Campus Mobility: Processes to Achieve a Modern Campus and Promote Growth


By Mike Harris, CAPP

Campuses are living and breathing organisms, they are consistently changing and evolving. It is up to us as parking and transportation professionals to help campuses with those changes. Mobility, in all its forms, needs to become more focused to improve travel to, from, and around campuses. Taking the time to evaluate your campus is the starting point of this process.

Another key step is reviewing your Strategic Campus Master Plan. Master Plans are normally reviewed every five years or so to make sure they reflect changes in the campus environment. It is important that a Mobility Plan is added as a section to the current Campus Master Plan if one doesn’t already exist.

Making sure you have support from all stakeholders is another key factor for a successful Mobility Plan to be established and implemented. It is important to conduct surveys along with town hall meetings to allow everyone a voice. This will not only be an opportunity to listen to the concerns, ideas, and needs that others may have but also will be beneficial once the plan comes together because it has been properly vetted.

A Mobility Plan will add so much to your campus:

  • Reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Supports your sustainability initiatives.
  • Provides better health and well-being.
  • Reduces driving demand.

Capital investments may be needed to improve such things as accessibility, bike and walking paths, lighting, bus stops, seating, and a campus wayfinding system.

Having a Campus Mobility Plan cannot be overemphasized. It provides connectivity to every corner of your campus along with community corridors. These connections will create easier access for all and provide a better overall campus environment. Having a properly vetted and implemented Mobility Plan will not only place your campus in a better position for a great first impression but also will be a great selling point for potential future students, faculty and staff.

Has your campus embraced mobility? If you are debating starting, the time is now!

Mike Harris, CAPP, is Director of University Services for SP+, and a member of the IPMI Accredited Parking Organization Working Group. He can be reached at