By Paul Pirhofer, CAPP

This post serves as a summary and recap of the Learning Lab held on January 26, 2022. Click here to watch the full presentation.

With the data showing a growing increase in Electric Vehicles (EV), along with a robust political push towards electric mobility, we still get the question, “Is it too early to invest in EV charging stations?” The answer is no, the demand is here, and the time is now.

Automakers have committed to investing more than $300 billion in research, development, and manufacturing of electric vehicles. In fact, according to Reuters, U.S. auto executives believe that 52% of new vehicle sales will be all-electric by 2030. As an EVSE professional, I can say that creating EV charging revenue does not happen overnight but is possible. Here’s the brief answer on how.

Start by understanding the most cost-effective way to deploy chargers at your location. Installation can be the most expensive part; save money by engaging with an EV charging company to guide you through the process and share their knowledge about grant and rebate opportunities.

“Will people know that we have EV charging stations?” you may ask; luckily, once your station is connected to an EVSE network, EV drivers will find your chargers on various maps, such as Google Maps, the Blink Charging Map, and Plugshare. Issue a press release or send customer emails informing the community that your property is now an EV charging destination.

The shift in the automotive industry is bringing new opportunities for additional revenue in the parking industry. Properties that become an EV charging destination secure their position in customers’ minds as a great place to park and charge.

Paul Pirhofer, CAPP, is executive sales manager at Blink Charging and serves on the IPMI Planning, Design, & Construction Committee.