man smiling at computerBy Justin Grunert MSM

Back in December and January, I kept seeing articles about 2020. You typically see year-in-review articles during that period and this year, articles called 2020 the Lost Year or the Year We Lost. I know our focus has been on the pandemic, but a few good things did happen.

When I Googled “2020 positives,” 71 million results came up. No one has time to go through all those results, but it proves that not all news in 2020 was terrible. When I looked at the different lists, I definitely smiled and enjoyed fond memories of  various events. I am not saying we should forget about 2020 completely, but rather to avoid dwelling on every negative event of 2020.

Each of us will look at 2020 in a different light. Being the constant optimist, I think we all can find a much larger glimmer of hope than we expected. If you had a hard time finding your positives for 2020, it is a new year and we have a unique opportunity to create new positive memories to help us move on from the past.

Justin Grunert, MSM is IPMI’s LMS and training coordinator.