The Demands and Rewards of Management


By Varena Harding, CAPP


Managers play an important role in the success of the organization, especially when it comes to employee satisfaction and retention. Managers deal with a lot and have a lot of responsibilities. Being a manager is a demanding position, but it can also be a rewarding one.

A good manager should always be approachable. Employees should feel comfortable talking to their manager. Employees should be able to trust their manager. It is important to maintain a high level of transparency. Without trust employees will doubt your decisions.

Managers need to be able to assist team members in completing tasks, that meet organizational goals, consistently and effectively. Motivation, empathy, gratitude, and self-awareness are good personality traits to have as a manager and help influence employees. It is important for managers to show appreciation for each team member’s work and give credit when credit is due. If a manager shows respect and gratitude, it will promote a positive work environment and create an organization where people appreciate each other.

Listening helps managers make decisions and stay aware of what is happening with their team and organization. Employees like to be heard and not feel ignored.

Always lead by example. Employees look to their manager as a role model. What you do and say directly impacts your team and organization. Being a good manager not only engages employees, but also improves productivity and employee morale. Managing is about leading your team to accomplish goals, and inspiring, motivating, and influencing them.

Varna Harding, CAPP, is Operations Manager for REEF Parking.  She can be reached at