Partnership of business concept. Group of businessperson. Customer support. Teamwork.By Natnael Jowhar, CAPP

As you know, the way a team is managed plays a huge role in how successful is members are. It does not matter which industry the team works in–the success of the project depends on how the leader is managing them.

In my 11 years working in the parking industry, I have had the opportunity to work for and with different personalities. No matter the location, the city, or the workplace, I have observed certain characteristics in leaders who went on to successfully complete multiple projects and be recognized for their efforts. On the other side of the coin, I have also seen shared characteristics in managers or team leads who lead to low morale and poor performance.

The characteristics in successful leaders are not difficult to decipher codes that only a few are privy to. Throughout my years, leaders who lead by example, involve members in projects, recognize members publicly for their achievements, and, most importantly, trust team members to perform tasks tend to see more success. Likewise, leaders who do not set expectations, who publicly demoralize team members, and who do not show trust through action will not see the same level of success as their opposite counterparts.

Natnael Jowhar, CAPP, is parking operations superintendent for the City of Hollywood, Fla