By David Parker

European cities tend to be forward-thinking on smart city topics, including smart parking. For example, the City of Cologne, Germany has deployed the world’s most comprehensive turn-by-turn parking guidance system, leading the way for cities globally to grow revenues while reducing vehicle minutes traveled, traffic congestion, and emissions. Now, leading U.S. cities are learning from this and other innovations and deploying similar smart city solutions.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to grow parking revenues during this challenging pandemic recovery–while reducing vehicle minutes traveled, traffic congestion, and emissions? In our upcoming IPMI webinar, we will share the blueprint to do just that, without additional investment in enforcement.

Next Wednesday afternoon (Oct. 20), IPMI will present a webinar where we will take a deep-dive into how Cologne reinvented its arrival experience, explore the before and after effects with feedback from citizens and the changes in search times, occupancy, and payment rate, and how all this translates to revenue and a positive ROI in only two years. We will also share how Cologne marketed the solution to residents to maximize utilization and ensure citizen satisfaction. We will then take a look at how the City of Redwood City, Calif., deployed an even more comprehensive system, following the model of Cologne. Finally, we will extrapolate a set of best practices for how any U.S. city can achieve similar results.

I hope to see you Wednesday!

David Parker is chief operating officer of Cleverciti. He’ll present on this topic during an IPMI webinar on Wednesday, Oct. 20. 1 CAPP point is offered to attendees.