Smart is as Smart Does: IPMI Task Force to Propel Smart Transportation


By Casey Jones, CAPP, PMP

Last fall, IPMI stood up the Smart Transportation Task Force and invited a well-rounded and diverse set of industry thought leaders to promote and possibly accelerate transportation-focused smart strategies.  I’m honored to co-chair this group with my good friend, fellow IPMI board member, and industry leader Maria Irshad, MPA, CAPP.  Formally, the Smart Transportation Task Force identifies trends and critical issues in the industry, focusing on the evolution of mobility as it relates to parking and transportation, with a special focus on cities, universities, and other mobility ecosystems.

The Task Force is scheduled to complete its work over a two-year period and has begun with the end in mind.  The major initiative envisioned by the group will be the Smart Transportation Playbook which will be a case-study-rich practitioners’ implementation guide.  Presentations, training, and ancillary publications are also expected following the release of the playbook.

Once the “finish line” was imagined and articulated, the Task Force began the foundational work of definition setting and reached consensus that for IPMI Smart Transportation means people-centered and problem-driven technology enable solutions in mobility management to make the movement of people and goods across all modes more convenient, resource efficient, safe and secure and equitable.  Our recent focus has been on identifying the categories of activities commonly associated with smart transportation which are necessary for case study research and the framing of the Smart Transportation playbook.

Here is a list of the preliminary smart transportation activity types:

  • Regular, coordinated data collection and analysis
  • First and last mile mobility service
  • Limiting impacts on climate change related to transportation
  • Movement of people and goods
  • Maximize parking efficiency
  • Optimized traffic flow

Your comments, suggestions and feedback are welcome and we look forward to sharing with your our group’s important work moving forward.

Casey Jones, CAPP, PMP, is Senior Director, Customer Success  for FLASH, a member of IPMI’s Board of Directors, and co-chair of IPMI’s Smart Transportation Task Force. He can be reached at