Professional Recognition Award: What is the Impact?


By Jordan Justus

Winning an IPMI Professional Recognition Award had a massive impact on Automotus. The recognition immediately heightened our credibility, making customer acquisition notably smoother. Within months, we secured contracts with major cities we connected with at IPMI.

On the talent front, we saw an uptick in quality applicants. The award signaled that we’re a serious player in the industry, attracting skilled professionals who might not have considered us before. We’ve since added valuable members to our team, enhancing our capabilities.

Regarding our brand image, the award fortified our standing as leaders in curb management solutions. We’ve received media coverage and industry-specific interviews that have exponentially increased our visibility.

Overall, the IPMI award hasn’t just been a badge of honor; it’s accelerated our growth and fortified our parking and mobility sector leader position.

Jordan Justus is Co-Founder & CEO of Automous and a 2023 Professional Recognition Award recipient for Emerging Leader of the Year. He can be reached at

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