The City of Pittsburgh had long been known for its steel mills and smokestacks, but fast forward to the present day and you’ll find that innovation and a focus on the future is what this big city with a small-town feel is renowned for. This evolution has, in part, been marked by an increase in the number of people wanting to work and live there no doubt thanks to the sports, food, and community culture the city offers. With that shift came more traffic and less on-street parking opportunities. This challenge necessitated a future-forward parking technology solution that would simultaneously offer a frictionless parker experience and increased financial performance. But what does the journey to achieve that look like?

On March 30, 2022 at 2:00 PM EDT, join us for the next webinar installment of our IPMI Learning Labs event: Behind Every Smart City is Smart Tech: Using Intelligent Error Correction to Deliver a Frictionless Parker Experience. Our featured panelist David Onorato, Executive Director of the Public Parking Authority of Pittsburgh will speak to how Pittsburgh installed and launched pay-by-plate and pay-by-phone technology solutions, which elevated Pittsburgh to pioneering smart city status when it comes to all things parking. Onorato will be joined by Mike Bourre, VP of Sales & Marketing, and Sean Renn, VP of Marketing and Communications, of Flowbird North America as they explore The City of Pittsburgh’s technology journey in detail, including how Pittsburgh used Intelligent Error Correction to reduce human and machine errors due to transcription and transportation mistakes, as well as server and network communication issues.

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