the parking podcast“I fell into parking.”

“I never thought I’d work in this industry.”

We hear it all the time–longtime parking and mobility professionals say they never saw themselves in this industry but loved it once they fell or backed into it. But what if there was a concerted effort to make people pick parking–to make working in parking a career goal?

Kevin White, AICP, Parking and Mobility Consultant with Walker Consultants, talked to some top experts about that very question and came up with some great answers and strategies for recruiting top professionals into parking. It’s eye-opening and offers terrific takeaways and might just land you your next great staff member. To read the article published in the July issue of Parking & Mobility, click here.

Kevin talks about the article, Walker Consultants, and parking in the latest episode of The Parking Podcast (IPMI is a strategic partner of The Parking Podcast). Click here to listen.