Do the Pros Outweigh the Cons?

By Jennifer Carroll, CAPP

As many of us continue to adapt to working from home, today I am reminded of what I miss from working non-virtually or IRL (in real life).

I was always envious of my friends and coworkers who got to work from home.  They could work in their pajamas, had a 30-second walk to work, saved money on gas, were home when their kids got home from school, etc., etc.

It took me some getting used to after working for almost 40 years of working in an in-person setting.  I miss talking to my coworkers, eating lunch together, walking 50 feet to get someone else’s opinion on something, interacting with customers more, just to name a few.

Do my pros outweigh my cons?

Pros:    Cons:
Eating lunch at home saves money Working too close to the refrigerator
Not dealing with people in person Not dealing with people in person
Wearing PJs to work Not shopping for work clothes
Wearing slippers to work Not enough shoe shopping
Not wearing make up every day Not enough make up shopping
Scheduling repairs, etc.  Mon-Fri More wear and tear on the house causing said repairs
Instacart delivery Not stopping at the grocery with 75 other people at 5:15pm
Being in comfy clothes all day Not wanting to get dressed in real clothes to go anywhere after work
Less distractions No one to chat with close by
More productive with less time commuting End up peeking at em
I can scream at work and not get in trouble Can’t look someone in the eyes when talking to get that emotional connection or to read someone if they are confused, upset, etc.

Jennifer Carroll, CAPP is regional vice president – airport division for Reef Parking.