The Value of IPMI Accreditation: A Deep Dive into its Importance

Republished with permission from the Mid-South Transportation & Parking Association (MSTPA) blog.

By Mark E. Hairr

For organizations contemplating the prospect of obtaining IPMI’s Accredited Parking Organization (APO) designation, my advice is unequivocal: Dive in wholeheartedly. At the University of Tennessee, we have embarked on the intricate journey of navigating through the APO criteria, an endeavor that encompasses best practices spanning from parking management and operations to access management, customer service, professional development, security, sustainability, and beyond.

Embracing these criteria not only fine-tunes our collective approach but also magnifies the importance of implementing the requisite policies, procedures, and practices that ensure triumph in this rapidly evolving and intricate landscape of parking and transportation. Beyond the evident operational benefits, the completion of this accreditation bestows an organization with a detailed, holistic resource document. Such a document is invaluable for all parking entities. However, for public institutions like ours, where transparency is both a sought-after virtue and a legal mandate, it’s indispensable.

While the vast array of criteria might initially appear overwhelming, there’s solace in knowing a wealth of support is available. IPMI itself, the seasoned APO Site Reviewers, and organizations that have successfully navigated the process, all stand ready to offer guidance. They illuminate the path, sharing insights on structuring and streamlining the accreditation journey. With a clear framework and dedicated team champions, organizations will not only find themselves progressing steadily but also inching ever closer to earning this prestigious badge of distinction for their operations.

Mark E. Hairr is Executive Director of UT Knoxville Parking & Transportation.




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