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Featured articles include:

Customer Service the Disney Way
Lee Cockerell, former Disney EVP and author of several bestselling books about customer service, sets the standard for legendary service, and he has thoughts on how parking organizations can use them to up their game. From hiring to training to embedding a positive attitude in everyone on staff, he offers plenty of wisdom and ready-to-use takeaways.

Keeping Cornell on the Move
An hours-long shuttle ride rarely sounds like a good time, but Cornell University has designed a system that works so well—and offers such great perks—that riders look forward to their journey. Learn how they’ve done it and why they continue improving.

Walkable City Rules
Jeff Speck’s new book offers 101 steps to create better places, and everyone from municipalities to planners to governments and beyond is taking notice. We excerpt Walkable City Rules with an insightful introduction for parking and mobility professionals from Speck.

Case Study: Chautauqua National Park
Every year, the City of Boulder, Colo., struggled with offering enough vehicular access to its Chautauqua National Park without taking away from the park’s natural feel. A new infrastructure and way of thinking about parking solved the problem, making everyone happier.