application for consideration. It’s worth it!

Julie Dixon is President of DIXON Resources Unlimited and a 2023 Professional Recognition Award recipient for Organization of the Year. She can be reached at

The 2024 Call for Awards opens September 19 and runs through November 1, 2023. Submit your nominations for the people, organizations, programs, and projects that set the bar!