Ethics and Meaning Behind the CAPP Pin


By Sam Veraldi, CAPP

You will notice a new CAPP pin being showcased at conference.  The triangle shape of the pin that houses those coveted CAPP letters has been changed to a rectangle shape.  Why?  It is because the rectangle shape represents trust, authority, honesty, solidity, and stability.

As a member of the CAPP Certification Board we understand that each CAPP must be familiar with and follow the CAPP Code of Ethics.

Principle 1. Competence: The rectangular shape is a sign of authority, and the CAPP pin represents the competence of knowledge and skill to provide appropriate service in the parking and mobility profession as judged by one’s peers.

Principle 2. Confidentiality: The rectangular shape is a sign of honesty and confidentiality. A CAPP pin means that a CAPP shall not disclose any confidential customer information without the specific written consent of the customer unless the disclosure is made in response to a legal proceeding. Confidentiality is the fundamental aspect of trust.

Principle 3. Professionalism: The rectangular shape is a sign of responsibility and professionalism. A CAPP pin validates that conduct in all matters shall reflect professionalism and good character, as expected by the CAPP designation. A CAPP represents the credential and maintains solidity as the CAPP is reliable in character.

Principle 4. Fairness and Integrity: The rectangular shape is a sign of fairness, integrity, and trust. The CAPP pin represents that a CAPP shall perform professional services in a manner that is fair and reasonable to customers, prospective customers, colleagues, employers, and regulators, and shall disclose any conflicts of interest associated with service as a CAPP.

Wear your CAPP pin with pride and know you are the best in class!

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Sam Veraldi, CAPP,  is director of business development for EV charging for FLASH and is a member of the CAPP Certification Board.