Carol_YeagerCarol Yeager

Texas A&M University Transportation Services,
Parking Services

Carol Yeager has been with Texas A&M Transportation Services since 2008, and has single-handedly created a culture of service toward its personnel and is universally admired and respected. Every year she is a top nominee and frequent winner of the department’s Shining Star awards, which recognize selfless service and commitment to the department’s mission. She is known for her characteristic humor and good nature.

Yeager’s duties include serving as the manager’s administrative assistant and assisting with daily office support activities for eight other supervisors and managerial staff. In addition to routine administrative duties, she is responsible for her internal “customers,” the enforcement staff, and orders the uniforms for 56 full-time employees. Additionally, she is active with departmental committees and has served as the unit’s representative for university-wide fundraisers. Every year she is a key committee member and contributor toward the department’s two major awards and years of service recognition events.

On football game days, when work shifts often last up to 18 hours, her excellent prior planning ensures that supplies are available and ready for distribution. She arranges for box lunches, (frequently delivering them to each post) and then a full meal for all officers once the game begins. She assists in serving all meals and cleaning up after. Without Yeager in this role, the department would be unable to function so seamlessly, providing support to over 100,000 football fans and 50,000 tailgaters seven times a year.

Yeager also assists during the annual move-in event, welcoming about 10,000 new students each fall semester. She supports the officers as they often work 12-hour days. Yeager is also the primary expense account holder, making the purchasing decisions for the unit regarding all supplies, equipment, services, and uniforms. She was instrumental in the recent purchase of three T3 mobile systems, working directly with the vendor, the department, and the Texas A&M Finance and Operations Division. When the vehicles arrived, she performed inspections and received user training.

Yeager also recently enabled the Parking Services unit to drastically improve its key control program. She assisted in the selection, acquisition, and purchase of a digital system that enables the unit to track, control, and maintain accountability of about 100 sets of keys for the vehicles, offices, and facilities managed by the unit.