Philadelphia Parking Authority

The Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) in Pennsylvania has increased its digital presence through the robust use of informative video content and a new podcast, “The Petri Dish,” hosted by PPA Executive Director Scott Petri. The PPA was looking for ways to adapt its digital content to better tell the organization’s brand story while increasing its social media following. The PPA already had an established library of informative and engaging content across several channels; this included imagery, blogs, motion graphics, limited video content, and infographics.

The PPA plays a vital role in contributing to the economic vitality of Philadelphia while also improving the quality of life for its residents and visitors. However, by effectively enforcing on-street parking, the PPA had a stigma that its sole purpose was to issue parking tickets. By analyzing social media data, the PPA determined who its audience was and created new video and podcast content to serve them. The PPA used social media targeting tools to reach its intended audience, targeting those ages 25–55 who lived within a 25-mile radius of Philadelphia.

Since the launch of the videos and podcast in January 2019, the PPA social media following has grown by more than 3,800 followers, or a 15 percent increase. The content has had more than 1.6 million impressions and over 44,000 social media engagements since the launch.

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