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Featured articles include:

The Artists’ Canvas
Miami, Fla., has a well-deserved reputation as being an epicenter of attractive and innovative parking garages, and its newest addition is no exception; in fact, it may set the standard for creativity and functionality. Get an insider look at the amazing Design District Museum Garage—we guarantee you’ve never seen anything like it.

Under the Canals
There’s not much open land left in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. So when one neighborhood needed more parking, there was only one thing to do: Build a garage underneath its canals. The result is an engineering wonder.

Collision Course?
Introduce the demands of freight delivery to an area’s parking system and things can get tricky. But there are ways freight and parking can work together to help keep everyone moving. It’s not always easy, but it is possible.

Under the Lot
Think you’ve heard of weird stuff being dug up from underneath and around parking lots? We bet you haven’t heard everything yet! From ancient curses to battleships, check out the five weirdest things we’ve heard of that have been buried under parking.