10 Ways to Build Resilience


By Paula E. Camargo


The more focused, specific, intentional, and informed our strategies are, the more impactful and rewarding they can be and the better able we will be to demonstrate the impact of our work. And when others see the impact, they are faster to come on board and hopefully to provide resources to support us. Shift your energy to those things that have the greatest impact and delegate some of the other tasks. Share with your teams where you plan to focus and inspire them to share your vision.

Creating more intentional work plans is one step toward nourishing ourselves in this incredibly demanding job.

Below are some ideas I’ve used to build and nourish my own resilience over the years.

10 Ways to Build Resilience:

  1.  Develop a community of support, at home or professionally outside the organization.
  2.  Finding meaning in your work, understand what nourishes you and anchor yourself in that understanding.
  3.  Celebrate success – don’t forget this very important part of taking stock!
  4.  Create guardrails to block out time for doing things we love, pursuing hobbies, and spending time with family.
  5.  Take care of your body and spirit.
  6.  Don’t take it personally. This is difficult work and there is a lot of resistance to it.
  7.  Trust yourself, you know what you are doing and don’t let anyone make you second guess that.
  8.  Ask for help , find allies, mentors, coaches and teachers.
  9.  Use changes as an opportunity to reinvent yourself and play to your strengths.
  10.  Remember that we are in it for the long haul. Don’t expect things to change all at once – one foot in front of the other.

Let us lift each other up this year, encourage one another to nourish our own resilience – individually and collectively – and move forward into 2023 with intention and renewed focus.

Paula E. Camargo is National Sales Manager Commercial & POAS for Watson Bowman Acme.  She can be reached at paula.espinosa@watsonbowmanacme.com .