Illuminating Ideas: The Future for Connected LED Lighting is Now


By Mike Riebling

The future of your LED lighting installation is brighter when lighting controls and sensors are added. Stand-alone controls are one option to enable deeper energy- and cost-savings (see previous blog ‘Illuminating Ideas: Take Control of Your LED Parking Garage Lighting‘). When you want to gain even greater value from your parking structure’s lighting, consider wireless, cloud-based networking solutions.

This technology equips you with digital tools to:

You can even scale up these connected lighting systems in line with your business needs. For example, add your indoor building lighting, or create a network of your sites and remotely access them – all from the same central dashboard, and with total control including on/off, dimming, scheduling, zoning, and grouping functionality.

As your business needs continue to grow, you can even look beyond the lighting itself to capture additional benefits, such as:

  • Connecting via BACnet into your building management system (BMS) and unlocking capabilities via APIs.
  • Boosting your compliance with the latest energy codes including ANSI/ASHRAE 90.1, IECC and California Title 24.
  • Collecting points to gain certifications such as Parksmart and LEED.

Connected solutions can help you take control of the LED lighting in your parking structure(s) today – and ensure that you are ready for what’s to come in the future for your business.

Mike Riebling is Product Manager Garage & Canopy, Floodlights and Sports for Gardco by Signify. He can be reached at