Cropped shot of a diverse group of friends with their hands piled on top of each otherWhen Tiffany Peebles, director of the Parking Authority of River City, Ky., was a sophomore in high school, her parents moved the family to a mostly white neighborhood.

Riding the bus on the first day of school was the first time I felt like a minority. My world had changed; I was no longer in the majority and no longer comfortable. I felt vulnerable and threatened. Sound familiar? It should. I don’t mean to preach, but from my pontificate, this is the cause of a great deal of the division in our country: the perception of somehow being threatened. I am confident we can see a change by going back to basics.

From that experience and with a little inspiration from The Jackson 5 comes this month’s Parking & Mobility magazine Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion column about race relations. Peebles writes that race relations is as easy as ABC: acknowledgement, boldness, and compassion. With those three qualities, she says, we can make headway toward better relationships between all races.

Read the whole column here, and look for the continuation of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion series in every other issue of Parking & Mobility.