The Parking Podcast logoBy Tom Wunk, CAPP

The parking industry has been and continues to be in a state of “technological flux.” This includes advances in parking control technology, construction, payments, and even the automobile itself (think navigation and GPS, back-up cameras, remote start, etc.). Coupled with the need to stay in touch with the tech wave is the challenge of managing and maintaining a parking operation today. Whether it’s the requirements of maintaining a cloud-based communication infrastructure or auditing parking payments through half a dozen parking apps, managing an effective parking operation requires skill sets not even considered just 10 years ago. Yet with all the technological tools and processes available, we cannot lose sight of basic fundamentals. If you are managing a garage, can you always and accurately answer:

  • Who got in?
  • How did they get in?
  • When did they get in?
  • How many are in?
  • When did they get out?
  • How did they get out?
  • How much should they have paid?
  • How much did they pay?
  • Do I have what they paid?
  • How many are still in?

I discuss all of this and more on the latest episode of The Parking Podcast. Listen here and let me know what you think.

Tom Wunk, CAPP, is vice president, industry consultant, with T2 Systems.